format as table

  1. F

    Issue with excel formulas on sheets/tables connected to SharePoint Online

    I am exporting 2 lists from SharePoint, then running formulas involving fields from both sheets to create reporting, etc. I'm then refreshing the tables in excel to update the data, so the connection needs to stay intact. I'm also using PowerPivot to create a data model to work from with many...
  2. tlc53

    Alternate Manual Table between Grey and White Rows

    Hi, I don't think it's possible but thought I'd check with the wise people on MrExcel. I have a manual table which I would like the rows to alternate between white and grey. My table includes merged cells so I can't use the built-in 'Format as Table function'. I have also looked at Conditional...
  3. A

    Trying to Create a Macro to Autoformat a Report

    Hi All, I am fairly new to VBA coding however a lot of people at my work rely on me to create useful macros for our office. One of the reports that we pull from our employee portal is absolutely atrocious and I have been tasked with formatting it correctly. So to give you an idea of the data...
  4. FrumpyJones

    Automatically color rows based on matching values (with separate colors for each match)

    Hi Everyone, I am getting an output that looks like this: 8/21/2017 1131312865 8/21/2017 1131312865 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 3/28/2017 1160019485 3/28/2017 1160019485 3/28/2017 1160019485 2/21/2017 1130300368 2/21/2017...
  5. E

    Deleting filtered table rows

    Hello, I am struggling to figure out how to delete filtered table rows. In my file, I have reports directly connected to our report server and am trying to update my Macro to delete filtered rows. I have tried many different ways to do this and i keep coming up short. Below is an example of...
  6. U

    Extending A Table Range

    This should be so simple that I am embarrassed to ask for help. I imported my data and I have a macro that updates the data. Nothing new until new items were added, creating new rows at the bottom and now the Table Format does not include these rows. There are so many formats available that I...
  7. B

    How to prevent additional entries in formatted table from overwriting cells below

    Excel 2007: I have several tables identically formatted using the "Format as Table" feature. These tables are positioned one below another in one worksheet, with one blank row separating each table. If I were to add data to the bottom of any particular table, that row would automatically...

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