folder lookup

  1. J

    Hyperlink export to part specific folders on network.

    Hi still more or less a newbie here. I have an excel export of items that have a hyperlink to some online documentation. I haven't figured out how to do the following: Capture the links along with their associated par name Put the links in the corresponding folders on the network in...
  2. H

    Loop through folders and execute code if folder name matches specified names

    Hello all, I am new to VBA coding. I had taken a programming course almost 6 years ago and never touched it since but I would like to start learning slowly to automate a lot of my excel stuff. I am looking for help to code the following the scenario: I have 10 folders in a particular...
  3. E

    VBA macro to verify creation of new folder

    Dear community, I want to create a Macro to check everyday if a new new file has been added to a specific folder and notify me per email. I have seen some codes to check if a certain file given a specific name exists but none of them really answers my question. I came up with the following...
  4. G

    Using cell reference as part of file location

    I have the following code that I use to retrieve txt files saved in a folder called Text Files: Const fPath As String = "C:\Int\Equal\Game\Open\Text Files" There is then further code used to identify and open the files I need, I don't that that is relevant for what im trying to do, which is...
  5. L

    Macro to create folders in various locations based on cell values

    Hi All Real excel novice here! I need a macro to create folders based on a cell value (A4:A10), this value is the "job reference". This folder needs to be created in locations based on other values within the spreadsheet. These values are: Region (EU or Non-EU) Country (China, France...
  6. A

    Insert text from cell within Hyperlink in a email using VBA

    Hello, I am fairly new to VBA and I am trying to understand how it really works. So currently I have an excel sheet with items that have due dates.I was able to look online and send out emails to certain people with their respective due dates. Each email has a link to the excel file thats on a...
  7. F

    Copy data from a folder of closed workbooks to a active workbook

    Hello all, Long story short, I have been looking for weeks on how to copy a range of cell's values from a folder full of closed workbooks into the active workbook, and then have it paste the values from each in order starting at "A2" on the active. Sadly, I have pulled up short on everything...
  8. D

    VBA Code for Access Command Button to Create a New File Folder

    I have an Access Data base with a given form that creates a new recorded with the Prime Key called (MDR#). I want to add a command button to the bottom of the form so when they click on it, it will create a folder in a given location (On the network) with the folder labeled with the "MDR# (MDR#...
  9. E

    List folders without recursive

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out a way to list only the first level of folders in a file structure. I'm accustomed to using the GetFolder method but how to do only one level is the question. For instance, if I had the following folder structure: C:\Base C:\Base\FolderA C:\Base\FolderA\Folder1...
  10. J

    Returning Path of Files

    Hi, I have over 15,000 files on a file share. I am looking to try and extract the path for each individual one and paste it in a long list on a sheet with its associated folder. I'm having a hard time of where to start. the most difficult part is there are thousands of folders and different...
  11. rupertsland

    VBA - open a folder from within Excel

    Hello. I'm trying to generate a VBA procedure in Excel 2003 that would let me open a folder window by clicking on a button in an Excel worksheet. Here's the code I wrote: '--------------------------------------------------------------- Public Sub OpenFolder() 'open folder on network...
  12. G

    Get Files Macro Need more

    Hi i've got this Marco/Function Sub get_files() Extension = "*.CSV" Folder = "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents First = True RowCount = 1 Do If First = True Then FName = Dir(Folder & "\" & Extension) First = False Else FName = Dir() End If If FName <> "" Then Range("A" & RowCount) =...

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