formula #explaination

  1. L

    Trouble understanding a question for a task book

    Hi all, new to the forums so not sure if this is the type of question we can ask here, but I have a workbook with data and tasks to complete on it and I'm having trouble understanding the attached question. Especially when according to my formula (=L2*100/K2) for the ppm none are even 5p?
  2. K

    How to use multiple criteria using to conditional formatting ??? (Condition is cell value After Zero Highlight Cell in RED color ?

    * how to Apply Condition Formating in Particular Cells At a time, (Condition : IF then " Available Qty " <1 to Highlight Cell is RED color). * This condition Apply but Not properly Working , Pleased help to solve this query, I try to use Multiple criteria using this condition formatting.
  3. P

    Formula help

    Hello, I need help formulating. I'm working on an employee attendance sheet. I need to formulate the total hours/minutes missed. If they were Absent it would equal 8 hours; if they Arrived Late the total amount of hours/minutes they missed; if they Left Early the total amount of hours/minutes...
  4. H

    Budget/debt sheet help!!!!

    Ok so I have my monthly bills on one sheet and my overall debt on the second sheet and I want some way to tell excel when I pay a monthly bill and it automatically take that amount off the total debt on the second page. I cannot figure out a way to tell excel when I make a payment. So in my...
  5. V

    Text Join Unique Values but do not include a word

    hi all, I was wondering if you could advise or point me in the right direction as I want to use the below formula. However, if the word "False" appears it does not show it in the cell? =TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE,UNIQUE(IF(K2:K36=BR2,N2:N36,"")))
  6. mzainims

    Some excel formula problem

    This is a non-VBA question. The pic above is referred. Suppose I have this numbers (840312107345; in B3) ; wanted to "extract" ONLY 840312 and re-arrange it to be into a date string as 12-03-84 (D3). Then I'd like to calculate it in field AgeNow(E3) so that it will subtract NOW() & D3 How do...
  7. T

    Issue with formula not reading from a specific cell

    Hi all, I use a spreadsheet as a tracking doc to keep track of our process from project upload through client approval. The way the doc is set up is Column A (Name) has the name of task. Column B (OMIT) is where we log if a task has been omitted. Column D (Code) host the code I need help...
  8. C

    Inventory Comparison: 2 Sheets sent to 1

    Hi. I am running into an issue where I need to compare 2 worksheets for inventory changes and product differences. Every formula I have tried has erred on me and I am hoping someone can help as I have been at this for several months. I am visually blind so comparing over 10k lines manually on...
  9. N

    Formula for Budget vs Actual vs Difference

    I need to figure out what formula can be used to calculate the difference between the budget vs actual. What I want to happen is, when I put in the "Actual" number value, it will then in the 3rd column (+ / -) populate as either with a red negative value or a green positive value. For example...
  10. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Build Formula based on Variable Count

    Hello All, I am working on a project that has several macros but there is one piece of the puzzle I am unable to completed. I will do my best to explain what I need visually. I have a loop that looks at a sheet (Timing Assumptions) and based on a row called Percentages, the user is able to...
  11. T

    Formula Help - Sum the same dates as a value

    Hello. I need some help with a formula please - i am not even sure if it is possible? I need a formula that will add up the same DD/MM/YYYY in a column and return the sum of matching dates; e.g 13/02/2020 16/01/2020 13/02/2020 13/02/2020 12/01/2020 11/01/2020 I want to...
  12. T

    Forumla Help

    I know this is probably something simple that I am just not thinking of but I'm struggling here and wanted to see if I could get some advise! I have imported sales data into a spreadsheet over a large period of time, it has imported at one day per tab and has 133 tabs of unique data. I need to...
  13. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - SumProduct Formula to return value only once in the event of duplicate row

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of PO Numbers, the list may at times have the same PO repeated on different rows. I need a modification to my formula to be able to only show the result once if there is a duplicate row. Not sure of a way to do this so hopefully someone has...
  14. L

    LEFT() versus --LEFT()

    Hello, I am using this formula --LEFT() instead of LEFT(), and I get different results, but I do not actually understand why. Can anybody explain what the -- does to the formula?
  15. F

    Explain this line of code to me

    Can someone explain this line of code to me? It's too embedded to make sense. =IF(ISTEXT(VLOOKUP(LEFT($E4,5),SLTOwner!A:B,2,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(LEFT($E4,5),SLTOwner!A:B,2,FALSE),IF(ISTEXT(VLOOKUP(LEFT($E4,4),SLTOwner!A:B,2,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(LEFT($E4,4),SLTOwner!A:B,2,FALSE),"TBD")) Thank you.

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