1. G


    In previous versions of Access, I could drag a form or query up to the tool bar and it would create a shortcut that enabled quick Access to that query or Form. I know that I can create a shortcut on my desktop in the same manner, but is there a way to create the same shortcut in the tool ribbon...
  2. I

    Userform question please

    Evening, I have a form where i have 8 text boxes & a command button just for closing the form. I need to type in these text boxes BUT i do not wish the transfer to worksheet etc. I need the text i type to stay in each text box. Then later down the road i wish to edit the text in a text box & be...
  3. O

    VBA to produce the same page "x" amount of times

    In Word, I've created a template for a payment coupon book. So far I've written some code to load an input box/user form upon opening the word file. The user inputs stuff like name, payment date, payment amount, etc. After hitting submit, the user input is automatically entered into the template...
  4. D

    Need to zoom to a user selected area of an image.

    I have an image open in a form. The user needs to select a section of the image by drawing a rectangle and zoom to that area. I've got it working with scroll bars and command buttons but it's not elegant. A lot of clicking and sliding. I could do it using Shapes etc but am hoping there is...
  5. N

    VBA - User form call in excel button

    Hi Team, I made a user form macro. It is successfully run in vba by pressing F5. I want a button in excel sheet, so that user can click on button and my User form will call. thanks, Nitin
  6. I

    UserForm Export to PDF and Send E-mail

    Hello! I have created a UserForm in Excel for conversations that our Supervisors will be having with front-line employees. The goal of this workbook is for the Supervisor to have conversations with 5 employees on a daily basis to enhance employee engagement. With that being said, I have created...
  7. R

    Mirroring workbook

    Hello, I am having an issue that I can't seem to find a solutionto. I have 2 separate excelworkbooks. The main workbook containsseveral worksheets that are all linked to one worksheet (WIZARD). That worksheet is then linked to a user form(COMPANY SAT REQUEST). On one workbook Ihave it to...
  8. H

    Show Result in Userform TextBox as a percentage

    Hello, I have a user form with 3 text boxes and 2 command buttons. My problem is getting text box 3 to perform a calculation based on cost price in text box 1 and the percentage I need to reduce it by to show the discounted buying price. So for example, if a product costs £100, take 20% off...
  9. C

    Removing Duplicate Row based on a single difference between them

    Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains the following columns: AGENCY FORM_NUMBER TYPE_DESCRIPTION DEFAULT_SIDE FORM_CREATE_DATE COUNT(*) AGENCY 1 1...
  10. kelly mort

    Runtime error 400

    I just woke up to face this problem . I have been doing my best to fix it since but I am not able to. When I call my userform I get run time error 400 Form already displayed; can't show modally. I have tried restarting several times but the form seems to load twice each time. Now I am...
  11. M

    VBA form data to specific cells

    Hi, I'm new to forms and a beginner on VBA, so struggling with a VBA to make a user form fill in specific cells in a sheet. I have created the form and now I want to get the data from the fields into the cells on the worksheet and if the cells in the worksheet have data in them for this to be...
  12. D

    VBA form question

    I have created a 23 column spreadsheet with data validation cells using drop down lists and a few columns that do the standard date formatting (4/18/19 displays as Thursday, April 18, 2019) Converting it to a table is not desirable and I would love to have a user form that "pulls" the...
  13. I

    Search for ALL records in a form

    Hi everyone, I've been looking all over the internet to get my form displayed all records when a selection is made from a Combo Box, however, I haven't found the solution. Below is the table "tblCap_NDT" which I used to create form "frmCap_NDT": <tbody> Company Name NDT A Radiographic B...
  14. gheyman

    Access: Query Date Criteria

    On the reference form I have a date that this formula, which is in a query criteria, calculates off of. (It works fine) >=CDate([Forms]![frmCostHistory]![TextQuoteExpDate01]) But what I really need is a "Between date" formula. I want to show records where the date is Between the date on the...
  15. S

    export Excel data to existing Word Form & Email

    hi all, i'm currently in the processes of updating an existing spreadsheet that we insert and track customer demands on. Previously, we had created a copy of the Word document in Excel and filled the fields with the corresponding data using VLOOKUP to manually match the order number input...
  16. M

    Data Entry Form: Day# = Sheet #

    I'm doing a form that tracks data entered in real time. I've created a box where the user enters the day of the month (i.e. 1,2,31). I want to make that number refer to the corresponding sheet in the same workbook, where entered data entered will populate. It's not an elegant system by any...
  17. C

    Running VBA code from Access database recordset

    I'm running a project right now that has grown beyond what it was ever intended too. This is an Excel VBA application used within a single dept. Every user should be opening the file from a single location and always be running the latest version, this however isn't happening. What I'm...
  18. T

    Access graph does not center on box

    I cannot find a way to fix an issue with Access 2016 concerning graphs in forms. When I make a graph in other versions of Access, the graph automatically centers on the box it is in. Not in 2016 though. Is there something I am overlooking? I have tried everything I know can cannot figure out...
  19. K

    Update Multi Page Textboxes based on data selection

    Hi I have created an vba form with a number of text boxes and check boxes. The number of lines in the user form can vary depending on an email name been selected and the form works ok for this. However if the the number of lines is above 35 it does not appear on the form. i am thinking a multi...

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