1. C

    Fixed the operation range

    Dear all, I would like to fix the operation range from A1 to K20, prevent operator to disturb other range setting & data, please help to teach how to fix it & back to normal status. Thanks for help. Cannny
  2. S

    Calculate and populate duration (days) into cell 3 from cell 1 & 2 that contains specific words

    Hi All, Apologies if i'm not posting in the correct section. I tried to find the most appropriate discussion thread. This is quite a complicated one (well for me at least) so i'll really be impressed if this can be solved. What i'm trying to do is calculate and populate the SLA Deadline cell...
  3. C

    Nested INDEX MATCH with IF help, please.

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me what's wrong with the following construction, please? All three components work individually so I assume it's the way I have put them together that's the problem. In the below, only the first component works...
  4. T

    Help to resolve last value

    Hi to all, I’m tried to make a formula to get the last value acomulative in cels from B thru E. This is the formula and the result that I obtain is 0. =if(E2<>””,E2,if(D2<>””,D2,if(C2<>””,C2,B2))) The last value is in Cel D and it’s supposed to be 3. Value in Cel B is 1, Cel C is 2 and Cel D...
  5. M

    excel taking macro literally

    Not sure what but in a cell I type =c59 and all I see is =c59 ...I want that "code" interpreted not taken literally do I fix this has some property been set on the cell?
  6. N

    Freeze panes acting strangely

    When I freeze panes it doubles up some descriptions and missing others, scrambling the headings. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. C


    Hello, We created a macro to send out personalized emails to our customers with each individual email having an attachment of that certain customers invoice. When running the macro I seem to keep getting stuck where it says : MyAttachments.Add(attachment). Not sure if there is some way to...
  8. 4

    Negative Number Problem

    Here is the problem I need help with, K60 changes constantly and 0nce K60 gets below 190 it starts giving negative Numbers. How can I fix this formula not to do that, Thanks 4 Barrel Harold [CODE][/=IF(NOT(OR(K60>(K56+K48))),IF(K59>K60,K60-K56)*N13,K48*N13)CODE] Here are the number that I'm...
  9. R

    Text in cell too large to see it all - how to fix

    Hi there Usually when I am running these reports and I have a lot of text in a cell and I have expanded the cell to as wide and large as it can be, usually I'd only have a handful of rows with this issue in a field, my usual quick fix is to insert a row below where the large is cell is, merge...
  10. L

    Excel Out of Memory on Closing

    Hi guys, I have a workbook that uses large sets of data ~8000rows and counting, and whenever I close this work book, Excel gives me the "Out of Memory" pop-up, once I click okay it pops up again, and again... The only way to fix it is to close all my workbooks. > I have Formulas that use...
  11. M


    Hi, Excel isn't working. It isn't calculating basic calculations. When I type in the formula in cell A1 = "C23" it does not show the result for cell C23, it just shows the formula itself. "=C23" How do I fix this? Thanks
  12. L

    entering time - excel does not show seconds

    Hi I entered time like this 1:30:44 am but excel only shows 1:30 am. Why is that and how can I fix that? thank you so much.
  13. kelly mort

    Add data from cell D3 to last used cell then offset 1 down and place value

    I want to add all data from D3 down to last used cell then go down 1 and place that result there. Can someone fix that for me?
  14. B

    how to filter serial numbers with macro Please find the attachment above there are 3 columns, serial number,co-ordinates(x,y) coming to serial numbers it is not in proper arranged serial number EX:(1,2,3,11,14,15,18,....214..) i want to arrange serial number...
  15. N

    Macros are not running in password protected WORKBOOK, not worksheet protected

    My excel workbook is password protected. And file has macros but my macros are disable when the workbook is password protected. Please helm me to fix the problem. And show me the setting. Thank you.
  16. E

    Why a function does not populate across when clicking the + icon?

    Hello, I have a function but when I click the + icon it does not populate across the whole column. Any idea how to fix this please? Thanks
  17. L

    $ and moving the cell not the formula

    Hi I fixed $J$1 in the formula and accidentally moved J1 (dragged and drop it somewhere else), the formula below will update $J$1 to the new location for example $L$20. I thought $ will fix the address? I know I am not moving the formula but still? Thank you so much. <tbody> I J name date...
  18. T

    How to fix relationship needed error to get slicer to work

    Hi, I have two pivots: Pivot 1: Contains the Month, Zone name, Store type, and Store ID (All in the pivot field) Pivot 2: Contains the Month, Store type and product wise sales I have then created a slicer on "Month" field for one pivot and connected it to the other pivot. However, the slicer...
  19. G

    Name error

    Hi All, The following code gives a name error in cell I2. Anyone know how I could fix it? StartYear2018 is a named cell. Working with excel 2007 on a PC. Dim StartYear As Double StartYear = Range("StartYear2018") Range("I2").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=+SUM(R[1]C...
  20. L

    ActiveX buttons keep moving in Excel 2010

    Hi experts! I've searched the old posts regarding this problem but I can't find the right fix. I have multiple worksheets with buttons and they keep resizing after I generated them in PDF forms. I've set the "Don't move or size with cells", placement property to 3 and tried to use this code...

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