font colour change

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    Change the text colour of a specific cell if it is equal to another specific cell, if not leave as default colour

    for example if cell C2 is equal to cell F2 then C2 font colour should change to green, if it not equal then C2 should change font colour to red I realise this is simple, but I am a beginner with these functions. I am using Excel for Mac 2011. much appreciated. NL
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    Automatic Conditional FONT Color

    Fellow Forum Members, I have a lot of cells containing numbers and with dark colored highlights applied that makes the numbers hard to read. I also have other cells with colors like Yellow that is easy to read the black colored fonts. What conditional formula can I use to change Black Font...
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    Conditional Formatting Word Cloud

    My boss has seen a word cloud and now wants me to create one (in Excel 2003). Problem, I can't use Wordle for security reasons. Partial solution - I have used the (mighty!) Chandoo's solution to create a cell populated with words with font size based on frequency of use. However Chandoo's...
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    Validation list font change

    Is it possible to change the font for a validation list, specifically to change the colour of characters 11 and upwards for the names that appear in the drop down list? I've tried changing the source list cells but it doesn't change what appears in the drop down list. Any help would be most...

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