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  1. F

    problem with VBA that checks a true false value in a cell from another xlsm file

    Hi All I have two files : A and B. I am writing a VBA in file A that generates some value and writes that in a cell in file B. in file B macro, there is a Function F and there is a cell in which a formula written that used this function F that generates a True or False value based on the...
  2. P

    VBA code to reset drop down list

    Hello. I am in need of some help here. I have 2 drop down lists on my spreadsheet. what I need is so when I select an entry in drop down list #1 for the other drop down list #2 to clear. Vice Versa I also need the same code to clear drop down list #1 when drop down list #2 options is...
  3. F


    Hi, I have a table were I need to paste numbers from external archives, not from my workbook, the thing that I have these columns: # -B UPC - C Cant. -D Descripción - E Cod. SAP -F Cantidad -G...
  4. K


    I have a list on the first sheet with details, I have the second sheet with some blank spaces which are to be filled by the details on the first row of the first sheet by use of simple equals equations. How can I make it so that I can generate another sheet which will automatically get...
  5. M

    Copy the worksheet from Workbook into another workbook and perform forumla with existing sheet

    1. In a folder (Folder path C:\david\Desktop\New folder) , I have file name called " Data" and sheet name "Data info" and another file name called "System" and sheet name "system info" 2. I need to perform formula with Data workbook and system workbook. Formula need to apply in System workbook...
  6. B

    Extracting Data between XML tags

    Hi, I am currently seeking a solution to extract certain information from XML between tags, name, address, gender etc. Basically I need to be able to make information presentable in a table form. I have used the below formula which works to extract the problem is if i create a template to...
  7. M

    VBA copy formula from one cell to the next one

    Hello, This is my Currently Excel Sheet Cell DP3 contains a Formula that is "CONCATENATE" from another sheet with name "CODICI". What I would like to do is 1) Copy the formula from the cell DP3 and paste it in cell DQ3 with the numbers + 1. 2) So i the cell DQ3 I would have the following...
  8. S

    Count the duplicate values in excel, but only the duplicates and the amount of duplicates values

    Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get some values in some documents I have What I need to do is, get the amount of duplicate values that are in a column, for example In this table I need to do this calculation All the repeated values in the Column "L" are basically a single Item, but...
  9. C

    Use The VBA To: Automatically copy and paste values in excel, to create historical table

    Excel Fans I have a situation Every day I received data from excel web into spreadsheet #1, columns "A2" & "B2" see example Date Value Tue-17-2019 4567.89 Now. I want excel to automatically copy both cells reference and create; "Date & Price" History on spreadsheet # 2. See example...
  10. M

    VBA Not Interpreting Single Quotes Correctly

    Hello, As part of a larger macro, I'm trying to input a formula into a range of cells. This formula does an indirect lookup of a worksheet name as a tab name, and therefore requires single quotes. However, VBA keeps trying to interpret the first single quote as a comment, and therefore...
  11. M

    Organizing tasks and schedules with forulas

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a spreadsheet that includes a calendar for task scheduling and the project details in another tab. Columns B and C in the calendar look something like this: <tbody> B C proj.1 task 1 (blank) task 2 (blank) task 3 proj 2 task 1...
  12. E

    How to connect INDEX MATCH formula with FILE open Dialog ?

    I have this formula: =INDEX(Tabelle1!$D:$G;MATCH(1;(Tabelle1!$F:$F=A9)*(Tabelle1!$D:$D=E$1)*(Tabelle1!$B:$B="Motor");0);4) which works perfectly fine. What I want is to create a VBA Code that does the same function as INDEX MATCH just between the worksheet I Need to connected with different...
  13. J

    Nested IF Formula from IFS

    Hello, Might be an easy fix for you Excel experts but I can't seem to get the nested IF formula to return the results I need. The formula would look at number of days and return text as below: Convert the following IFS formula: IFS($AL13<=365,"Within One...
  14. S

    Convert incell formula to VBA code

    So I have a pretty complex formula that I am using in some workbooks. I would like to convert them to VBA, but it is way over the 255 character limit that .Formula allows. I know of and have used the replace option before, where, for example, you have a formula: =If(AAA,bbb,CCC) You replace...
  15. mikecox39

    Macro for getting data from another workbook

    I'm treasurer of my HOA and every year I save my current Budget workbook, and create a new one using Save As and incrementing the integer by 1. For example, MB18 gets Saved As MB19. I then clear the data using a macro to start the new year. One of the problems with that is I don't get last...
  16. N

    Help needed with new formula, or vba function for custom Excel 2010 tool

    Greetings, Thanks, in advance to those who might be able to help. I'll make it as concise as I can while providing context when needed. Scenario: I work for a Distribution Centre with about 10,000 unique location in the warehouse (4 different sizes and storage capacity [full, half, quarter...
  17. K

    How to change a full name in cell to only last name first intial

    I have a full name in a cell and want to convert it to last name first initial only in another column Have: Smith, Mary Want: Smith, M some cells have: Smith, Mary / Jones, Sam Want: Smith, M; Jones, S
  18. S

    Better way to input formulas in tables?

    So I have 8 different tables, some with up to 65 columns, others less. Current I have formulas in the columns for those which need formulas. I kind of want to transition away from having the formulas in-cell, where they can be changed, erased, etc., to having them be coded. However, I am...
  19. D

    VBA not updating formulea

    Hi All I have a VBA project that on button activation opens 2workbooks (Data sheet and PPM tracker). The main workbook (report) has formulaethe links to the Data sheet. When I open the workbooks backwards manually (datasheet then Reports) the formulae updates. The Formulae I am using are...
  20. D

    Need help subtracting daily from a total inventory amount that is replenished every so often

    My workbook is broken into 3 separate sheets, #1 I am entering in a daily amount of different bundles and or products which each have their own cell. This string of data is essentially copied to sheet #2 and deleted from sheet #1 as sheet #1 's only responsibility is the daily input. Sheet 2...

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