1. J

    VBA getting the difference between Time Stamps

    I am looping through a column of TimeStamps in this format: 6/7/2019 9:15:19 AM CDT I want to find the difference between the first and last time in terms of hours and minutes preferably in a format such as 8.5. in the below code, sRange is an array of data containing the timestamp...
  2. R

    Custom Number Format

    How do I create a custom number format that always returns 5 digits? Examples: #2 = 00002 #2 2 = 00022 #2 22 = 00222
  3. Skybluekid

    Convert Column Dates to Text VBA

    Hi All, I have in column D a list of dates: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 43728 43710.35417 43732 43689.62014 43698.44236 43727 43708.5 43699 </tbody> I would like to convert these dates to Text and then format them as dd/mm/yyyy. I hear you cry "this is easy and why are...
  4. J

    Date format help

    Hello, How do I format the second half of this formula to be in date format...
  5. V

    date format

    I have the date in this format "Day: 11 Sep 19", just need date from this "Day: 11 Sep 19" in format as date format 11-09-2019 any idea.
  6. J

    File Format Not Valid; Document is corrupt- Need help repairing

    I have an excel document that is corrupt and I cannot repair. It simply as Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format file. I have tried a lot of the simple...
  7. E

    VBA: Is there a way to validate a cell's value against the same cell's formatting?

    Is there a way to validate a cell's value against the same cell's formatting? What we are trying to do... I see there is the "match" function but I don't think this is what the customer is looking to do. I believe this is just looking for a value that matches a designated value. When the...
  8. A

    getting date in desired format

    I need date in this format dd-mm-yyyy 01-02-2019 Specially I need zero before date.
  9. B

    conditional formatting rule

    I know how to conditionally format for duplicates. Is there a way I can format only those text values that show up, say, 4x or more, instead of 2?
  10. L

    hiding only +ve numbers

    Hi I have the data below and I want to hide only positive numbers. So I went to Format Cells --> custom and typed ; I thought that would ignored the +ve only since I did not write anything for the positive. I know custom format is like this positive; negative; 0; text so ignoring positive...
  11. R

    Date Format in table

    Hello Everyone I have a workbook contains multiple sheets having same coloum header B D And G columns are for date .. I want if any one put date under above mentioned columns, it should be in dd-mmm-yy else it should not accept or pop up an error that pls provide date in correct format. I...
  12. T

    Is there a way to show different currencys i.e "£" or "$" depending on the text in a cell?

    Hi Everyone, I create invoices in several currencys and I constantly have to change the formating of column J, K, & N which i can sometimes forget. however ever company has is currency stated in cell B2 of the sheet. so is there an easy way to format the cell to show the correct currancy? i.e...
  13. S

    Conditional Format only certain Rows in Pivot

    I have a simple Pivot: Jan Feb Employee 1 100 100 Project 1 60 70 Project 2 40 30 Employee 2 90 100 Project 5 90 10 Project 8 0 90 Where employees are assigned a % of their time each month to a...
  14. M

    Cannot Sum Days, Hours and Minutes

    Hi, What is the best way to sum the below values up to get a total? D2: 21 days 17 hours 44 minutes D3: 13 days 01 hours 43 minutes D4: 22 days 02 hours 30 minutes The format of these cells are d "days" hh "hours" mm "minutes" Thanks.
  15. M

    Cell Format Changing

    I am using a loop to populate multiple cells on a cell by cell basis and some of the cell formats are changing to a date format despite being formatted as a number. This seems to happen for a block of cells in a column and also formats a number in a call in the column that isn't manipulated via...
  16. M

    Declare cell / border format to be reused

    I'm writing some code where each result needs the colour changing and the border setting. The colour is fine as it's only 1 extra line of code however the border is a few. With rng.Borders .LineStyle = xlContinuous .Color = vbRed .Weight = xlThin End With Is there a...
  17. B

    query macro help

    Hi, I hope I'm wording this correctly. I have a large CSV file that I import using data>get data>from CSV file. it imports into cell A4 and it's a query. I tried recording a macro to format it like i want to but when I use the macro the column that I moved from column H to column B shows up...
  18. J

    Change format of userform textbox to currency

    Hi there, I have a userform with 4 textboxes that when text is entered they all refer back to individual cells. All data entered on a spreadsheet goes to the userform and when entered into the userform goes back to the spreadsheet. One of the textboxes displays a price but i cant seem to change...
  19. B

    formatting a date

    Hello, I imported a CSV file into a query format and my date column is showing as this right now: 2019-08-28 03:32:31 EDT is there a way I can change that to read 8/28/2019? when I change format to date it does nothing. I can do a formula to pull the left numbers, middle and right but I'm...
  20. P

    Format Cells

    Hello. I have cells that contain dates in the following formats: "9/13-" "9/13-9/14" "-9/14" What I am trying to determine is if I can force the "hyphen" into the cell. So if I type: "9/13" The format will auto-update to: "9/13-" I formulas that are based on that "-" being there. How can...

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