format paint tool

  1. M

    Paste Special and Format Painter not working

    Hi everyone, You were recommended to me for help solving a really frustrating problem affecting myself and some of my colleagues. Thanks in advance for your help! Basically, the Paste Special menu is greyed out on our spreadsheets, in whatever file we open, so you can only copy and paste in...
  2. R

    Pasting conditional formatting (Excel 07-10)

    Hey, Hopefully a simple question that I simply can't find the answer to. I routinely have to apply conditional formatting to data from testing we do, which regularly is 3 categories: More than 1 SD below average; within 1 SD of average; 1 SD more than average. When doing this, I typically...
  3. gardnertoo

    Copy ONLY the conditional part of a cell format?

    Is there a way to copy only the conditional part of the cell formatting from one cell to another, without disturbing the underlying "unconditional" formatting? Using the format paint tool replaces both the conditional formats and the normal formats in the target cell. For example, I have cells...

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