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  1. UNIC0RN

    Hyperlink to find data form another Woorkbook and copypaste data back to activesheet

    Hi All, I have 1 Workbook Template (Worksheet Master) which have hyperlink to another workbooks based on value choosed from dropdown list and will link it to Worksheet Membership (each workbooks have worksheet called 'Membership') by using command button. My question is, by using VBA: How can...
  2. W

    Find row in table which contains specific data

    I don't know if I'm just too tired or what, but my brain isn't working this out. I thought it was an INDEX MATCH situation, but now I don't know. Help? What I need to have happen is to determine which week a specific matchup occurs. Assuming the first column is week and the next two column...
  3. C

    find a value and then return the value based on another criteria

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with this. I have a report that is not formatted to work with easily. I need to find the following (I hope this shows properly, I'm having problems inserting a table): Cell A2 is the location number. I need a formula to return the value in cell D5 (lemons...
  4. S

    search specific data and paste in side columns

    i have these and many data in column A <tbody> 101 Cicilia Sagar Apt, J B Nagar, ANdheri East, MUmbai 400059 Panch Leela, Flat no 201, Powai Vihar, Hiranandani, Mumbai 400076 B108 ,Daffodil Bdg,Dosti Acres Mumbai 402, Chhtrapati Apt, Pawarnagar, Thane (W), 400610 Chembur Mumbai...
  5. W

    Find text in string and delete columns without the text

    I have a sheet where (starting at column E), each alternate column has a header. eg E F G H etc..... 31_02_Datannn (blank) 31_02_Field (blank) I need code which (starting at column E)...
  6. L

    VBA Problem When Searching Sheet Hi All, I have been trying to work something out for 2 weeks but I cannot seem to do exactly what I would like. I have posted a download link (at top of post) which has a cut down version of my program, showing...

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