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    Changing a userform to fill fixed cells

    Hi I've been adapting a userform I found online, however it is based on creating and filling in a new row each time. I need to change it so it always fills in the same cells then I have another macro to save it as a pdf to send to the customer. Just trying to make it nice and simple so there...
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    Fixing Table Column References

    I'm trying to map out pathways within my data set. I have 2 stages of what can happen and where so I'm running a countif function that looks at location 1, what happened at location 1, location 2, what happened at location 2. I have 5 variables on location and 10 on what happens with over...
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    Copying a formula in a column while keeping one cell a fixed value

    I'm trying to duplicate a formula from one cell to all the remaining cells below. I want one cell to remain a constant fixed value in the next cell with the formula using the adjoining cell. The adjoining cell needs to increase in the next cell with one value remaining constant. I know there...
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    Fixed reference in Excel 2007 table formula

    I have a formula in Excel 2007 table like this: =[Quantity]*[Price-Jan-08] I would like to copy that formula to the right with quantity absolute fixed and Price been relative. In Excel 2003 I used the "$", but in this new Excel 2007 table formulas I don´t know how to copy this formula to the...

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