1. P

    Excel VBA New Folder and copy an existing folder based on a cell.

    Good Afternoon, This seems to be a pretty common request, and I have tried other codes in other threads, but none of them are exactly what I am looking for. Heres the Goal: Create a new folder in a particular part of my server (This changes based on the information they put into the...
  2. N


    Hi I get an excel file from 3rd party with the dates in a column like this: Total Variable Insurance First Instalment Date Final Payment Due Date Last Receipt Date 0.00 15/02/2021 15/02/2021 15/02/2021 0.00 12/02/2021 12/02/2021 15/02/2021 0.00 19/02/2021 19/04/2021 23/04/2021 0.00...
  3. A

    One way to Fix “Can't Find Project or VBA Library Error”

    My Excel friends, All over the Internet there are explanations about solving this issue in an XLSM file. However, none of the available “solutions” solved my problem. I found a “workaround” easy FIX that may fix your specific file, I will explain the process step by step: 1.- In Windows...
  4. M

    Help with Macros

    Can anyone help I have created a form and everything is submiting, but the data is not transfering to the data page which I want the information to be stored on. if anyone is willing to help Im happy to send the form across. It should be a simple fix but Im not a wiz at excel.
  5. gheyman

    Access: Design view problem - only showing SQL

    I am trying to see my query in Design View, but its only coming up in SQL (I am clicking Design View not SQL View). I'm not that good at SQL so I need to see it in Design view. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  6. B

    Formulas displaying as text. Show Formulas NOT turned on. Fast fix for entire column?

    I've got a bunch of formulas displaying as text, instead of showing the value of the formula- "Show Formulas" is NOT turned on! I know the fix for a single cell is to click into the cell and hit the "Enter" key. is there a fix for an entire column, or range of cells? thx!
  7. D

    Nested IF formula

    I am attempting to write a nested if formula that currently looks like this =IF(I15:L15="NA","NA",IF(I15:L15="No","N",IF(I15:L15="Y","Y",""))) and am not getting the expected results. Currently cells I-L all equal NA. I'm sure I did something wrong and am looking for guidance to fix this or even...
  8. M

    Dynamic Pivot Table/Macro Question

    Hi, I have created a macro for a table I made. Macro works fine, except when I refresh my dataafter running the macro, my data file changes from: =OFFSET(DATA!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA(DATA!$A:$A),COUNTA(DATA!$1:$1)) to: =OFFSET(DATA!#REF!,0,0,COUNTA(DATA!#REF!),COUNTA(DATA!$1:$1)) I do not know what...
  9. K


    hi all, any idea on what's wrong with my formula below, i cant return Khloe Kung result same as others user with same formula.? what should i amend and fix my issue? thanks all
  10. R

    IF formula and rounding

    HI All, hoping for some quick help. Most probably a quick easy fix, but cant think what other way to work it. I am trying to use the below formula, but it isn't correct and I am not sure how to fix it. =IF(Original!P2=400 or 250,0),round(Data!Q2/Data!P2*100,2) Basically if the data in the...
  11. L

    Return Date Formula

    I need this fix that if it has a date in the return column it will count it =COUNTIFS(List[Activity],Category1,List[Return Date])
  12. M

    #NUM! How to fix

    Does anyone know how to get fix an #NUM ! error so the cell is blank and not have this #NUM ! In . I have the following formula that puts this error in the cell...
  13. N

    Name Manager and Spaces

    Is it possible to have the name in the list show up on the sheet without the underscore? I have a dropdown menu in a cell which dictates what shows up in a drop down menu of another cell. I don't like how it looks with the underscores... is there a fix, or do I need to get over the cosmetics...
  14. Mister_J

    Help fixing a Multi-Filtering Macro That Requires Letters and Numbers.

    Quick Summary: I have a macro that requires a column to contain numbers and letters in order to be run properly and I would like it to work either with just numbers, just letters, or both. I found a thread a while back that had a macro request and a solution that was very similar to what I was...
  15. B

    using dates with index matches

    <tbody> 2018-08 1 Aug 18 31 Aug 18 2018-09 1 Sep 18 30 Sep 18 2018-10 1 Oct 18 31 Oct 18 </tbody> Please see table above. If I have a date like 9/15/18, I want it to run a search against this table, then return the corresponding result in col A, ie 2018-09. At the...
  16. A

    VLOOKUP Not Showing Result ?

    It's a pretty simple function - just look down the column range and display the cell that is not blank... =VLOOKUP("?*",A2:A12,1,0) It works when there is text in the cell - but gives an error when the cell shows a number? What is the fix? Thanks for your help!
  17. R

    A fix for counting empty cells!

    Hi all, I couldn't see a fix for this after doing a few forum searches, so I'm hoping you fine people can help. In column T of this spreadsheet I have put a formula in [ =(COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6)-COUNTIF(E6:S6,0))/COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6) ] which counts the amount of times text is...
  18. S

    Disappearing graphs

    I have a workbook where whenever I click save the graphs disappear but when i close and open the file again they are there again. I have read up on it and there are workarounds but I would like a permanent fix. Anyone know a way around this...
  19. N

    Graph not displaying the same in print preview

    Good morning, hopefully this is an easy fix. I have a graph that displays the axis on the screen slanted but when I print it, it prints straight. I have another graph on the same page that prints and displays slanted correctly. Anybody has any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you!
  20. R

    No Share workbook in the review tab - protect group

    Hi , I can see only 'unshare workbook' which is greyed , how to get it to 'share'. I am unable to fix it going to the options

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