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    Compounded If Or Statement

    Good morning all! I need a formula that does the following: If one cell is negative and the other is positive return NA, but if both are positive or both are negative D4 (for example) I know it should be something along the below, but not sure how to write it to function properly. Thank you...
  2. D

    Complex Nested IF AND

    Hi everyone, I could use some help. I'm trying to draft a complex IF statement to break various customers into a green, yellow, orange, or red status. I have a column to specifically state this, which will use conditional formatting per color, so our leadership can more easily see which of...
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    getting columns to play sound when data is entered

    Hello, I am trying to get excel to play a sound when data is entered, we scan into a database and sometimes the data does not go through correctly and need some way to notify the user that the data has been entered into the cell so that they may continue scanning. However I am running into an...
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    Conditional formula

    Hello guys , I need a validation , if in column A it is -100, column B must be -100 but if in the column A has any other value, column B can have any value. I have this formula but when entering for example the number 1 in the column A , and i put number 2 in column B I ger an error...
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    filter dates formula using advance criteria.

    I have an advanced filter that runs on my Excel VBA application which is suppose to filter dates in the data base, I created the advance filter on the worksheet and it works fine except for when it comes to filtering dates this is the formula I'm using: =IF(C5="",">1","<=" &C5) start date...
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    Formula Assistance

    Here is what I'm looking for: Column A Column B Column C 120,000 50,000 X 100,000 25,000 110,000 25.000 X 330,000 100,000 Grand Total I would like a formula that searches Column C for an "X" and then...
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    Formula to add days in school terms.

    Dear Excel Gurus I would be grateful for your collective thoughts on how to add days in school terms. I am sure it will be an IF(AND) scenario but can't seem to figure it out. We have 3 terms at school, each 8 weeks long, therefore 56 days. Students achieve various goals within each of these...
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    Excel multiple criteria

    Dear, I am looking for your assistance again. I have the below formula in column “L” of an Excel spreadsheet, which provides different results depending on various criteria, such as: 1) If Master DB, column “D” (HTS) is contained in SPI by HTS column “A”…a) If no, leave the cell...
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    IFS with VLOOKUP, AND/OR function

    Hi All, I have 2 formula that work individually which I can't seem to merge correctly. What I want to do is: If B3=IND & J3 (in tab RM IND)=YES then return the vlookup OR If B3=DOM & J3 (in tab RM DOM)=YES then return the vlookup These are the 2 individual codes that work...
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    Need Help With the VBA .Formula Property With Variable

    Guys/Gals, I am trying to have the below code place a formula in Cells(lRow, 3) that contains variables. However, every time i try this it shows a #Name ? error. I have searched on this forum for additional help, but i can't get their solutions to work in my code. Can someone please show me the...
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    Formula to use fraction to set levels

    Hi I want to make a point-based level system I'll have the data in a table displayed like this: 10 points 30 points 60 points and so on... but in the scoreboard will be displayed like this: level 1: 10/10 points level 2: 20/20 points (10 points from level 1 + 20 points of level 2) level 3...
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    NULL result instead of date

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a formula that takes the dates from 3 separate columns compares them and then returns to me the most recent date. However, some of these columns occasionally contain NULL values. As of now my formula looks like the following: =IF(C:C>D:D,C:C, IF(D:D>E:E,D:D,E:E ))...
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    Too many arguments to function in "if" function

    Hello I wrote a formula in order to trace the boundaries of some wind values. The boundaries are 0-90 / 91-180 / 181-270 / 271-360, and in return I want to get 0 for the first group, 1,2,3 for the second,third and fourth respectively. The formula is the next one...
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    If/Then Formulas

    I am trying to do a formula for: IF C5 is blank, then leave blank. If C5 has data, then subtract B5-C5. How do I do this? I have a picture, as well but don't know how to submit it on here.
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    Formula with Multiple argumentsacross two worksheets

    Hi All, I am after some assistance with writing a formula. This is the data I have to work with: Sheet1- <tbody> A B C D E F CIS Key Document Created Date Client Name Planner Name Case ID Task when Document was Created 1111111 8/04/2018 Client 1 Planner 1 23565454 2222222...
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    Multiple IF AND OR Statements

    I'm trying to nest multiple IF statements, along with IF(AND(OR) statements within one cell. The "Premium Table" I have to use is below, along with a sample of the the worksheet. The question is: What IF statement do I enter in cell D2 to obtain the correct premium? Premium Table Age Range -...
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    Change cell value based on drop down menu

    Hello Everyone, So I created a drop down menu with the days of the week on it. Now I want to be able to alter a cells data to read a time per each day. =IF(K21="Friday","4:00pm") This formula works and hypothetically I should just be able to repeat this a bunch of times but for some reason...
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    Conditional IF statements for merging multiple datasets

    I am trying to join two datasets (csv format) by using conditional if statements. First dataset is accident information which does have a unique id (caseno) and the second dataset is roadway information which does not have a unique id. To join the accident file to the road file, I have to match...
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    Nested IF functions giving Too Many Arguments error

    I have a workbook where I input information in specific cells to create combinations to calculate employee bonuses. My workbook has 4 tabs: Data Bonus Base Bonus Summary The Data tab is formatted like this: <tbody> Column A Column B Column C IF formula below Base Salary? Employee...
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    Excel - IF formula with Text and Date range to return text

    I need a formula column M to reflect CRITICAL, CURRENT, FUTURE based on text and/ date range within column K. Column K <tbody> 1-Aug-2018 31-Oct-2012 31-Oct-2014 Ended 31-Oct-2020 31-Jun-2017 30-Oct-2017 None Announced 30-Mar-2018 TBD </tbody> If Column K contain...

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