1. A

    Dates show DMY in cell, but MDY in formula bar - won't sort or convert

    Hello - I'm using O365 in the US but have system time on my PC set for Australia (in case this matters…) WorkSheet #1 I have received two excel worksheets, one has dates formatted in DMY, and if I switch the formatting of any of those cells to General, I see that the resulting number (in...
  2. K

    Query Editor - Issue with coverting date format when year changes when date format is Day DD MMM e.g Sat 28 Dec At the switch over to 2020 it just shows as an error using the following #"Changed Type" =Table.TransformColumnTypes(Data0,{{"Column1", type date}, Is there an way to handle this?
  3. G

    Conditional formating where there are 2 values in a cell

    Hello, before i start rebuilding a spreadsheet to split values into two cells, is there anyway to conditionally format a cell, based on one of the values contained in it. for example <colgroup><col width="74" style="width: 56pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2706;"> <col...
  4. C

    Text Format

    I have a sheet for user to keyin the data. The format of the data can be 451 / 1903, 0012 / 9908 or 00287 / 0099. The number after the "/" is always 4 digits, it was a data code. The issue was end-user sometimes forgot to put a "space" before and/or after "/". how can i custom the cell format...
  5. T

    Conditional format if year in cell's date is same as current year

    I have a cell that contains a date in the format 21-Feb-21. I would like it to shade it green if the year in the date is the current year. I am going to have a second rule where if the year in the cell is before (less than) the current date than shade red. I believe I can do it simply but...
  6. kevin lazell

    conditional formatting

    hi everyone not been on here for a while and am very rusty to say the least i have 5 consecutive cells say b1:f5 each cell has a date in each date is later than the previous one when b1 matches todays date then format red when c1 matches todays date then format yellow and b1 to go back to no...
  7. C

    Macro Help - web logs

    Complete Macro noob here... I am working with a very large data set (5,000+ rows, 57 columns) of web server logs. These logs contain a great deal of noise I need cleaned out. The best column to do this from would be the Destination IP addresses. There are over 250 unique addresses. I need to...
  8. F

    Formatting column with custom date format

    I have a worksheet with a column with date and time that I get from our IT showing all incoming and outgoing calls. The date and time column is formated to show Aug 30, 2019 7:15:22PM. I want to change the format to be mm/dd/yy hh:mm. When i highlight the column and go to custom and format the...
  9. S

    Formatting date question ....

    I have data in columns G & H which is 13/11/2019 (ie, 13th November 2019) I want this date to display as 2019/11/13 When I formal cells > custom and enter the format as yyyy/mm/dd, this looks good. I save (as csv) and reopen the file, but it reverts back to it's original formatting? How do I...
  10. L

    Format Control

    I have my format control to change by week stating for 2019 and it runs to week 52 but i want that to change in 2020 to start week 1 thru week 52. Control set to Minimum Value: 44 i started with the data for week 44 Maximum Value: 52 Incremental Change: 1 Page Change: 3 Cell Link: Calculation!$A$2
  11. N

    Add asterisk to string with number format

    Hello, Is it possible to add the asterisk sign to string of text with the custom number format ? i dont want to concatenate the string with the asterisk just format so in the formula bar the asterisk will not exist.
  12. P

    Format Painter Doesn't Work

    (Using both the latest Excel release (2019?) and libraries with legacy releases) I have some music track time lengths that are in the format 5:43 (h:mm), but another column displays 5:43:00 AM. So I used both the Format, Number, Custom, h:mm option on the cells that showed the AM designation...
  13. L

    custom format, M has to be "M"

    Hi I have number between 1M to 10M. So I wanted to format to show 1 M instead of 1 000 000 So I went to format cells-->custom and typed #,, M But excel gave me error message I had to write it like this #,,"M" Why is that? If I wrote #,,K excel wont give me error message. So only when I...
  14. G

    Reference the sheet name in formula as a number

    I'm trying to write the following formula: =MAX('02'!C5:C18) But instead of referencing the sheet named "02" I either want to reference a cell that outputs the name or number of the sheet, or have it reference the current sheet (because there are 200 sheets just like this one and they are all...
  15. B

    Changing time format

    Is there a way I can change the time format from HH:MM:SS AM to text format HH:MM AM?
  16. davewatson86

    Date issues

    Hello all i have a report that is giving me dates in the format of DD.MM.YYYY i am trying to convert this to a date format that excel will work with but i am getting some strange tings happening. i have used find replace to replace . with / but some dates are showing in a format of MM/DD/YYYY...
  17. J

    Conditional Format based on Multiple Text Possibilities in another cell

    I currently have the following Conditional Format rule that changes fill color of cells in column A based on Text found in column B. Formula chosen is =AND($A1="", $B1="EE") Applied to =$A$1 I would like to add additional Text items to look for so that It will change the color if "EE" or "H"...
  18. W

    Default Number Format

    I have a vba enabled workbook (Excel v2013), and now every time I add a new worksheet the number format setting has defaulted to "Date". This is causing many issues. I can't find the option to reset the default to "General". There is one macros enabled on a few sheets to adjust formatting within...
  19. A

    VBA - too many line continuations

    I have a very long SQL statement which I'm trying to put into my VBA code. In my VBA I have the following format for SQL: With ActiveWorkbook.Connections ("Database").OLEDBConnection .CommandTest = Array ("Select * bla bla bla") I looked through some web information and it was suggested...
  20. D

    VBA help - Rollforward date within text

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me as i'm a bit stuck on the following task. I need to automate the roll-forward of an excel spreadsheet where the year which is being increased by 1 is within text. ABC2019ABCDEFG will need to be roll-forwarded to ABC2020ABCDEFG. The issues I'm...

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