1. kweaver

    VBA Helper's Guide by Fluff, Dante, Joe4, et al

    Where's the book, folks? You are all generous and very, very helpful. I'll buy the first copy!
  2. J

    SUM across multiple sheets but only sheets where A5 = Internal

    Hi folks, Looking for a dynamic sort of formula that will Sum B5 in every sheet where A5 = Internal. So there may be 20 sheets but only 3 are currently Internal but this number will increase and I don't want to manually have to update it. I can visualise this in VBA but not a formula Cheers...
  3. M

    This formula uses more levels of nesting than you can use in the current file format

    Hello folks, I am trying to use the below formula but it's too large, apparently. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to shorten it? Thank you so much...
  4. M

    Background for Particular range of Cells

    Hi Folks, Is it possible to set background for some range of cells?
  5. D

    SUMIFS but for text

    Hi Folks, I have the following formula: =IF(OR(SUMIF(Dealing!D:D,"A800F",Dealing!G:G)<>0,SUMIF(Dealing!D:D,"C800F",Dealing!G:G)<>0),"Estimate",IF(AND(B14="",E14=""),"No dealing for "&TEXT(A11,"dd/mm/yyyy"),"Confirmed")) The cell with the formula is in a worsksheet called "Instruction" and the...
  6. A

    Having Trouble Showing Negative Millions as "##.# M" With Custom Text Format

    Hello, Folks. [>=1000000] $#,##0.0,," M";[<1000000] $#,##0.0," K";General I have been using this custom format for a while now (I have forgotten from where I nabbed it online, but it has served me well to-date in terms of showing thousands and millions as one-point decimals with a K and M for...
  7. Z

    Upgding to 2016; will old Personal.xls still work?

    Hi, All... I am coordinating an upcoming upgrade in our department from Office2007 (skipping over Office2010 completely) to Office2016 for about 220 people. Some of our folks still have the old Personal.xls file in their XLStart folder, left over from Office2003 we had years ago. Everybody...

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