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    Need help with a formula...I think using countif example posted

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me using the attached example. I need a formula that will count how many times "apple" or "orange" appears....but I do not want it to count more than once in the same cell. So for this example, in A1 "apple" appears twice and "orange" appears once - I only want...
  2. D

    Pivot table solution? Please help!

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a list of materials for different sections: The top of the list looks like this: I have about 6 sections (EM, Formulering, Inspektion & more - please let me know if you want all the names). I want to create some sort of pivot table (I assume? I...
  3. V

    Filter or Show only output result

    Hi, Thanks in advance, we have the following sheet where we want to match some condition ABCDEFGHIJ1O NoDatedescp/fDateStatusTrackCommentfp265859542206o is still pending526510-01-2015on rent359624/A5recd very goodo again3359624642206o is sent to us26541510-02-20163596246/A68recd order...
  4. D

    Conditionally format cells to red color if cell 4 rows to the left is not blank

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following list: I want to create a formula (probably through conditional formatting i'd imagine), that basically says: If the cell 4 turns to the left of any designated cell (A1) in row E is not = blank, color the cell in row E with a red...
  5. S

    How to average same cell across worksheets given a condition

    Hello - I'm trying to create a master Workbook that can take the average of the values of an individual cell across multiple workbooks, but given a certain condition is met. For example, I want to average all of the values of C3 (which is a number) across all worksheets, but only when cell A4...
  6. D

    + and - (plus and minus) in Excel list

    Hello everybody, I am currently currently managing a stock overview in Excel (manually), where I have a set quantity. I want to create two columns next to my quantity column where I can enter numbers that should be substracted and added to the quantity, so it looks like this: Now obviously I...
  7. M

    Need help with macro

    Hello! I am trying to use the below macro to flag an error message when a date range exceeds 7 days. I have used the below which only applies to the first cell in the column. What must I do to apply it to the whole column, I have 350 rows. Just to let you know column K is a calculation of...
  8. R

    Formula result other than displayed

    Hello people, The formula I've written shows a zero as result, whereas when clicking the fx-symbol to check the formula, it shows the result will be 1; as expected. Who can tell me why I see a '0' as result in the cell?
  9. A

    Help With A Formula

    Hi, I have a column (D) in my workbook that shows when a file was last updated. I need help with a formula (or whatever approach is right) to determine how long it has been since it's last update. I would like to use the current date comparing against what the date is in the column it was last...
  10. T

    Formula help

    Anyone know the formula to pull the filename only and pout it into a cell. Like just the files without the file name extension?
  11. M

    post information below a merged cell table

    So I have a table with a huge amount of information and it is broken up into 31 sections, one for each day of the month. On the left column are names of associates... So row 2 has a series of merged cells with numbers... 1,2,3 Under that in row 3 are 6 categories which repeat 31 times under...
  12. E

    VBA - update formula when creating a new sheet

    Hello, I have several sheet here - Total is the calculation of all sheets (exclude Template) - Template is the master sheet of Nancy, Quincy, Bella, etc Step on macro : 1. Add new sheet 2. Copy and paste 'Template' sheet 3. Calculate the total on 'Total' sheet (sum formula) The problem is...
  13. M

    Get value based total column in range minus Blank columns

    Hi. I have data in range from Columns G to R. I have value "a" at column J and then 2 Empty Columns. After them I have data at column M and formula give me value "d" but I want to be "b". Also for Column Q, I have "h" but I want "c". If I have Data, this is my formula at Column M( change Column...
  14. V

    Sum if some condition match

    Hi All, We have the following sheets Sheet1 ABCDE1d & TNameOTNEWP/l22/20/2018 0:38:52Tom Van52466521425832/26/2018 16:47:52652302547 Sheet2 ABC102-20-20182Tom VanTest 1pass3Test 2o.k.4Test 35Test 46Test 5 we want the following result if Sheet2!A2 will match Sheet1!B2:B3 and Sheet2!C1 date...
  15. V

    Filter and Index match range if some condition match

    HI All, Thanks in advance, we have two sheet and want some result First Sheet ABC1O NoDatedesc265859521-07-2015o is still pending3359624621-07-2015o is sent to us465894710-07-2015o is pending due to stock562547808-07-2015O is in dispatch process Second Sheet ABCD1I...
  16. V

    Concatenate Unique Values but remove the "/" where the valuue is unique

    Hi all, I need your guidance if possible on how to amend the below array formula? =TEXTJOIN("/", TRUE, IF(MATCH(AN4:AN23, AN4:AN23, 0)=MATCH(ROW(AN4:AN23), ROW(AN4:AN23)), AN4:AN23, "")) Currently it adds the "/" as a pefix to the end of all values but i need this removing so it shows like...
  17. R

    Fill in the start date and end date with each list name with vba

    Dear All Master , Please help me to fill in the start and end dates that have been specified in the vba sheet in column B that I marked the color based on the list of names in the vba sheet in column B that I marked the color. The result is in sheet 2 in column A & B which I marked green. I...
  18. I

    How would I convert time values to words?

    Hello. I have a workbook I created to track break times at my work. I have a column of times in a workbook in the custom format [h]:mm:ss. Example 0:06:00 for six minutes. This column tells us how long the person went over the required break time. I would like to, in another column display this...
  19. V

    Concatenate to show values to 2 decimal points

    Hi all, I have tried Google to find a fix to my issue but nothing has worked. The problem that I have is the below formula needs to show 2 decimal points when it concatenates. =IFERROR(IF($CJ2=$CK2,$CJ2,IF(CZ2=2,(CONCATENATE("£",$CJ2," / ","£",$CK2)),IF(CZ2>2,(CONCATENATE("£",$CJ2," -...
  20. V

    if some condition match then sum of the value

    Hi all, Thanks, We have the following two sheets ABC1O NumberT1T22pk-98417aa568df9563pk-526325aa659df9568 Sheet2 ABC1NumberNo of StuAttent2pk-984175244563pk-526325624634pk-98417235305pk-526325654155556 we required if Sheet1!A2:A match with Sheet2!A2:A and heading of E2 & F2, then total of...

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