1. S

    Jagged columns from file & folder totals

    I have a powershell script that I run to produce a folder listing & size file text file. I give it a root folder to start in & it goes thru each folder recursively summing up the file sizes within the folder. The end result is like this: Myfolder|5800 Bin|1800 |de|40000 |en|50000...
  2. pedie

    Need help please! List Folders & Subfolders From Directory:

    Hi Everone: The code below is given me error, Run time error '70': Permission Denied. I'm using 2007 excel, in my personal computer where this is not password protected. And as intructed i have done the setting where one requires a reference to the "Microsoft Scripting Library". In the VBE I...

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