1. T

    Excluding a range when copy a worksheet

    Hello, I want to copy 3 worksheets to a new workbook, but exclude a range from one of the worksheets (and any buttons on the worksheet as well. I want to exclude J1:U2 on "Metric Report" Is there a way to do this? this is what I am using right now Sub ThreeSheets() With...
  2. P

    Help with VBA Code NOT writing to Text File correctly

    Hi there, The code below is 90% working. The issue I am having is that the code move the 8 test files into the specified folder as expected. But does not write the file detail to the audit file as expected. It appears that the code is overwriting line 1 and not append the data I have tried &...
  3. P

    VBA Run time Error "424

    I am having a problem with the VBA code below it works fine with Fileout.Write "This is a test" but files when Fileout.Write Cl.Value, Fldr & "" Also it seems to be overwriting the same line so I think a new line command somewhere. Also os it posible to get the code to append to the list...
  4. rjplante

    get file name root folder

    I have the get folder location function listed below. I would like the dialogue box that opens to start into a specific root directory. This will allow the user to start at this location which they select the final destination from the list of folders within the root directory. How to I modify...
  5. S

    Save in two locations

    I'm trying to set a workbook up to save in two locations. Here's the fun part- below is coding that I put together that works- it saves the file on the desktop (as specified in the "local" directory cells (just addresses/names). However, I've been trying to place code within these three macros...
  6. R

    Extracting Mail from Outlook into Excel

    Hi I have recently moved to a new PC (windows 10 home, Excel 2016) from my old PC ( W10 Pro, Excel 2016) and have found that part of one of my Excel workbooks no longer works as expected. The workbook that includes the following VBA :- Sub get_mail() Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olNs...
  7. S

    Save Button isn't working

    I have a save button that's supposed to save a file and then, based on the name of the file, delete the old copy. When I originally had the coding set to send a msgbox about where it was being saved, the button worked. Then I changed the coding to a yesno msgbox and I added the kill piece for...
  8. S

    Kill (delete) didn't work

    Good Evening, I've missed something I guess (and I know my code could probably be a lot more efficient) because this code below is intended to take a file, save it under a new name (as specified from the address and new names in the workbook) and then delete the old one. Ideas what went...
  9. sharky12345

    Browse for Path - hide or lock title

    I'm using this to allow users to browse to a folder in order to save the file; Function GetInstallFolder() As String Dim fldr As FileDialog Dim sItem As String Dim sDesktop As String Dim bValid As Boolean sDesktop = Environ("USERPROFILE") & "\Desktop" Set fldr =...
  10. sharky12345

    Prevent saving to Desktop

    I'm using this to browse to a folder to save the current workbook; Function GetInstallFolder() As String Dim fldr As FileDialog Dim sItem As String Set fldr = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker) With fldr .Title = "Toolbox" .AllowMultiSelect = False .InitialFileName =...
  11. S

    Exporting to PDF and saving in user defined file location

    Hi I've written a macro to allow a user to export a selection from the active sheet to PDF and to save it in a user defined location....but it doesn't work! Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Sarah Sub Save_to_PDF() ' ' Save_to_PDF Macro ' ' Range("d1:AD103").Select...
  12. N

    access - vb - search folder for file with dates - move to multiple destinations

    hello gurus, looking for some help with this in access. basically, this is trying to copy all files with a certain date string in the filename to 2 separate destinations. any insight is appreciated! Function RelocateFiles(InputDate As String, strSourcePath As String, strDest1 As String...

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