1. Z

    how to update records through Forms

    Hello Everyone I'm Trying to Update my records through the form i created. not sure if its VBA or not! so any idea ?!:rofl:
  2. F

    Form button to control checkbox selection

    I have what should be a simple piece of VBA code to put together, but for the life of me i am hitting a brick wall. i am taking a VBA class but the prof is having us write code that isn't in the book or maybe we haven't covered yet. i have a (form) button that needs to be used to toggle a...
  3. A

    userform - user must enter name to begin

    Hi, how do i set up a userform to make users enter their name before they can proceed? I don't want to use an inputbox before the form is called as the form is meant to help them save time while answering telephone calls. Currently, their is just a text box for them to input their name but most...
  4. Z

    Linking Forms to another Forms

    My Boss asked for a hard task ( for ME) which requires To create a form and inside the form create a Combo Box where i can open a drag down menu and select an option and this option Automatically fill another form Linked to this one. For an example: Form 1 Contains the city, if i choose a...
  5. gheyman

    Split form Refresh Problem

    I have a split form based on Table. The below code runs an append query that updates the aforementioned table. My problem is that after the append query is run, the Split form does not refresh to show the new data that was added to the form. If I hit the Refresh button in the Ribbon the form...
  6. gheyman

    Query criteria based on Form Value

    I have a query that I want to have a dynamic criteria based on what someone selects in a Combo Box on a form (the Combo is in the Header Section) Like [Forms]![frm_Add_Supplier]![ComboVendorASL] But when I try to run the Query, I get a pop-up that asks me to "Enter Parameter Value". Not sure...
  7. I

    Upon opening worksheet check value is present in userform

    Afternoon, When i open my worksheet i see a msgbox asking if the userform should be opened. Clicking on Yes should only open the form if NameForDateEntryBox.Text has a value in it. Below is my code attemp but returns variable not defined thus i dont see this msgbox question Private Sub...
  8. C

    XLSM Sharing Question

    Good Afternoon, My question is related to an XLSM file that is shared on a network drive. I have built a Purchase Requisition form in vba that creates an auto-updated number. Currently when one user opens and starts to complete the form, another user can open and it would have the same...
  9. S

    Help with (2) Forms linking

    I created a search form with a query in it. I want to be able to use the combo box (which I'm trying to fix currently) and then it will pull up search items. I need your help on trying to figure out how to click on the search item below for it to open the next form and search in that one?
  10. B

    "subform datasheet view will only allow me to edit when first opened"

    I have added a subform to the main form so I could have some controls on the main form and the datasheet view on the subform. When I first open the main form I can edit in the subform datasheet without a problem. But if I execute the combo box "cboJobNumber" from the main form to search for a...
  11. Mazbuka

    Listing names from a column into new columns under their relevant heading

    I have a big list of students in Col A & their school form in Col B. I list each unique form as column headers from C onwards and underneath each header I want the list of students in that form. My data sample looks like this: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  12. gheyman


    Can you use VBA to Filter a filed in a Query I have a Query (qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData) I want to Filter Field: "MONTH0_Active" to the value "1" I want to do this from a form using a Button. Can it be done using code?
  13. L

    Form from Options--> All commands vs VBA form

    Hi I just found that I can create a table then Ctrl+T then I can go to Options-->All commands-->Form and use that command to create a data entry form. My question, what is the advantage/disadvantage of that form compare to a one that I can create using VBA? Thank you very much.
  14. M

    Not able to submit a HTML form

    Hi, The following code tries to populate the login form of my library account and submit the form. This code used to work fine until a few months ago. Now I am able to populate the account information but the submit action doesn't seem to work. On the other hand, if I stop the macro...
  15. G

    Error 1004 Method "Range" of object global failed

    Hi All, I have one spreadsheet set up with a form detailed within the sheet using VBA and name manager to print data onto the form and save as a pdf. However I took the sheet and created a new one for a different purpose changing the form and all of the names in name manager to match the data...
  16. gheyman

    VBA code for "Calculate"

    I have a form that has some formulas in unbound fields. When I open it, I see in the bottom left corner that its "calculating". Is there VBA code to make a form Calculate. I know there is in Excel, but is there an equivalent for Access My form name is frm_Home_Page. I don't know if there is...
  17. C

    Bound vs. UnBound Forms

    So I created and administer an MS Access DB -- approximately 20 end users -- they each have an .accde FE on their desktops, while the back end sits on a network drive. The primary data entry form has approximately 70+ fields, with currently 50k plus records. There is a subform on this form as...
  18. A

    vba form

    Hello I need a vba form with two fields, one of which is a drop down list of names and the other is a decimal value to store names in the cell and a decimal in the comment. Then I want to formulate and calculate on the decimals inside the comments. Can anyone help me?
  19. gheyman

    Change a Criteria in a Query with VBA?

    Can you change the Criteria in a Query using VBA? I have a query [qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData]. In that Query I have a Field [MONTH0_Active]. What I want to do is from a form, if the User Clicks a Button, the Criteria for MONTH0_Active changes to Like "1" Right now I have an unbound...
  20. J

    User Form or Formula?

    I have a list of 200 names in column A and a corresponding list of rates in column B. What I need to do is be able to enter one rate and have that rate be entered next to each of the 200 names. So if I enter $1.00, $1.00 appears next to each person's name. Would I use a user form or formula...

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