find last column

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    Excel Macro to copy data in cell to multiple cells in the same row

    Hi I am a beginner in VBA scripting but I am working on a sheet where I want to copy data in one cell to multiple cells in the same row as long as it is not empty but separate the two data by a comma and do this through out the table Before Macro...
  2. K

    Can get to final column

    Hi I am having problems with some code finding the last column in a set of data. Currently the coding below takes me to the one before the last column, I'm not sure why, but the 'Resize(, Col) seems to be the culprit. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this so that it will find the last...
  3. J

    Find last used column,then find every 3rd cell in that column

    I need to find the last used column in my spreadsheet which i already have a working code for: Sub Button2_Click() Dim LastRow As Long, LastColumn As Integer LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows(ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Row LastColumn =...
  4. D

    Finding last column & inserting

    I have this working for rows in the same way I'm trying to get it to work for columns now, but I am getting an error and unsure what I've missed. Summary.Select FinalCol = Summary.Range("IV5").End(xlToLeft).Column - 2 Columns(FinalCol).Select ActiveCell.EntireColumn.Select vCols =...

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