form controls

  1. D

    How to hide a form or make invisible in Excel

    How do I make a fomr disappear after another form is opened. basically I have a menu that leads to sub menu(sub form s) so when I click on a button in the menu another form opens but i want the menu form to close. until I open it again by clicking on a button on the other form. I tried the...
  2. S

    Populating UserForm with checkboxes

    Hello, I've just started using the VBA and am trying to create an Excel UserForm, which lists all visible Sheets in the current file (doesn't list hidden ones) andcreates a checkbox in front of each Sheet name, which will hide/show the Sheet, depending on it being true/false. The Form must be...
  3. C

    Access Forms Checkbox checked print out weirdly

    I have a form in Access which I need to print a hard copy. The checkboxes on this form look terrible on the printout if they are checked. Is there any fix for this? In other words, is there a way to make them acutally look like checkmarks? I'd take completely filled in over what's actually...
  4. U

    Where is the name of a form Button?

    I have been writing Excel over 10 years and I have never had the need to create a form but I have always used a Form Button. Now I need to be able to change the name of a form button and I don't know how to get into the form controls. I know this is a basic question but can someone help me...
  5. D

    Need an elegant method of clearing form checkboxes

    I have a form with ~100 checkboxes from the Forms toolbox. This is in it's default state. Users can click a button to add more as necessary. Users will need to reset the form to it's default state periodically as well, and that's the rub. All of those checkboses need to be reset to blank. I...
  6. B

    VBA EXPERTS: I need to make a user form to convert from metric to inches

    Thanks for looking at my post. I need to create a Userform that will pop up on clicking a form control button that has a text box some one can enter in a number in metric and click a button and it convert it to inches. Example: 145.6 to 5.7323 mm inch
  7. G

    Hex v RGB in a Form's Properties Window

    Hi Guys.... I'm trying to find the RGB value for a standard Excel 2010 colour - the grey background colour for a Form. When I look in the Properties window, it's specified as "&H8000000F&". Assuming the "&"s are field delimiters, and "H" indicates Hexadecimal, the Hex value is 80 00 00 0F. I...
  8. ed.ayers315

    Excel forms combo box problem

    Hi Folks, I have a combo box that is 1st in the tab order Control Source c15, the second combo box RowSource is set to Indirect(c15). I have to close the form before c15 is updated with the new value before my indirect function works. Is there something I can do to stay in the form view...
  9. M

    Can 100 Form Controls be handled all at once?

    The challenge is in putting 100 spin boxes in 100 consecutive rows and having them assigned (Cell Link) to their respective rows (C10, C11, C12, ...). Must this be done one at a time? What would be an efficient way to put them in position and assign them?
  10. S

    Help with Options Buttons

    Hi all! I am trying to create a survey using 10 option buttons (high=10/low=1) for each question (6 questions). I want to average the score at the end but the option buttons are not exclusive to each question. How can I have my 10 option buttons and the selected value be exclusive to that...
  11. D

    Excel 2010 ActiveX/Form Contols disappear

    I have a simple sheet with three ActiveX controls (one for each report) and a pivot table. The Pivot tables shows a list of parts associated with a charge unit. The user selects the charge unit in the pivot table then clicks the ActiveX control for the report they want. Sometimes the user...
  12. C

    Dynamic Range for Charting using VBA

    Ok, Objective: To create a dynamic range for charting that uses 2 form control scroll bars (pan & zoom). Inputs: Pan value (cell linked), Zoom value (cell linked), offset (user input), range of data (user input range of cells on another sheet) Output: The range of data that is controlled...
  13. H

    Question about Data Entry Form (very easy question for you experts)

    Hi Mr Excel world! You all have helped me a few times with much more complex items than this so im hoping no to get some help yet again. I need to create a worksheet that has a form in it. The form is for data entry and needs to contain 7 input areas (text boxes and combos boxes detailed...
  14. J

    VBA form - ghost call to textbox exit sub

    I am experiencing a strange issue with one of my forms. The form collects customer info from the user using a multi page interface. On the 2nd tab I have a text box called tbEffectiveDate and two frames: Tax and Signature info. Inside the tax frame I have text boxes for business type...
  15. I

    Automating mass forms and printing

    I’m wondering if there is a way to use excel and or Microsoft word to accomplish a specific task. I have an excel file. Within that file I have two sheets. The first sheet consists of a blank form. It has blank fields for the employee, the hire date, and the employee number. The second...
  16. A

    Dynamic Multipage Question

    First off, I would like to thank all of the Excel MVP's in advance for their help. I know that they are all busy and donate a large portion of their time trying to help struggling novice coders, such as myself. Here's my problem - I use the folowwing code to create a multipage form that...
  17. Y

    Need Help With Form

    I am trying to create a form on an Excel worksheet that already has data on it. I want to be able to enter a range designated by the user that will calculate a percentage of filled cells (letters not numbers) to empty cells in the given range. I was trying a COUNTA and COUNTBLANK type code but...
  18. S

    Call single macro from multiple from control buttons

    Hi - I have multiple buttons on a sheet. I would like to call a single Sub from these buttons and pass a paramater depending on which button was pressed. How can I do this? Thanks!
  19. J

    From Controls - Group Box - how can I format this box?

    On form controls, for the group box, why are there no formatting options?? Can I remove the group box border?
  20. S

    Form calculations stopped refreshing

    Hello, I was putting together a form that utilizes a template that several of us can use over a network drive. The form has several calculated fields and I noticed when I was testing, it quit updating the calculated fields unless I exit the form and go back in. Because having the automatic...

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