find empty cell

  1. K

    Find first cell that displays nothing

    I have formulas in from cells B3 down through B1000 of a spreadsheet that will display "" (nothing) if they evaluate to false. There may be an instance where a particular cell within this column evaluates to false and I am trying to find and select the first cell that displays nothing using the...
  2. C

    VBA to regnize empty cells that arent empty.

    I have a block of data that comes from CSV and is saved as XLSX. The cells below this block look blank but fail an "is blank" test. I don't know what this condition would be called to google how to identify them. What I need is a VBA string that goes to the end of a block of numbers but stops...
  3. L

    Find first empty cell in row range-VBA

    =Happy+New(Year(2017)) I have three sheets, they have columns A&B, ranges A2:A100, B2:B100. "A" range will always be shorter than B, if that means something. I need vba code to move my selector to First free cell in sheet1 "A"range, another code for "B"range, then another codes for...
  4. M

    Find next blank row but not past row 35?

    Hello Everyone, I want a macro that will find the last blank row but only up to row 35 (not beyond row 35). I found the below macro online and it works very well but on my spreadsheet it will go past row 35! The range I want to look in is from cell B11 down to cell B35. I need to select the...
  5. Stonesteel

    VB Code to Select Next Empty Row If Row of ActiveCell Has Value

    Greetings! May I ask what vbcode should I use to move down to the next empty row if the current row has already a value? for example, Rows 1-3 had values already, it will move to Row 4 which is empty. Something like, If Row 1 (with 10 Columns) has value then move to Row 2 but If Row 2 (with...
  6. B

    finding next cell

    I am trying to come up with a code to find the next cell in a column and the one I have works prefectly but it needs a little tweaking. What I am trying to do is to find the first empty cell in column B, within range B2:B13 and if there is not an empty cell, then to check for the next empty...
  7. S

    Ignore Cells with Formulas to get Last Row?

    Hi there, I am trying to find the last row populated with values in my wks. Not the last row of formulas! This is happening b/c my wks has empty cells with formulas and Excel is seeing those as valid rows?? Below is the variable LastRow I am trying to populate. I would think the part of code...
  8. J

    Macro to open existing WB, copy/paste into another WB

    Ok, I have 2 pre-existing workbooks. I need a macro to open WorkbookA, find "James" in Column B, copy value in Column J of that row, go to Workbook B, find "James" in Column B and paste value in next empty cell in that row. Then close WorkbookA Not sure if that makes sense.

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