1. A

    Form Navigate

    Is there any way to have Navigation buttons (like Access record selectors) on an Excel Form? I have a Form displaying pictures.. and would like to enable Next-Previous-End. Because the picture uses the whole Form (and can be dragged smaller/larger) extra controls on the Form aren't ideal as I...
  2. synergy16

    usage counter

    Good afternoon all. is there a function in VBA to have a "counter" to record how many times a form gets used?
  3. M

    Loading... message box

    I have a complex macro that takes several seconds to complete. It is activated by clicking the "Close & Save" command button in UserForm19. Due to the delay while the macro is working, I'd like to create a "Loading..." message that will let the user know that the macro has started and to...
  4. MFish

    VBA User Form Recognition?

    Hi there, I'm very new to the VBA side of Excel. I understand Excel Spreadsheets but not much on the VBA side. I had a question about excel understanding what is selected in a User Form while you start marking things off. Here's my goal, may get confusing... I have locations in my company...
  5. B

    filtering in a form, data validation dependent lists

    Hi I have a rules database 4 columns, circa 500 rows(all cells populated). Column D has ALL unique values(the rules) Column A 37 unique values,B and C similar(the descriptors). If you want to find a rule in column D you use A-C to narrow down the search. Easy with filters, but I want to build...
  6. M

    Change the color of a row in a form if criteria is met

    Can anyone tell me how I can change the color of row data in my form if it meets this criteria and how would I create the query if it already has a select statement that populates the form... * Distribution Type: In-Service Withdrawal * Disbursement Amount: $50,000.00 or more *...
  7. M

    How many userforms can excel handle?

    Long story short I'm still about one years old using VBA and I'm making a spreadsheet with multiple semesters in column A. In column B is tuition, and in column C is fees. I just started making this so I haven't gotten very far, but I currently have it set up where when you click on cell C1 a...
  8. D

    Excel VBA Macro works on Step Into Mode but not in Run Sub Mode

    When running a macro in "Step Into" mode it performs correctly. When running the same macro in "Run Sub" mode it fails every time. In the "Run Sub" mode I receive an "Exception occurred." error message followed by "Run-time error '1004': Method 'Range' of object'_Global' failed" message. I am...
  9. W

    Locking Worksheet w/ password and conditions.

    How can I the password to apply automatically. This gives me an error. Also can I set it so I can copy data form a specific column [e]or from the status bar? ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True, AllowFiltering:=True "password"
  10. G


    In previous versions of Access, I could drag a form or query up to the tool bar and it would create a shortcut that enabled quick Access to that query or Form. I know that I can create a shortcut on my desktop in the same manner, but is there a way to create the same shortcut in the tool ribbon...
  11. I

    Userform question please

    Evening, I have a form where i have 8 text boxes & a command button just for closing the form. I need to type in these text boxes BUT i do not wish the transfer to worksheet etc. I need the text i type to stay in each text box. Then later down the road i wish to edit the text in a text box & be...
  12. O

    VBA to produce the same page "x" amount of times

    In Word, I've created a template for a payment coupon book. So far I've written some code to load an input box/user form upon opening the word file. The user inputs stuff like name, payment date, payment amount, etc. After hitting submit, the user input is automatically entered into the template...
  13. D

    Need to zoom to a user selected area of an image.

    I have an image open in a form. The user needs to select a section of the image by drawing a rectangle and zoom to that area. I've got it working with scroll bars and command buttons but it's not elegant. A lot of clicking and sliding. I could do it using Shapes etc but am hoping there is...
  14. N

    VBA - User form call in excel button

    Hi Team, I made a user form macro. It is successfully run in vba by pressing F5. I want a button in excel sheet, so that user can click on button and my User form will call. thanks, Nitin
  15. I

    UserForm Export to PDF and Send E-mail

    Hello! I have created a UserForm in Excel for conversations that our Supervisors will be having with front-line employees. The goal of this workbook is for the Supervisor to have conversations with 5 employees on a daily basis to enhance employee engagement. With that being said, I have created...
  16. R

    Mirroring workbook

    Hello, I am having an issue that I can't seem to find a solutionto. I have 2 separate excelworkbooks. The main workbook containsseveral worksheets that are all linked to one worksheet (WIZARD). That worksheet is then linked to a user form(COMPANY SAT REQUEST). On one workbook Ihave it to...
  17. H

    Show Result in Userform TextBox as a percentage

    Hello, I have a user form with 3 text boxes and 2 command buttons. My problem is getting text box 3 to perform a calculation based on cost price in text box 1 and the percentage I need to reduce it by to show the discounted buying price. So for example, if a product costs £100, take 20% off...
  18. C

    Removing Duplicate Row based on a single difference between them

    Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains the following columns: AGENCY FORM_NUMBER TYPE_DESCRIPTION DEFAULT_SIDE FORM_CREATE_DATE COUNT(*) AGENCY 1 1...
  19. kelly mort

    Runtime error 400

    I just woke up to face this problem . I have been doing my best to fix it since but I am not able to. When I call my userform I get run time error 400 Form already displayed; can't show modally. I have tried restarting several times but the form seems to load twice each time. Now I am...

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