1. N

    Problem with date and/or cell formatting

    Hello! I would need advice on cell formatting (I guess). Having a 4-week-table with dates, I would like to automatically highlight holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year plus a couple of extra dates like 1th of maj, 6th of june, 6th of december. The cells to format look like c1=$B1+1 (for...
  2. V

    VBA to copy/paste formatting from open XLSX file to many closed XLSX files

    I have an open xlsx file with a page that has formatting that I want to copy/paste (formatting only) into a number of other single-page xlsx files in the same folder. How can I do this using VBA? :confused::confused::confused:
  3. P

    Conditional formatting base on another cell (if the cell 'contains' for direct match)

    Hello, I know i can do exact match formatting using the conditional formatting function, Is this possible? Data in A1 is selected from 10 options in a pick list (i.e 128 Leslie Road or 18 Taunton Street) I would like B1 to be highlighted (yellow is fine) if A1 contains either the word Road or...
  4. J

    Conditional Formatting Question

    I need some help with conditional formatting. I have three columns (C2:E31) with data in them. Column B also has data in it. When the value in column B is changed and the values of Columns C, D and E do not match what B is changed to, I want C, D and E to change color. Can someone please assist...
  5. N

    Conditional Formatting

    I want to utilize conditional formatting and need assistance with a formula to use in it. I want it to turn the text in cell M16 bold, red, italic if any of column M equals less than its corresponding line in column F. I know how to write a formula for one cell but not for a whole column. For...
  6. J

    .csv file dropping formatting

    Hello. Is there a way to save a .csv file with the required formatting? I need to enter "0000" in a range of cells. When the .csv file was open on my computer, I formatted the range for text so I could enter the required "0000" in the cells. I save the file and sent it to someone else, but...
  7. D

    VBA form question

    I have created a 23 column spreadsheet with data validation cells using drop down lists and a few columns that do the standard date formatting (4/18/19 displays as Thursday, April 18, 2019) Converting it to a table is not desirable and I would love to have a user form that "pulls" the...
  8. M

    Conditional Formatting

    Please Help!!!:confused::rofl: I have a testdata sheet whih there is a min and max spec. i can setup the conditional formatting for less than, geater than, but here is where i am stuck.... Sometimes there is no spec but because i have a format for less/greater than it autoamatically...
  9. B

    Conditional formatting rule

    Hello, is there anyone that would know how to setup a conditional formatting rule to bold any number that is in column A if it's appearing in column R?
  10. J

    Formatting all 1 as ✔ and all 0 as Blank (with vba ? )

    Hi, i have the following working directly on worksheet ✔;;;@ but the problem is when trying to reapply the formatting with VBA, as the tick isnt recognised. example, when i record myself applying the formatting, the output is: Range("A1:A23").NumberFormat = "?;;;@" Does anyone have a way...
  11. J

    Conditional Formatting when all Fields = TRUE

    I am trying to change the border of a group of fields once all the fields contain the word TRUE. I was trying to set up a formula in Conditional Formatting but I do not know how.
  12. W

    Formula Help!!

    Hi, Please can you help with resolving a formula query that I have. Cell AK2 is 01/01/19 (showing as Jan 2019 due to formatting) Cell H227 I have 25/01/19 Cell L227 I have =IF(H227=0,"",H227) which shows as Jan 2019 again due to formatting. Cell S227 has £20.00. I would like my formula to...
  13. P

    Formula to find conditional formatting

    Hello All, I have a conditional formatting applied in column C to highlight the duplicate values. Now I need a IF formula in column A to say whether column C value is duplicate or unique. Can someone help me with the formula.
  14. T

    Conditional formatting nightmare

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help or advise I have a sheet that has 3 columns with multiple conditional formatting rules to basically change the cell fill to red, orange or green depending on the date and what is in adjacent cells. The conditional formatting is working fine on my sheet but...
  15. LaurenHancy

    Conditional formatting when pasted to a different row

    Hi All, In need for some urgent help. I have figured out how to SumConditionColorCells condional formatting cells. I am summing each working day for each month for 13 different names with 5 different conditional format rules. The only way this will work, is if the conditional formatting is...
  16. W

    Conditional Highlighting

    Is it possible to highlight the entire row if 1 cell equals a specific value using the Conditional Formatting feature built in?
  17. P

    Copy conditional formatting with referance cells

    Hi all I have a problem which I have been trying to solve for two days now. I've even started to write a macro to try to solve it, with no luck (I'm new to vba). I don't know if this is the right section to post this, about conditional formatting referancing certain cells and then copying it...
  18. H

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello Friends, I need help with conditional formatting. I set two conditions on a cell that if a cell value is lower then 0 then red if a cell value is greater then 0 then green conditional formatting is turning the cell green even if it returns text "OK" as an answer I am using this...
  19. N

    Create Rule on Conditional Formatting

    I would like to know how I can create rule to highlight when column A - b > 50, and <-50 <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> <tbody> Column A column B 300 350 200 201 150 50 </tbody> </tbody> I tried this, but it did not work...

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