1. D

    Strange "Out of Memory Error" on Close

    I have two files open. Both are pretty complicated with lot's of graphs, Shapes, pictures and formulas. File2 is the Active Workbook. When I simply Save File 2 from the "File" tab - No problem Then, I have a "Button" on File2, that calls a macro in File1, simply: Sub CloseFile2()...
  2. gheyman

    Access: On Load On Current

    When a Form is loaded is it also considered "On current" or does the user have to leave the form and come back to it to be on Current?
  3. I

    Userform opens twice

    Morning, Please could you check my code & advise a fix. I open my workbook. It defaults to INCOME (1) to open first. I see the msgbox asking me to select MONTH & YEAR I choose to select CLOSE FORM The form quickly coses then reopens. I choose to select CLOSE FORM again & it closes. Now i can do...
  4. D

    Trying to put a counter into a form

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a form to pop up when I click on a specific cell which i'm able to count within. I can code for the form to pop up when i click on a certain cell but it is what to do within the form and coding that. I would like there to be a box with numbers in. Next to that i...
  5. K

    Auto populate a demand form from quanity list

    Hello, I have a workbook which each sheet has its own list of items for a stock check. On sheet 2 I have a form which is a company made form to request missing items. With this I would like a code to find what items are missing from “Quantity” (Column E7:E) compared to “Quantity Held” and...
  6. W

    Form called by selecting record

    Pearson's form seems missing, or removed. I wrote one using Events. Thought I'd share. Here's the link:
  7. gheyman

    Access: Form w/table as Source Filter

    When I have a Form based on a query, I am able to filter based on a Combo Box (Use the Combo selection as Criteria in Query). If you have a Form with its source being a Table, is there a way to filter the data? I only want to see records where [Status] is "Active"
  8. C

    Pulling through figures from excel, on a UserForm, in realtime

    Background I have a user form that is acting as an over lay to fairlycomplex calculator that I already have built in Excel. The UserForm is tomake it easier for the user to input info into the calculator so all I’m reallydoing is sending info back and forth between the UserForm, excel is...
  9. gheyman

    Access: Close a Form that is not the Active form

    Can you close one form from another? I know you can close the form you're on by using DoCmd.Close , "". How do I close another form. I need to make sure its not open when I run code. Thanks
  10. Z

    how to update records through Forms

    Hello Everyone I'm Trying to Update my records through the form i created. not sure if its VBA or not! so any idea ?!:rofl:
  11. F

    Form button to control checkbox selection

    I have what should be a simple piece of VBA code to put together, but for the life of me i am hitting a brick wall. i am taking a VBA class but the prof is having us write code that isn't in the book or maybe we haven't covered yet. i have a (form) button that needs to be used to toggle a...
  12. A

    userform - user must enter name to begin

    Hi, how do i set up a userform to make users enter their name before they can proceed? I don't want to use an inputbox before the form is called as the form is meant to help them save time while answering telephone calls. Currently, their is just a text box for them to input their name but most...
  13. Z

    Linking Forms to another Forms

    My Boss asked for a hard task ( for ME) which requires To create a form and inside the form create a Combo Box where i can open a drag down menu and select an option and this option Automatically fill another form Linked to this one. For an example: Form 1 Contains the city, if i choose a...
  14. gheyman

    Split form Refresh Problem

    I have a split form based on Table. The below code runs an append query that updates the aforementioned table. My problem is that after the append query is run, the Split form does not refresh to show the new data that was added to the form. If I hit the Refresh button in the Ribbon the form...
  15. gheyman

    Query criteria based on Form Value

    I have a query that I want to have a dynamic criteria based on what someone selects in a Combo Box on a form (the Combo is in the Header Section) Like [Forms]![frm_Add_Supplier]![ComboVendorASL] But when I try to run the Query, I get a pop-up that asks me to "Enter Parameter Value". Not sure...
  16. I

    Upon opening worksheet check value is present in userform

    Afternoon, When i open my worksheet i see a msgbox asking if the userform should be opened. Clicking on Yes should only open the form if NameForDateEntryBox.Text has a value in it. Below is my code attemp but returns variable not defined thus i dont see this msgbox question Private Sub...
  17. C

    XLSM Sharing Question

    Good Afternoon, My question is related to an XLSM file that is shared on a network drive. I have built a Purchase Requisition form in vba that creates an auto-updated number. Currently when one user opens and starts to complete the form, another user can open and it would have the same...
  18. S

    Help with (2) Forms linking

    I created a search form with a query in it. I want to be able to use the combo box (which I'm trying to fix currently) and then it will pull up search items. I need your help on trying to figure out how to click on the search item below for it to open the next form and search in that one?
  19. B

    "subform datasheet view will only allow me to edit when first opened"

    I have added a subform to the main form so I could have some controls on the main form and the datasheet view on the subform. When I first open the main form I can edit in the subform datasheet without a problem. But if I execute the combo box "cboJobNumber" from the main form to search for a...
  20. Mazbuka

    Listing names from a column into new columns under their relevant heading

    I have a big list of students in Col A & their school form in Col B. I list each unique form as column headers from C onwards and underneath each header I want the list of students in that form. My data sample looks like this: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...

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