formatting a cell

  1. Wad Mabbit

    Display Negative conditional amounts in K and M

    Yeah, I'm obsessive, but..., OK, I have [<1000]#;[<1000000]#.##,"K";#.##,,"M" Which works great for positive numbers, now how about negative numbers as well (in RED, with a minus sign? Thank you
  2. J

    Match Formatting (font color, highlight, alignment, etc.) based on input

    Hi all, I am trying to use conditional formatting / VBA / whatever it may be, to match the destination output formatting with the source formatting. My lists of data vary in length and formatting. When I input a value into X1 my lists of data appear but I want the formatting to move with the...
  3. D

    Append text to a cell keeping text formatting

    Hi everyone! I hope you are well. Is there a way to append text from a TextBox on a UserForm to a cell without losing the cell text formatting? Please see sample workbook attached :) TextBoxSample
  4. T

    Converting non-standard date field to standardized date format

    Hi. I must be missing something really obvious here. I have a non-standard date in cell A1 (formatted as "General") that looks like this: Apr 10, 1839. I have about a hundred rows and tried to sort by "Date", but it did not work. I figured it was because they were formatted as "General"...
  5. E

    Paste formatting to same cells on multiple sheets

    Is there a way to copy and paste formatting from a range of cells on one sheet in a workbook to the same cells on multiple other sheets at the same time? I have a timekeeping workbook where I have 52 tabs where each tab is a week for tracking hours worked. I need to go through and adjust...
  6. D

    formatting colour based on different cells

    Hi all, I am creating a spreadsheet to track job progress. Each job has upto 8 different tasks. For each task I have 3 columns in a table named "Required", "Booked" and "complete" Required will a yes/no from drop down box booked and received will contain dates I then have 8 columns in the...
  7. L

    Google Sheets : How can I display duration of time with a "+" or "-" prefix?

    In Google Sheets I have a column that checks another two column's and calculates the difference. I already have it conditionally formatting to be green or red depending on the difference being less than or equal to 0, and greater than 0 respectively, but I specifically want to have it display...
  8. E

    Copy Formatting to another sheet

    I have a document where I want to copy the cell color from 12 individual cells on one sheet to 12 other cells on the same sheet, in addition to 12 cells on a separate sheet. One set of 12 cells needs to be the master cells or the original ones that get referenced to copy to other cells. Is...
  9. C

    Automatically Formatting a Cell Based on the Color of Another Cell

    Hello, I am trying to make a checklist which I have set up by having each task in its own cell with another cell next to it to act as a checkbox. I want to make the background color of the task cell and the checkbox cell change to green whenever I place an "X" in the checkbox cell. It was very...
  10. B

    Value function error with £ currency

    Hello, i am trying to apply a currency symbol dynamically using formula rather then VBA. I don’t want to use cell formatting as I am reading these values in other sheets and need to make sure it is clear what currency each number is in. in order to do some sums on the numbers, I am using the...
  11. G

    Conditional Formatting Question

    I've got the following formula: = G3 < H3 Works fine but I need to do a similar conditional formatting formula for several other rows and the reference rows will be different each time. For example, K3 < L3 as the next one. Is there a way I can go all the columns I need in a single...
  12. K

    Keep Formatting through VBA with Index/Match

    Hello, I have an index/match formula in a cell on a sheet named "Overview by Specialty". The information is being pulled from a sheet named "Consolidated". I am trying to figure out how to keep the formatting from the consolidated tab. Conditional formatting would require an infinite number of...
  13. T

    Delete Boxes in cell?

    Hello! How do I delete boxes that are input into a cell?
  14. W

    Excessive Cell Styles (macro not working)

    I'm trying to remove excessive cell styles with a workbook but every macro I've tried times-out. Does anyone have a macro to remove and reset cell styles to default quickly?
  15. A

    Formatting 2 strings in cell in different ways

    I have 2 columns, Column A has a regularly formatted first name. Calibri 11. It is also a look up formula from another sheet. Column B is Surname which is also a lookup formula from another sheet but I have used the Upper function on it to make it all upper case and also bolded the column. I...
  16. R

    dependent cells to follow decimal formatting of parent cell

    Hello, New to this forum, I thank you for your help in advance. I need dependent cells to follow the decimal formatting of a one parent cell. I've done this with format painter but my parent cell decimal requirements changes from time to time and I need the dependent cells to adjust and...
  17. U

    Conditional Formatting won't allow font color changes but will allow fill color changes

    Hello all, 1st post here so I will try and be as descriptive as possible. Appreciate any help! I'm using Excel 2018 and I'm trying to get conditional formatting to show an arrow pointing up in green and an arrow pointing down in red. I do not want to fill the cell with color, I only want the...
  18. O

    Examine and change format for each cell containing zero

    Hi all, I have about 30 spreadsheets I have to process every week. For each cell in these spreadsheet that contain a 0, I have to manually change the format to currency without the $ sign. If a cell has a value other than o, I need to leave it in the current format. As you can imagine, doing...
  19. E

    Track formula change?

    I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to highlight the cell if it's formula has changed. For example, the formula in the cell is: =IFERROR(SUM(K5,L5)*VLOOKUP($G5,OH,2,FALSE),0) if a user changes the cell's formula to be something like: =IFERROR((K5)*VLOOKUP($G5,OH,2,FALSE),0) ,I'd...
  20. H

    VLOOKUP keeps returning N/A Value

    Hi, I am currently trying to sync up two sets of data via a VLOOKUP for 15 minute data discharge data and hourly precipitation data using dates and times e.g - 30/06/2007 16:00:00. When I do my VLOOKUP, the results returned are N/A. However, when I click into and open the date and time cell...

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