font colors

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    text color is not correctly returned with VBA

    I have been working on a project with thousands of rows of multiple choice questions. I was basically creating an answer key by identifying which choice was in red font/text. However when I ran a macro to work through all of the rows outputting the font color values into some temporary columns...
  2. G

    Partialy Change Font Color to Another Color

    this code change the red font color to green font color.... it is working code but getting error msg can you solve this Public Sub FontColorInCellPart() Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer For Each cell In ActiveSheet.UsedRange For i = 1 To Len(cell) If cell.Characters(i...
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    Coloring Hebrew Vowels and Accents in VBA

    Hello All, I want to achieve the following in excel using VBA, is it possible? Coloring Hebrew Vowels and Accents in HTML/CSS | John Dyer's Code Thanks all, G
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    Shortcut to change the font color in the cell

    I'm working on a sheet. i should have blue and black font colors random. if i can have macro shortcut for blue and black, would save loads of my time. please help me on this.
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    Change Font Color

    I want to change the font color from the default (black) to red for part of a result within a cell. For example, the formula ="The current version date is: "&right(Tab1!$A$13,9) produces "The current version date is: 6/20/12" all in black. But I want it to produce "The current version date...
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    Duplicates Different Font Color

    I posted this previously but had no real answers to the question therefore I will try again hoping for someone with great skills. I have the following code which highlights any duplicates in Column A to FONT color red and then I have the option to delete the rows. The first bit of my code...

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