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    Display working folder name in a cell

    HI, When I open this excel file, i want a particular cell to show the name of the folder this excel file is in. I would like a formula that displays only the folder name and not the full file path. thanks in advance.
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    Outlook Macro - Search Folder

    Hi guys I'm in need of urgent help to write a macro to search for text and find the folder. That's right not the email instance but the Outlook Folder on the side of the screen. Imagine having hundreds of Folders on the side of outlook and inside the folders are a bunch of emails. I need a...
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    Extract a portion of folder name using VBA

    Hello to all. I have a macro that allows me to select a folder and then save that selected location as a variable in a String format. Sub SelectFolder() Dim SourcePath As String MsgBox "Please choose the correct folder", vbQuestion, "Folder" Application.DisplayAlerts = False...
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    Need InputBox to input value into another function in VBA

    I would like to put this inputbox value.... inboxfldr = InputBox("Enter Outlook Folder Name", "Inbox Alert Folder") Into the below so that the value that the user input replaces the "GLAM" in the Set FLDR line. Sub GetFromInbox() Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olNs As Namespace Dim...
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    VBA Save As New Name

    Hi Everyone, I have a macro I run that opens the files in a folder, runs a macro to update the file and saves it (Save As) to another folder. What I want to do now is have the last 10 characters on the file name removed and replaced with 10 characters on the spreadsheet. The last part of the...
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    Create folder and then save as before close

    I want to create at map called a date ex. 02-09-2015 then save the xlsm file and then also save it as a xlsx file. I want the file name of the xlsx as "Test 02092015 a", where 02092015 i calculated date format(date - 1, "DDMMMYYY") Sub gem()Dim path As String FolderName = Format(Date - 2...
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    Display folder name in Excel - VBA Macro

    Hi, I need a macro which displays the folder and subfolder name from a specific path in the column A of the excel sheet in the same heirarchy. Also whenever a sub folder name is displayed in column A, I need its main folder name to be displayed in the same row Column B i.e offset(0,1). I have a...
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    VBA Code for Access Command Button to Create a New File Folder

    I have an Access Data base with a given form that creates a new recorded with the Prime Key called (MDR#). I want to add a command button to the bottom of the form so when they click on it, it will create a folder in a given location (On the network) with the folder labeled with the "MDR# (MDR#...
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    Not working whenfolder name changes - Generating Files path from folder and sub folders snb

    I use this code to get all files in a folder/subfolder, but the problem is if my folder has spaces in its name then it does not work. e.g in this code, c:\a\*.dgpx will work but c:\a a\*.dgpx will not work. Sub GeneratingFilespathfromfolderandsubfolderssnb() c00 = "c:\a\*.dgpx" sn =...
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    VBA - Folder relative name question

    I have snipped this code for use as part of an export task in excel. The problem is to make the reference to the actual folder in a later query, what will the relative path to the last created folder be? Code: Sub makebackupfolder() 'create reference for file system object Set fs =...

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