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    Use of =PROPER in Excel workbook

    I just figured out that this existed (=PROPER to change fields that are capitalized, so that the first letter of each word is capitalized), yay! But am having the dumbest issue with it: my workbook displays the formula, not the result. :confused:
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    Formula to establish the sequence number within a string?

    Hello can somebody help me with this part of my formula, I thought it was just a simple IF(Find(Right)) formula but it returns a #Value!!! =IF(FIND(">",(RIGHT(G7,2)),1)>0,RIGHT(G7,1),IF(FIND(">",RIGHT(G7,3),1)>0,RIGHT(G7,2),RIGHT(G7,3))) G7 contains a manually entered sequence of numbers...
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    2-way unit conversion

    Hi, I'm making a unit conversion table in Excel.. figured out the CONVERT fomula; however, i'd like to have a formula that works 2 ways. For example: This will reduce the cells needed for this operation from 4 to 2-3. Please let me know! Thanks ;)
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    Part of formula result formating

    I would like to format part of cell, but in that cell is a formula... e.g. ="sum is: "&SUM(A1:A10) Result should have format like... sum is: 10 Any idea, how to do this? Thanks a lot.
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    Find and replace based on formula result

    Hey all! I'm looking for a bit of code that would seek out a specific value that's displayed as a result of a formula and, once found, clear those cells. For example, my formula is...
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    Formulas Not Accepted

    I have a file with a worksheet that doesn't accept formulas even that begin with an equal sign and have accurate syntax. Rather than return a value, the cell contains the formula syntax with the equal sign. This problem can be isolated to 1 worksheet in the file. Any ideas what causes this...

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