1. N


    This may seem like a simple question but the answer has evaded me so far. I have created an Excel 2007 sheet which has a dozen hyperlinks to different websites, they all work perfectly except one and thats ( ) , whenever I click on this I get ( Unable to open...
  2. T

    Cannot open a pdf to a page via vba

    I have code to open a pdf at a page. But it doesn't work on my home PC. The opening line is : file:///G:/Electronics%20Magazines/Practical-Electronics/Practical-Electronics-1968/Practical-Electronics-1968-01.pdf#page=18 But it doesn't open at page 18. It only opens at page 1. I only have...
  3. M

    Firefox asks to open / save file (???)

    When I open some threads, Firefox is displaying the window below Abrir (PT) = Open (EN) Arquivo (PT) = File (EN) Is anyone experiencing something similar? M.
  4. S

    Firefox Bookmarks to .xlsm [SOLVED]

    I figured out how to get my bookmarks out of Firefox and into Excel. A macro processes them, and other macros get you around the Worksheet. It uses: 1.) Firefox, 2.) SQLite3, 3.) DOS, 4.) Excel VBA, 5.) NirCmd (optional) All you have to do is to categorize your bookmarks, and then click the...
  5. S

    VBA code for Firefox client-side scraping to Excel

    Dear all I would scraping a client-side webpage rendered by latest FireFox (ver. 50). Now seems not possible to do the job by using SeleniumBasic open code since this is not updated to handle FireFox newer editions. Since the web window to scrap will pops up by a javascript code activated...
  6. S

    How do you create a Shortcut to “Other Bookmarks” in Firefox?

    I want to make a macro in Excel 2010 that goes to "Other Bookmarks" in Firefox . . . I can't figure out how to do it The closest I can get is, I open this "skin" / "chrome", and it default opens to "All Bookmarks" . . . "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -chrome...
  7. Nelson78

    Selenium type library not found

    Hello. I'm triyng to use Excel connected with Firefox. I've already downloaded Selenium Ide 2.9.1, but I can't find the library (ALT+F11, Tools and then References). I use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Firefox 46.0 Any ideas? Thank's.
  8. R

    To Extract Specific Information from a Webpage or Page Source

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to extract the website url and the country name from a webpage which is like this - So, everytime startup name & the number at the end of the url changes and it's recurring. Manually I did change only the number at the end of the url...
  9. RobMatthews

    Retrieving data internet explorer, Firefox & Chrome

    Hi all. I'd like to run a macro to generate a list in excel of the urls open in all tabs of the current instances of IE (Internet Explorer), Firefox/Mozilla and Chrome. Sort of like a snap-shot of current browser states. But I've run into a hurdle straight up: I get an "ActiveX component...
  10. M

    Changing the default browser for opening hyperlinks in Outlook

    Does anyone know where (in the tools/help/settings sections) in Outlook 2010 I can change the default browser for opening hyperlinks in Outlook 2010? While I DO have IE9 on my PC, my default browser is Firefox Aurora... however, all my links still pop up in IE; anyone know where/how to change...
  11. A

    open website with firefox

    is there any possibillity to open the firefox browser and navigate it to a website via vba?
  12. V

    Save webpage in Excel like firefox

    Hi everyone, After 2 days, I give up ... and I come to you ... :-) In fact, I need to export a lot of webpages to excel, but only for the urls inside them ... urls which are behind an hyperlink and those which are not coded in html (inside a 'pre' code by exemple). I've found some macro to do...

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