1. H

    Force certain Values in Input Box

    I have the following code below Sub Input_Data() Sub Input_Data () Dim myValue As Variant myValue = InputBox("Enter The net income amount") Range("B3").Value = myValue myValue = InputBox("Enter Tax rate") Range("F4").Value = myValue End Sub I would like the following amended...
  2. D

    force a command button to be pushed before exit

    how do i force a command button to be pushed before exit.
  3. D

    force order

    How can i force a user to fill in cells in an order? c3 first f3 second h3 third ect...
  4. J

    Converting date from 01.01.2019 to 01/01/2019 (So excel recognises it!)

    Hi, I have a database query that extracts a date in the following format 01.01.2019 I can convert it to slashes using substitute but excel does not recognise the formula result as a real date.. How can I force excel to recognise the date? Obvious answer is to change the DB formatting but...
  5. R

    Force Msg Box on sheet selection

    Is there anyway i can force a msg box to appear when a specific sheet is selected? Is it also possible to include to option to run a specific macro from that box that appears too?
  6. F

    Alternative to If Statement...

    Hey guys, I have a huge excel file that I'm trying to get to run faster and make the file size smaller. There are about 150k rows of data. One formula that I feel is really slowing this thing down is a nested if statement. Can you tell me if there's a more concise formula than the one below...
  7. C

    file in use

    my excel workbook says it's locked for editing by "userxx" but that user doesn't have it open. is there a way to force the workbook to close using Windows 10 Microsoft office 365
  8. E

    force user to Save As if document is in a specific file directory on opening

    Is there vba code that can check the current file directory and force a user to save as to a new directory and file name on opening? I have not wanted to set up my file as a template, but I don't want users making changes to the master file and saving it.
  9. J

    Force Email Link to Open In Outlook

    I currently have various email addresses in my workbook. However, when clicking on the address they are opening in my Office 365 Environment. I need the links to open in Outlook 2016. Any Ideas how to force this?
  10. B

    Force gaps in chart based on (zero) value

    I have a chart which is based on calculated data (formula). Where the base data has 'gaps', the formula show zero. Given that the result of a formula can never be a 'real blank'. As a consequence, the resulting chart also cannot show gaps, instead it jumps to zero. I am desperately looking for...
  11. M

    smart row generator based on columns

    Hello, Is there any Excel tool or VBA code to the following efficiently, thank you in advance: I have a data sheet including a column of color names and a few columns of color codes in front of that. some colors have only 1 code, some 2, and some 3 codes. I need an efficient way that creates...
  12. apgmin

    force entry of rows

    How do I force the user to complete the first row ( Cell C2 to P2 ) before he can fill cell c3 to P3 or any other cells below this row Column A,B and H are protected in the sheet they can enter only the other cells
  13. T

    Force Excel to open new instance

    I have used the command: Application.IgnoreRemoteRequests = True successfully to force Excel to open a new instance of Excel if another file is opened. The above was tested on Excel 2013 but it seems this does not work in Excel 2016, ie subsequent Excel files still open in the same...
  14. H

    Force Cell Spillover although Cell beneath is filled

    Hi fellow Excel-freaks, I have an odd request. Usually a cell Spillover is not possible if the cell to the right is filled with anything. Does anyone know how to force a spillover even though it is filled? thanks for all suggestions BR
  15. E

    write text file VBA Excel 2016 Mac error 424

    Hello, Trying to get my spreadsheet to work in Excel 2016 for mac, the below works well in the Excel version 2011 but gives runtime error 424 on the line of code "FileNameOut = Application.GetSaveAsFilename" anybody any suggestions how to solve this? If bmac Then 'for mac...
  16. S

    IF formula

    Good afternoon, I used to know how to do this but have since lost my knowledge. How do you force a cell to display "" When two other cells are not BOTH filled in for example A1 to display "" if B1 AND B2 are both not filled in
  17. P

    force data entry in user form

    Hi I would like to force data entry in an access userform before moving on to next record.. This is made up of mutiple textboxes and comboboxes thanks in advance
  18. J

    Force users to Input hours on timecard

    Good Morning. I have a master workbook that is feed from employee time cards. what is to make sure that there are certain cells filled out when a code is entered into the following merged cells If Range "Type" is not blank, corrisponding Range "Hours" the same row needs to have a number. i...
  19. J

    Force user to give additional info

    Hi, this is what I need : In a list (of variable length), a user can enter some info in cell A1. However, if he does so, it should be compulsory that he enters additional info in cells B1 and C1. What I think of, is that the system reacts as soon as user has entered something in A1 and then...
  20. 3

    how to make sure at least one cell has a date

    I need to make sure that one cell has a date before allowing the user to close/save. Cells E17 F17 G17 E18 F18 G18 E19 F19 G19 E20 F20 G20 E21 F21 G21 E22 F22 G22 E23 F23 G23 They are all formated to date (short). Thanks for looking.

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