1. M

    Help with Macros

    Can anyone help I have created a form and everything is submiting, but the data is not transfering to the data page which I want the information to be stored on. if anyone is willing to help Im happy to send the form across. It should be a simple fix but Im not a wiz at excel.
  2. gheyman

    Access: Design view problem - only showing SQL

    I am trying to see my query in Design View, but its only coming up in SQL (I am clicking Design View not SQL View). I'm not that good at SQL so I need to see it in Design view. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  3. B

    Formulas displaying as text. Show Formulas NOT turned on. Fast fix for entire column?

    I've got a bunch of formulas displaying as text, instead of showing the value of the formula- "Show Formulas" is NOT turned on! I know the fix for a single cell is to click into the cell and hit the "Enter" key. is there a fix for an entire column, or range of cells? thx!
  4. D

    Nested IF formula

    I am attempting to write a nested if formula that currently looks like this =IF(I15:L15="NA","NA",IF(I15:L15="No","N",IF(I15:L15="Y","Y",""))) and am not getting the expected results. Currently cells I-L all equal NA. I'm sure I did something wrong and am looking for guidance to fix this or even...
  5. M

    Dynamic Pivot Table/Macro Question

    Hi, I have created a macro for a table I made. Macro works fine, except when I refresh my dataafter running the macro, my data file changes from: =OFFSET(DATA!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA(DATA!$A:$A),COUNTA(DATA!$1:$1)) to: =OFFSET(DATA!#REF!,0,0,COUNTA(DATA!#REF!),COUNTA(DATA!$1:$1)) I do not know what...
  6. K


    hi all, any idea on what's wrong with my formula below, i cant return Khloe Kung result same as others user with same formula.? what should i amend and fix my issue? thanks all
  7. R

    IF formula and rounding

    HI All, hoping for some quick help. Most probably a quick easy fix, but cant think what other way to work it. I am trying to use the below formula, but it isn't correct and I am not sure how to fix it. =IF(Original!P2=400 or 250,0),round(Data!Q2/Data!P2*100,2) Basically if the data in the...
  8. L

    Return Date Formula

    I need this fix that if it has a date in the return column it will count it =COUNTIFS(List[Activity],Category1,List[Return Date])
  9. M

    #NUM! How to fix

    Does anyone know how to get fix an #NUM ! error so the cell is blank and not have this #NUM ! In . I have the following formula that puts this error in the cell...
  10. N

    Name Manager and Spaces

    Is it possible to have the name in the list show up on the sheet without the underscore? I have a dropdown menu in a cell which dictates what shows up in a drop down menu of another cell. I don't like how it looks with the underscores... is there a fix, or do I need to get over the cosmetics...
  11. M

    Help fixing a Multi-Filtering Macro That Requires Letters and Numbers.

    Quick Summary: I have a macro that requires a column to contain numbers and letters in order to be run properly and I would like it to work either with just numbers, just letters, or both. I found a thread a while back that had a macro request and a solution that was very similar to what I was...
  12. B

    using dates with index matches

    <tbody> 2018-08 1 Aug 18 31 Aug 18 2018-09 1 Sep 18 30 Sep 18 2018-10 1 Oct 18 31 Oct 18 </tbody> Please see table above. If I have a date like 9/15/18, I want it to run a search against this table, then return the corresponding result in col A, ie 2018-09. At the...
  13. A

    VLOOKUP Not Showing Result ?

    It's a pretty simple function - just look down the column range and display the cell that is not blank... =VLOOKUP("?*",A2:A12,1,0) It works when there is text in the cell - but gives an error when the cell shows a number? What is the fix? Thanks for your help!
  14. R

    A fix for counting empty cells!

    Hi all, I couldn't see a fix for this after doing a few forum searches, so I'm hoping you fine people can help. In column T of this spreadsheet I have put a formula in [ =(COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6)-COUNTIF(E6:S6,0))/COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6) ] which counts the amount of times text is...
  15. S

    Disappearing graphs

    I have a workbook where whenever I click save the graphs disappear but when i close and open the file again they are there again. I have read up on it and there are workarounds but I would like a permanent fix. Anyone know a way around this...
  16. N

    Graph not displaying the same in print preview

    Good morning, hopefully this is an easy fix. I have a graph that displays the axis on the screen slanted but when I print it, it prints straight. I have another graph on the same page that prints and displays slanted correctly. Anybody has any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you!
  17. R

    No Share workbook in the review tab - protect group

    Hi , I can see only 'unshare workbook' which is greyed , how to get it to 'share'. I am unable to fix it going to the options
  18. O

    Miscounting in column T

    Hi. In the linked spreadsheet, please could someone fix the count in column 'T'. It keeps counting one too many. Thanks in advance.!AtIvkRgReIvwgRbfii9zm52ozImr
  19. S

    Why the ToggleButtons not working after hide and unhide rows?

    The ToggleButton not working after I hided/unhided the rows. Anyone can help me to fix this issue? many thanks!
  20. L

    I have a problem with my NFL schedule file

    The Cardinals for friends worksheet have some #NA . I not how to fix time problem. picture of problem!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8do84YcIJ5oZ_8T0A?e=tYnSMh get file link below!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8dpKW10NS9p7fke-A Thanks You Thomas

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