formatting a cell

  1. R

    dependent cells to follow decimal formatting of parent cell

    Hello, New to this forum, I thank you for your help in advance. I need dependent cells to follow the decimal formatting of a one parent cell. I've done this with format painter but my parent cell decimal requirements changes from time to time and I need the dependent cells to adjust and...
  2. U

    Conditional Formatting won't allow font color changes but will allow fill color changes

    Hello all, 1st post here so I will try and be as descriptive as possible. Appreciate any help! I'm using Excel 2018 and I'm trying to get conditional formatting to show an arrow pointing up in green and an arrow pointing down in red. I do not want to fill the cell with color, I only want the...
  3. O

    Examine and change format for each cell containing zero

    Hi all, I have about 30 spreadsheets I have to process every week. For each cell in these spreadsheet that contain a 0, I have to manually change the format to currency without the $ sign. If a cell has a value other than o, I need to leave it in the current format. As you can imagine, doing...
  4. E

    Track formula change?

    I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to highlight the cell if it's formula has changed. For example, the formula in the cell is: =IFERROR(SUM(K5,L5)*VLOOKUP($G5,OH,2,FALSE),0) if a user changes the cell's formula to be something like: =IFERROR((K5)*VLOOKUP($G5,OH,2,FALSE),0) ,I'd...
  5. H

    VLOOKUP keeps returning N/A Value

    Hi, I am currently trying to sync up two sets of data via a VLOOKUP for 15 minute data discharge data and hourly precipitation data using dates and times e.g - 30/06/2007 16:00:00. When I do my VLOOKUP, the results returned are N/A. However, when I click into and open the date and time cell...
  6. F

    Conditional formatting cells based on another cell

    Hi all, I have a cell in one tab (we will call tab 1) with a formula in it that presents the data like this: 232 +126.9%. The formula to get this data pulls data from other tabs within the sheet and separates a value and calculates the percentage increase from last year. I need to conditional...
  7. D

    Having Troubles Formatting Cells to Delete After 365 Days

    I've a column D (which I plan to hide later) either filled with a date or left blank. Then I want to have column E either display the date from Column D if the date is within one year or display nothing if the date is over one year old. The format I have right now in D2 is...
  8. B

    Formatting Cells to show Ft and Inch

    I was wondering if someone knew a formula or how to format cells to show foot and inch as a reference? Example: 549.75 (45'9 3/4")
  9. K

    Cell formatting problem

    Hi, I have one cell in my spreadsheet "1" that doesn't react to formatting. In the spreadsheet "1" there are many cells that have links to another spreadsheet "2" and if the values in that spreadsheet "2" are zero then by using cell formatting in the spreadsheet "1" instead of values "0" there...
  10. J

    Convert numbers to date

    Hello all- I have a long row of dates formatted as 'general' that looks like this: <tbody> 20170329 </tbody> How can I fix it to read: 03/29/2017 Thank you! Julie
  11. L

    Replace ";" with CTRL+OPT+ENTER to enter notes on a new line in the same cell

    I don't believe this can be done with the "Replace All" feature of Excel. Example: I want to take the text in this cell below: <tbody> the dog ran; the cat slept; I have two dogs - they're both poodles </tbody> And run a VBA code (unless there is an easier way) to space the sentences on...
  12. D

    cell location is locked cannot format it

    Hi Everyone, Someone got into my spreadsheet and locked a cell so I cannot format it. How can I find out how they did it and how can I unlock it? cell G1 has the date January 1,2017 in cell G2 I have (=G1) and custom formatted to "d" to show the day only but it shows January 1,2017. No...
  13. C

    Microsoft Word Mail Merge of cell formats

    Hello, I have had 2 instances recently where I have struggled with merging excel into a mail merge and the format did not merge correctly. In the first, I had a per diem automatically calculated, which generated a very long decimal point. I formatted it to 2 decimals, however when it...
  14. MrManBoy

    Conditional Formatting

    Hi All, Problem/Headache: I am trying to apply some sort of conditional formatting based on a cell value however, I only want the formatting to affect the corresponding cell to left or right not the whole column. Not sure if that even made sense, sorry if it didn't. . Example: In B1 I have a...
  15. B

    Please help asap!!!

    I am creating a database of possible protein sequences for a research project that I am working on. I need a way to do this type of formatting for my sequences and cant figure out a way to be able to delete one letter from the right hand side with each new cell...
  16. P

    Formatting Cell as Number - When Cell Populated by IF Statement

    Hi all - this is my 1st post here. I'm trying to write a SIMPLE ERP system for our farm to track P & L. I'm currently stuck on this IF statement - Well not so much the IF statement itself - but how to format the cell after the if statement finishes it's action. Here is the IF Statement...
  17. B

    Using excel as a mapping tool

    This thread is regarding how format a color on a cell in a map of a building I drew in excel. In my map, each square foot in the facility corresponded to a cell in excel. For instance, the spot right by a door in the building might be "FA 130," where FA indicates the column and "130"...
  18. A

    Highlighting only the 2nd+ instance of a duplicate in a range

    Hi again, Thank you to those heroes that helped me with my question earlier today, but I've got another one. I'm trying to get this macro to highlight ONLY the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc instance of a duplicate. I've since reverted to the original formula, but adding in a For...Each counter didn't...
  19. H

    Leading zeros after a "-"

    Hi All, I am trying to display leading zeros after a hyphen. for example 9999-"0"800. The zero inside the " " is the issue. I can't seem to find a format to get this zero to be displayed can someone please assist. Many thanks Harvey
  20. S

    Changing Currency Symbol

    I am having problems trying to convert my USD$ currency symbol over to BRL $R currency. I read through a few other threads but didn't see any solutions that could fix my problem. To address some of those earlier solutions: - Everything is right aligned, so not an alignment issue - Not being...

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