1. P

    Index Match, sum if or vlookup?

    <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="7"> <tbody> Looking for the following resuts: Year to date Blue Florida April 20...
  2. N

    Dynamic Drop-Down list

    Good Afternoon all, I am in need of assistance. I am trying to create a dynamic drop-down list based on another drop-down list. I have hundreds of rows of distributors in Column B and the markets they belong to in Column A. I can put the list of distributors into the drop-down, but what i...
  3. K

    Insert # Rows based on numeric cell value and copy entire row to all inserted rows help

    <tbody> Location # Month Year NYC 5 July 2019 Florida 3 August 2019 Mass 1 October 2019 </tbody> I have a workbook with the above information: I would want it to look at column B, (#) and then insert 5 rows where the #= 1, so 1,1,1,1, instead of the 5: <colgroup><col...
  4. B

    Insert blank rows based on a number, then copy/paste values

    Hello Excel Pros, I've somewhat unique excel problem and it's taking a lot of my time because I do it pretty much manually. I'm asking all the pros to help me figure out a quicker way to get this done. Below is how I get data in excel sheet: <colgroup><col...
  5. G

    Sum using 2nd table as reference

    Hello, I cannot get my head to figure out the right formula to find a total for "Sum of Yes" in Table 1 in the example below. The sum of yes for DC (row 2) should be 4500.00 since column Bob and Column Ted for DC are yes, Florida is 5702.00, etc. Thanks for any suggestions! Table 1 State...

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