1. F

    Formulas for Dashboard # 2

    I’m in the process of making a dashboard.. I would like to calculate the total cases by Year and by Customer Name I will use combo boxes for both. I’m having trouble with the formulas because of the “ALL” Years and “ALL” Customers. What Formulas would go in Columns J and M? Also would like...
  2. H

    Excel - how to add words in between words on Excel using the textjoin formula

    For example I have a list of 100 words in excel from A1 - A100 I need to use a formula to be able to output the words in a line with the Word "OR" in between The output I would like would be is "word1 OR word2 OR word3 OR word4" I believe this can be done using the text join Formular...
  3. B

    HELP! Chart to Monitor Daily Workload

    Hello- I am having a time trying to find a way to develop a formula to monitor our daily schedule AND actual # of jobs/ work orders that are on our schedule each day, up to each work orders due date. I attached a screenshot of a generic table. We use Air Table to enter all of our Work...
  4. K

    If cell value equals `n in table return value from list of cell to the right of it

    Hello, I have a document where it holds all the information about the companies assets. I need to re-do the asset barcodes with our new naming convention. (AO-B001 = "Awesome Company" - "Office" - "Class B" - "001") I'm trying to automate the asset numbers and require a formula to search the...
  5. Jyggalag

    IFBLANK formula but with specific text as well

    Hi all! I have this formula: But for some reason, my formula does not work? I want my formula to return "NOT BLANK AND NOT 1" if the cell contains a value that is not = 1 and not a blank cell. If the cell contains the value 1 or is blank, i want my formula to return a blank cell. Can...
  6. D

    Offsetting excel formula

    I have code to where it takes a table and makes exact copies of them one after another. sheet one has a table that is 16 columns and when I run the code it will past the same 16 columns, for example A-P is the 16 then it leaves Q empty then pastes the 16 starting at R and so on Sheet two has 3...
  7. E

    Searching for a formula which preoduce given result

    I have Two sheets name are Sheet1 and Sheet2. Sheet1 has different values in Quarters and Months. Sheet2 have start date and end date which is populate months according to the dates. Sheet1 ColB = Years and ColC = Months. I am looking for a formula which automatically assume it by matching the...
  8. mehidy1437

    Have a list without any blank cell.

    Hi There, I'm re-arranging data from column A:E to G:O. While re-arranging, I'm getting blank cell in soeme rows of column G, H & I, it's because of my current formula at cell g2, h2 & i2. I need help to have the alternative formula for this 3 ( g2, h2 & i2) cell, to have the same result but...
  9. C

    Formula or do I need to break down and use a macro...

    Hello All. I am not the best excel user but definitely not brand new to excel, and if something like this has already been answered just direct me to that thread. I have a very large proforma spreadsheet that I am using to track our company's estimate/cost per job vs overhead spending vs...
  10. M

    Searching an array of cells for a value and returning the column headers where a value exists

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way which i can return the column headers where a value exists in the cells F:M for the same row. As you can see from the screenshot for the first row, i would like to search for any value in row 3 and bring back the column heads for the rows. I have shown in Column N...
  11. S

    Macro ActiveSheet.Formula Object doesn't support this property or method error

    I am trying to do the following: ActiveSheet.Formula = "=IF(TEXT(E2,""YYYYMM"")< text(m2,""yyyymm""),b2&""-""&c2&""-""&d2&""-""&""01-""&(text(m2,""mmm""))&""-""&(text(m2,""yy"")),b2&""-""&c2&""-""&d2&""-""&e2)" This works when I put it in an excel formula but when I put it in my macro I...
  12. redspanna

    IF formual based on two criteria with a minus figure

    I have simple table below that will work out return and place into E1 if a W is placed into C1 Back Odds W/L Formula Result 15.00 2.5 W =IF(C1,"W",A1*B1 37.50 how can I change the Formula to also check if a L is placed into C1 and show the result as a minus figure...
  13. ukbulldog001

    Grade compare two non blank cells with alphabets and report trend

    Dear MrExcelites, Greetings, I need a formula to compare the last and the last second cell and report whether it has increased or decreased or stays the same. Grade Table: Book1BCDEFGHIJKLM1JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC2BBSheet1 Used below formula, but with error. Trend Result...
  14. H

    Predict Sales between two dates based on history sales per Quarter

    Hi, If I had two dates from 1/15/2018 to 7/10/2018 and I Had sales per day from historical data : Qtr1 - 20 - per day Qtr2 - 25 - per day Qtr3 - 18 - per day Qtr4 - 32 - per day I wanna know how much I'll sold based on this data per quarter like this : from 1/15 to 3/31 how many working days...
  15. L

    Nested Ifs

    I have sales areas of various stores, I need to classify them in to the following bandings: 2000sqft 2000-3000sqft 3000-5000sqft 5000-8000sqft 8000-20000sqft 20000-30000sqft 30000sqft I've been using the following formual, but it doesn't seem to work. It just returns "30000sqft+"...
  16. H

    For Formula's sake

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I would love some help figuring out why an addition to my formula is not working. The original formula i am working with is =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("GSI",AB1145 )),"GSI",IF(AB1145="NO CAMPAIGN","NO CAMPAIGN","CAMPAIGN")) and it works just fine. However, I need...
  17. P

    help with an "If AND" formula

    I'm running into a challenge with an "if And" formula. What I want to do: If BV4 = .46, then 0 else if BV4<.46 and AT4<5 then vlookup BV4 to the Rate table else 9 Can you help me figure out what's the issue? Its returning "False" =IF(BV4=0.46,0...
  18. N

    formula code to give a score

    Hi All, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a value in cell B2 I would like cell C2 to give a score of either 1,2 or 3 depending on cell B2 So, If B2 score was >4.9, C2 = 3 If B2 was Between 4.8 - 4.4, C2 = 2 If B2 was <4.4, C2 = 1 I'm not very good at this so I was wondering if...
  19. M

    Formula Help for three criterias

    I was hoping someone could help me with a formula based on a certain scenario. <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Organization Product Name Total $ American American o $6,564,132 American American Inc $3,647,234 American American CIB $443,245 American American Wash...
  20. S

    Need help with Dynamic dashboard

    Hi all, Can anyone help me solve this, Attached is the Home sheet of dashboard and is Linked with Each Chart and data with Buttons. Now i want to present the dashboard in such a way where view can select on what type of data should he see (Weekly based , Monthly based , Associate based) Once...

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