1. B

    VBA Save As and Save Conditional Formatting

    Is there any way to have Save As to a new file and copy over all Conditional Formatting rules? I can do this if I manually save a file. I tried to do it with VBA code but it doesn't copy Conditional Formatting. I would like to have it saved as .xlsm. Thank you in advance.
  2. T

    Conditionally remove conditional formatting icons? VBA?

    I have columns of ones (for True) that I format with an icon set. I want to see the green dot, not a one. This works well. But I also have a Total line, and that total line isn't static. When a list of data ends, a formula adds "Total" in the next empty cell below. It's at that point that I...
  3. J

    Conditional Formatting - highlight duplicates across 3 worksheets in the same workbook

    I am trying to use Conditional Formatting to highlight duplicates across 3 worksheets within the same workbook. Is there a way to EASILY do this? Please advise. Thank you!
  4. S

    Conditional formatting if cell value is between certain values, but only if another cell contains specific text

    Hi Lads, How do I set up conditional formatting to highlight cell C1 if it's values are between 10 and 15, but only if cell A1 contains text APPLE.
  5. S

    Conditional formatting not working with Datepicker

    Good day, I have cells when selected it gives a drop down and opens the calendar and a date can be selected in that cell. When the date is selected i am trying to let the cell change color green if the date is in future and show red when date is in past, basically showing next steps when it is...
  6. B

    Conditional Formatting

    How to count colour cells in conditional formatting Rgds Alok
  7. D

    Conditional formatting

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> I am trying to figure out how to get all the cells to highlight when I use conditional formatting. I am able to get one Colom to highlight but not any of the cells next to it. This is what I used to get what I have in colom G...
  8. D

    conditional formatting with an if statement

    hello, i am trying to use conditional formatting to format a cell with text based on the value of another cell. for example, if cell "A1" = "test" then cell "C5" = "result" i am using the custom format to output "result" and a bodged together if statement to carry out the function...
  9. G

    Insert Row at Bottom of Table Maintain Formulas and Format Using VBA Button

    I would like to know how you can use a macro to insert a row at the very bottom of your table and also maintain the formatting and formulas from the table. I used this code but it does not copy the formatting or the formulas from the line above. I use this technique from the link in this...
  10. T

    Formatting Help

    Hi I am working on a file that is filled from an Access database. The excel file has multiple tabs with a simple format with a "header", "data" and a "total" line. When the files are updated the formatting tends to get messed up. The data section changes based on the number of cases pulled in...
  11. T

    formatting cell that contain

    is there a faster way besides using conditional formatting to color specific columns like in VBA. I want to have the cells for example in C4-C53 g4-g53 k4-k53 etc etc to change colors if they are less than or equal to 1. i have 40+ columns to do so as you can see doing it in conditional...
  12. E

    CF formula showing but with no entry

    Hi, Is it possible to change the following CF formula to show no formatting if the cell S13 is "" S13 does have a formula =IF($C$13="","",IFERROR(LOOKUP(2,1/(Expediting!$L$12:$L$10002=O13)/(Expediting!$F$12:$F$10002=G13),(Expediting!$C$12:$C$10002)),"")) The CF formula is...
  13. freelensia

    Conditional Formatting did not work with SumProduct and Search array formula

    Hi, I have a table called BadSyntaxTbl with a column called Bad Syntax. It looks like this: Bad Syntax <!-- b-->< /b> % { I want to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells. The formatting would apply when any of the terms in Bad Syntax column are found anywhere in the formatted cell...
  14. H

    conditional formatting

    Help need for this Formula in conditional formatting S9 =IF(AND(S15=2;Y9=2);2) S10 =IF(AND(S15=2;Y9=1);2) S19 =IF(AND(S15=1;Y19=2);1) S20 =IF(AND(S15=1;Y19=1);1) I need some kind where the Conditional Not to Take Action If One of these cell's are Empty i have Try with this...
  15. E

    VBA Code to combine VLOOKUP and Pastespecial

    Every morning I have to manually copy and paste information from cells because VLOOKUP doesn't carry over formatting. I am very beginner to VBA.... Basically I have cells that contain information laid out like such: <tbody> Product Name DOCKET ABC <del>1234</del>TEST BCD 2345 TEST...
  16. M

    Formatting a Dynamic Bottom Row

    I have a range B5:R8, and there is command button that inserts a row where at the active cell. I've figured out how to preserve the formatting for the top row B5:R5 but I can't figure out how to format the bottom properly. Currently if you select the last row (R8) and Insert Row, a thick outline...
  17. R

    Formatting time

    I am trying to calculate the diference between two times 3:35 PM and 1:15AM and have it reported in hs and mins. I am using the TIME function but I am getting 2:20PM instead of 2hs 20mins. Is there another formula I can use?
  18. S

    Custom Formatting - Number & Text

    Hello, everyone! I am trying to create a spreadsheet to track action items for contract task orders. To make things easier for me to avoid formatting mistakes (the spreadsheet will be editable by more than just me) I would like to create a custom formatting that takes an entered ID number -...
  19. N

    Cut/Paste in Table - Conditional Formatting

    I am cutting and pasting in a table, but this messes up the conditional formatting rules I have on the table. Is there a way (perhaps on worksheet change event) so that I can cut, copy, paste freely without affecting conditional formatting rules ? many thanks, Andrew
  20. C

    Conditional formatting issues 2.0

    Hi, Please see screenshot: I have so many issues with this condiational formatting, now I am facing this. Everything looks perfectly correct to me but the conditional formatting still colors the cell, why?

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