1. Jaafar Tribak

    Cool Class for making Floating Shapes !

    Hi, I coded this class recently and thought I would post it here. Workbook demo. Basically, it is just a standard userform (manipulated with the windows API) that implements a custom Interface (IFloatingShape) for easy & flexible use. One good thing about this API based class is that it...
  2. R

    Chart with grouped and floating bars

    It would be easier to show you an example, but I cannot post attachments... I am trying to create a chart with grouped, floating bars. In my example, I have 4 groups that each have 3 floating bars (some are crossing the x-axis). This is the most difficult chart formatting I have attempted yet...
  3. D

    Show summary data in a floating window from a row cells with content

    I would like to have a button on each row (or active row function) to show summary data for that row. The row is for products used in a project. It is very long so you would need to zoom out quite far to see it. I don't want to have a pivot table on a separate page. Because, as you go through...
  4. J

    Floating Task Bar Items

    Crap, I said Task Bar in the subject, but I really meant Quick Access Tool Bar. On Excel 2016, I have shortcut icons all along the Quick Access Toolbar. I have them sequenced from left to right in an order that makes them most usable for me. Lately, a couple of the icons have started floating...
  5. W

    Row auto population based on value selected in drop down

    Hi all, New here and pretty new to Excel formulas and VBA, so bear with me... when I select a value from a drop down in column B on sheet 1 I need a lookup to a table in sheet 2 to loop through the table and set all the rows on sheet 1 where A1 matches in sheet 2 A1. the number of rows can...
  6. M

    Floating Button that takes you back to last data entry row

    Hi guys I am creating a spreadsheet that will get used daily throughout the year. This means that the spreadsheet could get very long. Therefore I am looking for a way to create two floating buttons, one to take you back to the top and another that takes you to the last row where data was...
  7. S

    Create a floating bar column

    Hello, I have a question about creating a bar chart (excel 2016). For some time now, I've been keeping track of my sleeping schedule (time to fall asleep and time to wake up) and I'd like to put this data into a graph. What I would like to have is a floating bar column in which the bars start at...
  8. C

    floating buttons in vba forms

    Can anyone tell me how to create a floating button in excel form which always stay on the top of forms either we scroll the downward on upward. Or can we make a ribbon control on in vba form.
  9. IluvPivots

    Floating Editable Table?

    Is it possible to have a floating table that is editable? I've used the paste/special in the past creates a picture that is linked to another table, but it is not editable from the viewing location. Any suggestions?? My reason for having is that I'm using a macro that needs its data to be...
  10. S

    Automatically changing ranges in a formula based on assumption changes

    We have built a 5 year financial plan by month. We have cum columns such as year totals for each row. Example, revenues. We also have a cum column titled Cash Flow Positive (CFP) which is the sum of all revenues, spending, and EBITDA from inception to CFP (the last negative number on the...
  11. L

    How to create a 'Floating' Total above stacked bar charts

    All, I have created a stacked bar chart, and displayed the lables so that I can see the values that relate to each section of the bar chart. I would like to show the overall total for each stacked column on the chart, without adding it as a new series so it sits on top of all the others...
  12. Jaafar Tribak

    ShapeEx :_ Make your shapes float and make their background transparent

    Hi all, Been working on this little project and thought I would post here what I have come up with so far. Essentially, the code enables you to clone worksheet shapes in order to make the shapes float over the worksheet and also gives you the possibility to make an area of the shape...
  13. pedie

    Need help to CREATE a userform or sort of to FLOAT! :)

    Is that possible?? In excell 2003, I use validation to be floating so that wherever I move across the sheet I want whatever is written the validation (comment) is visible and floats in top corner...and help me in remembering thing/formula etc...... Please advice
  14. B

    Make a Floating Calendar

    I want to be able to keep that calendar directly under the freeze pane line when I scroll. I have used this code to do it (sort of). Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Calendar_A.Left = Cells(1, ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn).Left + 810 Calendar_A.Top =...

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