1. R

    How to automatically create folders based on the file name and zip the folder

    Hi I have a 20 Excel files in a folder File name as follows Chennai Madurai Delhi Pune Hyderabad I need to create folders for all the excel individually..Excel name and folder name should be same and want to zip the individual folders automatically.i need to do this in vba
  2. K

    Folder contents Empty

    Hi, I've written a VBA to copy files from a list of directory over to a specific folder. The code works fine and what I now need to do is add an IF statement for the VBA to move to the next folder when one folder is empty and copy any files in the next folder. Any codes that will allow the VBA...
  3. C

    Moving PDF files from one folder to another

    Hi Team, following scenario: I have a source folder, containing PDF files. Location would look like: Z:\aaaa\bbb\ccccc\2022\ddddddd\eeeeeee\ffffff\this_is_the_folder_containing_all_the_pdfs\*.pdf The naming convention for the pdf files, is Account number_Invoice number: 123456_654321.pdf A...
  4. B

    Excel Count to next number in cell when sample file opened even pressed dont save after changes

    I have a macro program where I save the name of the excel file with the values I get from certain cells. After this save, I have to say "Don't save" when asked if you want to save the sample file so that it is empty. Otherwise, it will come with the last values in the next opening. I want the...
  5. SkyGod

    Open a Folder Depend Textbox Value

    Hello there, I've a main folder named "main". I bring the image on userform by textbox1.value. Dim obj_fso As Object Dim myPath As Variant Dim folderPath As Variant folderPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\main\" & TextBox1.Text & ".jpg" Set obj_fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Dim...
  6. B

    Linked Folders/Files Follow Up Program

    Dear All , I need your valuable helps. I will create a program that will check other folder/file updating. For example , I have a master list with macro and ; X folder with x file . x file is x_v01 Y folder with y file . y file is y_01 When anybody create new x_v02 file under x folder...
  7. R

    Saving file in current folder

    Hi, I've got a total of 3 files I'm working and I want to save one of them in the current folder. For starters, I am brand new to writing VBA so I'm sure this is all wrong. My process starts with copying a master file called "template" into a customer's folder, the customer's excel file will...
  8. K

    Can a macro pull details from a folder into the excel document

    Hi Everyone, this is my very first post. I am try to automate my school work a little quicker. I want to pull the first and second string from a folder name, usually the first and last names of people, and then put this into an excel worksheet with column A being the first name and column B...
  9. U

    VBA - Loop through every file in folder and rename, save in destination folder.

    Hello, I'm trying to rename all files in a folder based on values in the file and then save them in a user selected folder. Below is what I have so far. It is able to rename and save the file but I have to select the save folder through each loop. Is there a way to select the destination...
  10. Jyggalag

    Use macro to delete files from folder?

    Hi all, I currently have a data overview that draws data through power query from a folder in my windows computer: However, I plan to update this folder rapidly every week and I was wondering if it would be possible to create two macros attached to VBA codes, where they do the following: 1)...
  11. U

    Change folder name based off of selected cell

    Hi experts! I am looking for your help with a project of mine. This is what the end state of my idea is. When I place a number that is associated with a folder inside the orange box it will rename that folder "Folder" without a number. When there is nothing or a 0 inside the orange box all...
  12. D

    Importing images from folders into corresponding cells in the worksheet

    Hello. I need a macro that I have no idea how to even start making. I have multiple images in multiple subfolders. The file structure looks like this: /Excel_file.xlsm /Images/Object1/Image1-1.jpg /Images/Object1/Image1-2.jpg [...] /Images/Object2/Image2-1.jpg /Images/Object2/Image2-2.jpg [...]...
  13. Jyggalag

    Power Query question (never used before!)

    Hi all, I am considering to use power query to get data for my pivot table. However, I am EXTREMELY new to both pivot tables and power query. I want to import data into this pivot table (not using power query below): I have the source data saved here: So questionnaire data file 1 is week...
  14. A

    Auto populate the newest data into a master spreadsheet

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can help. I receive a weekly report which I move into a folder, the name for the report will be different each time. What I'm aiming to achieve is to auto populate the data from the most up to date report into a master spreadsheet. I was wondering if the lookup per...
  15. V

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore?

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore. Message if create new folder, silent if the folder exist. I have the code to create folder on desktop
  16. T

    VBA or Formula

    Hello Everyone, in a spreadsheet, I have a list of files (different file extensions) with only two columns “Filename & Created” 2020_verVabt23_34.doc 10/03/2020 17:25 2012_verVabt23_34.xls 02/11/2013 09:15 Here, my questions: Is any Formula or VBA to synchronize “Filename &...
  17. A

    VBA to copy and paste image from a folder to another folder

    Hi everyone, I want a button in Excel that allows user to choose an image in their personal drive, through browsing the file location. Once they select the photo, it should create and save a copy of this photo into a shared folder, then put the new file path of the image into a cell. (This new...
  18. H

    Automatically Download PDF Links to Desktop Folder

    Hi, I have code that currently loops through a list of hyperlinks in Excel and batch downloads these links as PDFs. I am having trouble controlling where these downloads ave. Sometimes they save to my desktop, documents, or another file path. Ideally, I would like them to be saved into a...
  19. D

    Macro used to send automatic emails

    I am using the Ron de Bruin macro to send automatic emails to various users and that is working perfectly. As below: Sub Send_Files() 'Working in Excel 2000-2016 'For Tips see: Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim sh...
  20. M

    Create a new folder based on cell and copy list of file into created folder

    Greetings, I am new in the VBA excel. I would like to ask to everyone. I have a list of document with .pdf extension (in column A1:A20). I want to copy all documents from source folder (in my disk C:) to destination folder (in disk D:). The destination folder is a new folder that named by cell...

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