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  1. M

    Need guidance

    Hi, i am still in learning process with Excel i am trying to make head to tail of a thing so here is my question and please if you can give me some guidance on how to sort this out for me, so i created this excel form that i am trying to introduce to work and i managed to get most of the thing...
  2. J

    VBA code/Macro help to count the distances between numbers on a roulette wheel

    Hi all, I could use some help. I am creating a predictor for roulette and I am trying to figure out a way to count the distance(s) between the winning number and the nearest number (in regards to the winning number) of the combination that I get from the predictor. To better explain my...
  3. A

    Problem with my macro and it deletes formulas.

    Hello everyone, I am noticing a problem with my macro, but I can't find where I broke it. The reason it broke is because I was trying to fix a problem where my macro deletes the =SOM formulas that were in the same column. Here is an explanation of what my macro does: My macro needs to copy...
  4. M

    [HELP] Two sheets that auto-update depending on content put in either sheet

    Good Morning. I have two sheets that I am working with essentially a calendar for individuals so I actually have one master sheet and 60 individual sheets. The "individualcal.xls" sheets gets sent to out 60 individual members each year who update their sheets according to their availability...
  5. H

    VBA to record time in when the code removed formula from a cell

    In my Workbook there are 20 Worksheets using vba. These codes in each ws removes formula from different cells at a particular given ‘time’ & leaves the value in these respective cells, although the ‘time’ differs from ws to ws. In a new ws (tab named “Record”, Sheet98), C2:C21 contains ws “tab...
  6. E

    Excel VBA/Formula to perform operation in a cell based on cell Colour

    Hello there, Here, we have a Red and White Coloured cells in "Remarks" Column. The white coloured cells are fine and need not to be worried about. As shown, there is a continued red coloured cells upto S.N 5 Row starting from S.N No 2 Row. So, I want to copy its corresponding "Ending" Column...
  7. P

    Date Value to Code ID

    Sir, I'm looking for a formula that generates the Date ID from Date value like below in mini sheet, I found a pattern using CountIF on A1&B1 that is 1/1/1900, I don't know how to use this pattern for 05.09.21(todays date) to get a Date like in the below cells. Thanks in advance Date ID...
  8. D

    VBA for payroll data entry and analysis

    I am trying to create a macro for a small business to help with their payroll. It would be simply the user typing in the name and the hours worked. The other cells would have formulas to help calculate the net pay. The table below shows an example of what I am doing right now. On one tab, I have...
  9. S

    Scan multiple cols and row, and arrange in 2 columns

    I am struggling to get the expected output as below. Input data: Output data: In the output data - Column 2 is unique concatication of Column 2,3, and 4
  10. A

    PLEASE HELP!!! Can Not Get Formulas To Work??

    I need to know what the VLOOKUP FORMULA is for moving numbers between these 2 sheets because I can not figure out the formula myself. I have tried all day, and I can not get it. JUST LIKE IT SHOWS IN THE SCREENSHOT ABOVE. I have 2 sheets named "Testing Day 1" and "Month 1 Week 1". I want to...
  11. S

    Need to Transpose these 1 to 6 columns into one single Column (multiple rows),Keeping the left 2 columns intact. Please help!

    Company Name Count of Names 1 2 3 4 5 6 Deco-Mica Ltd 4 Deco Mica Ltd Deco-Mica Ltd Deco Mica Deco-Mica Bharat Textiles & Proofing Industries Ltd. 4 Bharat Textiles & Proofing Industries Ltd Bharat Textiles & Proofing Bharat Textiles & Bharat Textiles Sainik Finance & Industries...
  12. P

    Combining repeated rows from 2 sheets' data based on a key

    I am having 2 sheets in excel and I am trying to combine the data such that for every record in Sheet1, I get records from Sheet2 based on the common key. Below is the sample data to clarify: I have SHEET 1 and SHEET 2 Data and I want to generate something like SHEET 3. Can you please suggest...
  13. L

    VBA: Add formula to a cell's string using VBA

    HI I am exporting a 6 digit number from a system into Excel. When this is pasted into excel, this is reformatted as a number instead of being left as a text value. Column A with the code shows what the reformatted number looks like. Column B shows what I want it to look like. AB1CodeOutput...
  14. K

    Find Synonyms for a word in MS Excel using VBA

    Dear VBA experts, i have set of words in column A, i need a excel VBA macro to get the meaning for each word in column A on corresponding B column. Please help me with a code. Thanks in advance ! Regards, Karthikha.
  15. W

    VBA CODE to vlookup and get multiple results

    I have a requirement where there are set of values in A column of sheet1. These values in column A are mapped to multiple values in sheet2 of A and B column. I need a VBA code where it gives me the unquiet list of mapped items in horizontal manner. So the result must reflect in B2, B3, B4 etc...
  16. E

    How to copy (with a macro) formulas from a row down based on if values exist an that row on another tab.

    Hello again. I need to copy a row of formulas from a specific row (Row 16) down but only if there is data in a specific filed on another tab. To explain a little bit better. Some people fill in data on a specific tab (Tab 2) Other people fill in data on tab 4 My formulas concatinate and/or...
  17. J

    Combined (Possible Nested) Formula

    Hello Fantastic Excel SuperUsers: I always like start off with saying thanks for all the help in the past! I have two formulas I would like to combine. =IFERROR(IF(SEARCH("specific text",cell value,1),other cell value I want to copy,cell value) and a INDEX MATCH formula. Caveat would be...
  18. R

    Need Help On Formula

    Hi Friends, I need the formula to get a specific value from a cell. I tried SEARCH, MID, LEFT, RIGHT but none of the formulae is working for me. In Cell A1, I have a paragraph and likewise in cell A2 and A3. In cell B1, B2, B3 I need to apply a formula to pick the 7 digit value which starts...
  19. F

    problem with VBA that checks a true false value in a cell from another xlsm file

    Hi All I have two files : A and B. I am writing a VBA in file A that generates some value and writes that in a cell in file B. in file B macro, there is a Function F and there is a cell in which a formula written that used this function F that generates a True or False value based on the...
  20. P

    VBA code to reset drop down list

    Hello. I am in need of some help here. I have 2 drop down lists on my spreadsheet. what I need is so when I select an entry in drop down list #1 for the other drop down list #2 to clear. Vice Versa I also need the same code to clear drop down list #1 when drop down list #2 options is...

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