formula calculation

  1. Spotycus

    Slow calculation speeds: Am i impatient or is there a more efficient method?

    Hi Guys, I have a pretty large excel worksheet that is used to help clean up financial transactions when rebuilding a companies historical accounting. The sheet uses a mixture of VBA as well as hard-coded formula's living in the cells. ( For this current project that I am working on, I have a...
  2. V

    Stop formula from calculating if criteria is meet and keep the last data of formula calc.

    Hi i have this formula in my cell =FILTERXML(WEBSERVICE(""&AE1121&"&mode=xml&units=metric&cnt=14appid=bd82977b86bf27fb59a04b61b657fb6f");"/weatherdata/forecast/time[@day='"&TEXT(N1119;"YYYY-MM-DD")&"']/"&AC1126&"/@"&AD1126) I want to stop...
  3. C

    Excel 2010 Conditional Formatting using IF between two columns

    <tbody> J K 1 pct 1 pct 2 2 90 100 3 85 100 4 69 100 5 41 50 6 39 50 7 19 50 </tbody> I'm having trouble using conditional formatting to highlight one column based on the value of another column in a table, values are formatted as percentage(no decimal) . The table above contains...
  4. C

    Excel Formula- Representing Representative Sales

    I have in my spreadsheet the number of reps we're using. We can guess that the reps will sell approx. 5,000 their first year, 7.5 their second, and 10 their third and max out at about 12 their fourth. I need a formula that can tell if there's a change in the previous month's number of reps and...
  5. D

    how to solve this in excel

    Hello everyone, i've stumbled with this small puzzle: you have to arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 to make this horizontally and vertically correct: ---- + ---- + ---- = 15 ---- + ---- + ---- = 16 ---- + ---- + ---- = 14 = = = 16 15 14 i've already...
  6. C

    Storing Value in New Cell

    I am trying to manage an inventory list and running into trouble getting the current inventory to automatically update in the same cell. Currently, I am trying to figure out a way to store the result of a formula in another cell as a value. This cell will be used as part of the original formula...
  7. A

    Need help with formula calculations

    Hello folks, I've spent hours trying to figure out a formula for this. Basically, I want to count the number of times a row has two specific words, in two different cells. If column A contains the word "WHMRA0" and column B contains the word 'PFC' I want to count the number of times this occurs...
  8. K

    Identifying new data with certain criteria

    hello! I have a worksheet with several tabs. I want to take the data from one tab and apply it to another . This is a sample of the info from tab 1. <tbody> 0750010204 Dynamic 0750010205 Dynamic 0750010205 </tbody> What I want to do is apply the information to the new tab so that...
  9. P

    Comparing Dates

    I have been tasked with moving data from a sharepoint calendar into a new training database. I am trying to identify all the rows that have more than one day. The following is an example of the format. The top three are multiple days, where the bottom row is one day. I would like to know if...
  10. S

    Insert a new column after every 7 columns with a specific formula

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet containing Employee names, the project they've worked on, and the days. Basically, each day in a week, the employee spends a certain amount of time working on that project, say 5 (hrs). The data that I have contains this detail for all the individual days, the only...
  11. G

    Formula(?) for working out difference of accruing hours against set hours per fortnight shown in 1 cell

    Hi, Can anyone help with the following? I have a spreadsheet with yearly hours budget/actual for my dept. of 24000 hours, which is divided into 26 fortnights giving 923hrs/fortnight. In 1 row I have the budget filled in for the year(26 cells of 923 hours). In the row below this, I have the...
  12. K

    Vlookup affecting an IF formula - multiple If Formula

    Hi I am using the following formula in IA7 to work out total hours between the end of one shift and the start of another: =IF(ISBLANK(HW7),"",IF(IB7="","",MOD(IB7-HX7,1))) This was working fine until I entered a Vlookup formula into HW7 which now enters 00.00 into the cell and therefore...
  13. B

    Formula help

    Hi, I am new to formulas on excel. I need help making a formula which will find names that are located on a spreadsheet and the numbers associated with them in the cell next to them. Once they find the name, it will sum up the numbers associated wit them. This formula will be used for conducting...
  14. J

    Creating List of Distinct Values with 1 condition for very large data set

    Hello, I've used this site and forum extensivly to solve issues for a dashboard I'm building, but can't find a good solution to the following: Creating a list of distinct values (removing all duplicates) when a condition is met. I know there are ways to do this with Index formulas, but my data...
  15. H

    Cost Analysis Shipping Problem

    In need of some help with the formulas needed so solver and calculate my answer! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! The Cost-Less Corp. supplies its four retail outlest from its four plants. The shipping cost per shipment from each plant to each retail outlet is given below. Plants...
  16. D

    Modify Uptime formula in Excel VBA 2010

    Excel 2010 Windows 7 Hello, I'm at a beginner level in creating Excel formulas and using them in VBA and need to change the formula below to reflect a blank cell if there is no data to calculate rather than reflecting a 100%. [SAT_UPTIME_METRICS1] = _...
  17. L

    Autopopulate and sum data based on criteria into another worksheet.

    Ok, so I have two charts here that track TAGS that we write for our presses. I would like a formula or code to be able to pull data from the first chart to populate the second chart in another worksheet. I want the formula/code to have an "if" statement to determine whether the "Pillar" is AM...
  18. R

    formula to Auto Number vouchers throughout XL sheet and across sheets in a single file.

    I am using Excel 2011 for Mac. I have created a template for set of petty cash vouchers fitting 6 to a single page: three down and two across. They are all identically formatted and consistent on each page. There are several pages to each sheet and I have several sheets to a file. I only need...
  19. N

    Excel file issues Copying

    Thanks All for looking at my question, I have a user who is trying to do the following and he explains his issues 1. Files seem to take much longer to open than previously. Even files that are not large. 2. Today’s issue was in excel I was trying to copy a formula to 36,000 rows in a 16mb file...
  20. J

    Find elapsed time between two dates when change in cell value occurs

    Working with process temp controller, the data is formatted in a series as the following; Start Hi T Lo T T SD ET 01/21/13 105.23 105.98 105.66 01/27/13 105.77 105.33 105.55 6 D .11...

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