1. R

    Dlookup from 2 tables

    Hello, I have a large unbound text box on a basic form. I am trying to use that box for instructions based on what appears in another field on the form. For example when field [ERROR] displays "ADDRESS TO FOLLOW", I would like to have the text box display how to correct the problem. Each day I...
  2. F

    #VALUE! error in formula?

    Hi, Can anyone suggest a solution to fix the VALUE! error in this formula? <date(2017,7,1))),"pass","fail")[ this="" for="" guarantee="" valid="" a="" not="" is="" -="" CODE] <date(2017,7,1))),"pass","fail this="" for="" guarantee="" valid="" a="" not="" is="" -="" measure?)...
  3. Mr Boris

    Excel 2013 - VBA - Runtime Error 9 when creating & accessing [more than 4!] Conditional Formating Items - HELP PLEASE!

    Hi Excel VBA Gurus! H.E.L.P. P.L.E.A.S.E Am new here and hope someone can help, I am literally pulling my hair out. :confused: I have searched and searched and not come up with a solution and cannot explain what is happening. Basically I have a worksheet in Excel 2013 (on a Win 7 X86...
  4. M

    How to fix bar/column sizes in excel graphs?

    Hello! I am drafting a report where I have to build several charts (mainly bar and column charts). I would like to fix the columns/bars' width, such that I would have a uniform size throughout the entire report. However, I am not able to find such an option in excel. All I was able to do so far...
  5. J

    Serious excel/vba bug!

    My test case can be downloaded from It's an Excel 2003 file, but the bug shows up in Excel 2007 and 2010 too. The bug has to do with VBA rounding numbers that end with one decimal digit, xxx.5 -- for example, if you round 0.5...
  6. D


    I am doing a spreadsheet and I was hoping to link Macros buttons to different cells. I don't want to link it according to matching similar looks or via formulas, just displays. So that the "text box" or "button" will always display inside that cell no matter what. Even if the cell is resized it...
  7. M

    Undo Not Working

    Hi, In one of my workbooks the undo function has stopped working. Additionally I can not copy and then insert rows/columns. The workbook has no event macros, or any other code to speak of. These functions work correctly in other workbooks. Does any know of a possible cause/solution? I am...
  8. K

    1,000 missing survey data points to be fixed by interpolation

    Hello experts, Tried all methods without success I have large data of around 10,000 drainage pipe segments and 10,000 junctions in ArcGIS layer The problem is: due to some reason certain junctions could not be accessed for survey, thus 1,000+ entries are missing for pipes (up stream and d/s...
  9. K

    How to fix chart size regardless of zoom?

    Hello, I hope somebody can help: I've written some VBA code to create a chartobject and then save it as a GIF file, which is then loaded into a user form. This all works well and the image looks perfect - however, if I change the zoom of the active worksheet before running the code, the size...
  10. D

    Formula for format change?

    Hi, I am running Excel 2007 in Windows XP. How do I change a cell from "Smith,John" to "John Smith"? Is there a formula I can use? What's the quickest way? Thanks for the help!
  11. S

    Fixing cells ($) for multiple cells

    I know I can put a $ sign for all references in a formula for a cell by pressing F4, but is there a quick way for doing this for multiple cells (e.g. a column) or do I have to go through all the cells individually? e.g. =A1 =A2 =A3 to =$A$1 =$A$2 =$A$3 Thanks
  12. G

    Excel Rounding VBA vs XLsheet - weird problem

    Hello, New to the Forum. Looks great!! I am pulling out my hair at the moment- :rofl: I have learned that the ROUND function functions differently in VBA vs. in a worksheet. I have found an MS webpage that explains and also gives some alternate functions that "should" solve the problem...

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