find string

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    Sorting Copying and Pasting By State Abbreviation

    Hey guys, so here is my code: Public Sub newcopy() Dim WSCount As Long, StartCellRow As Long, i As Long Dim sht As Worksheet Dim region As String WSCount = Worksheets.Count - 2 Application.ScreenUpdating = False For i = 3 To WSCount + 2 region = Sheets(i).Range("E1").Text...
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    vba to insert a page break at every occurence of the word "New Record" in column 1

    I need to loop through column one and insert a page break before every occurrence of the string "New Record" as the cell.value.
  3. K

    Find a string in a cell

    <tbody> A B C 1 server1 Name Along with somedata server1 2 Name along with otherdata server4 server2 3 Somthing server5 other values server3 4 server4 </tbody> Hello Team, Here I have a typical question, where in a cell there is a sentance with many strings. i wan to...
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    Find first instance of a string then "group" all remaining rows together

    Hello all - What I want to accomplish is to group the City A's in rows 5 & 6 to 2 & 3 by finding the first instance of a string in the text column and then finding the remaining ones in the rest of the range and moving the entire row(s) up. Once it groups CITY A, then it will search for CITY...
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    Extract string starting with ... from a cell

    Hi! I'm trying to write a macro to extract a certain text from a cell. The string in the cell is the following usually: VIFIR - kód :k200010006……. What I need is to extract the 10 digit code from it. but it does not always start at the 14th character and not always with a k. Can start with...

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