1. L

    I have a problem with my NFL schedule file

    The Cardinals for friends worksheet have some #NA . I not how to fix time problem. picture of problem!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8do84YcIJ5oZ_8T0A?e=tYnSMh get file link below!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8dpKW10NS9p7fke-A Thanks You Thomas
  2. R

    How to generate random numbers by a given mean and standard deviaton

    Hello, Im looking for a way to generate random numbers when my standard deviation and mean are fix. So i used google and YouTube and there are many tutorials. (Like this: ) The problem is: every...
  3. W

    macro to fix macro?

    There is a spreadsheet that is print protected[indented for third party input directly into the sheet - like a questionnaire]. It was print protected in the "Thisworkbook" so that the 3rd part would need to populate it and return it electronically. However we shot ourselves in the foot as WE...
  4. T

    Calculating over 24 hours

    Hi I cannot seem to get my spreadsheet to calculate over 24hours. I have tried the [h]:mm format but this is still showing values over 1000. I suspect it might be the calculations throwing it off but would be grateful if anyone can help me fix it. I have put a linlk to pictures of the...
  5. B

    Sum a fixed range

    Hopefully somebody can help me out a bit here. I have a range I need to sum =SUM(F5:F3000) But I need to allow the users to be able to delete rows within this range once they are completed, this then has the effect of changing the formula even if it absolute =SUM(F$5:F$3000) How do I fix this...
  6. kelly mort

    How to fix dynamic chart data error

    Hi I have these formulas I am using to plot my charts to keep track as the data expand and shrink . =Offset(DataSheet!$B$2,,,CountIf(DataSheet!$B$2:$B$12,"<>")) =Offset(DataSheet!$C$2,,,CountIf(DataSheet!$C$2:$C$12,"<>")) It's working great just that when the cell B2 or C2 becomes blank...
  7. K

    fixed a hyperlink

    hi, i need to hyperlink my data from 1 tab to another tab in the same workbook. but i often need to insert data and my hyperlink will all run. is there anyway to fix a hyperlink to that particular data so that when i add new data on the hyperlink page, it will fix.
  8. D

    Can't find project or library error HELP!

    Hello All, This has happened to me before, and I still have no idea how to fix it. I have looked around for an easy fix, and it usually revolves around "going to tools, then references and unclick the missing reference". My problem is that I can't open the References box, it just won't open...
  9. C

    Excel Crashes inserting Templates

    Excel 365 kept crashing on inserting a template. I think i have tracked it down that you can no longer have more than 2-3 folders in templates. Soon as you have more it crashes Anyone know of fix or workaround
  10. A

    Form Navigate

    Is there any way to have Navigation buttons (like Access record selectors) on an Excel Form? I have a Form displaying pictures.. and would like to enable Next-Previous-End. Because the picture uses the whole Form (and can be dragged smaller/larger) extra controls on the Form aren't ideal as I...
  11. M

    Couldn't find hstbar.xla Error

    Hi, When I open an excel workbook, I get the message "Sorry, we couldn't find \\...\hstbar.xla Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?" Does anyone know what the issue is or how to fix this? Thanks
  12. P

    Power BI does not accept number format start with A

    Hi All, When loading data there is a column under number format but some starts from A and a space therefore power BI treats it as error, what would be the best way to fix it? I am thinking about fix the source excel data change it to text and add a apostrophe otherwise it shows scientific...
  13. T

    Macros not deleting selected ranges

    Afternoon, I have recorded the following Macro on Excel, All i am trying to do is delete all the unwanted info from the reports i download from the system at work and have it set up to how i want it at the hit of the button. I keep getting a debug message with the activesheet.Paste being...
  14. S

    Excel not printing the cell content

    Hi My computer is printing the spreadsheet only (cell only), leaving out the contents. It is printing the cells only but not the contents. How do I fix it? Stan
  15. M

    Cannot run macro may not be in this workbook? - I've changed by Module names?

    Hi I am trying to run this macro to run upon a drop down list change and am getting an error that the macro might not be in this workbook? I've noticed that all the macros I renamed now show with the workbookname then macro? please what have I done wrong and how to I fix? Private Sub...
  16. D

    Help with #div

    Hi all =) I have this formula =if(a1=3,b1/c1,0)*100 Now if b1 is “0” and c1 is “0” then I get the #div error. I have tried typing “ iferror” at the start but it isnt working. Can someone help me fix this please?
  17. S

    Formula for automatically creating a response and fix date and time

    Hi there, I need to create a spreadsheet for recording defects so that depending on the defect classification - Sev 1, Sev 2, Sev 3, Sev 4 - then an 'Expected Response Date/Time' and 'Expected Fix Date/Time' can be automatically calculated based on 'Assigned Date/Time'. The Response and Fix...
  18. C

    Removing UNICHAR from Excel

    Hello, I have a couple of columns that seem to have UNCHAR (62) in them. The ? symbol. I am trying to remove them. I tried to find and replace but it removed the entire cell. Here is an example of what I am trying to fix: Arrow Rivet, ?.312 Hole, ?.219 Panel Thk
  19. K

    Bubble Chart

    Hi All, I have created a set of bubble charts. The 'Z' value has positive and some negative values. When positive, the bubbles look fine. But when negative, the bubble disappears and no negative values are shown. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance.
  20. E

    How to display percentages as integers?

    Hello I use this formula TEXT(A1,"00%") to display some numbers like 0.09398345 into 9%. However, it shows 09% instead of 9%. How can I fix this please? Thanks!

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