1. B

    Formula to pull multiple matches on multiple criteria

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if this is possible but I'm hoping someone can help. I have a set of data in the A column that is all linked to one piece of data. Within that data has multiple numbers. For instance, I'd like a formula to pull every number next to tire onto each article. I would...
  2. mehidy1437

    List all matching values between two named ranges based on criteria

    Hi, I have got this here , now I need to get the list of matching value at cell J3 to downwards. How should I alter this formula to get the matching values? I'd be grateful if anyone could help with this? ABCDEFGHIJ1evaluated_nameexecutivesexit_dateNOT MATCHMATCH23aaaaon dutykk4bbkkon...
  3. M

    Extract name from a column in different sheet

    Hi I have a list of addresses in column A of Sheet 1 in a file (please see the 9 rows below). I will regularly need to populate the 'City' name in column B of Sheet 1, using the City names from column D of Sheet 2. And I've been advised to do this manually, but I'm sure there's a formula...
  4. V

    auto create serial number and number with text

    hi all, We required two things one is AB1S.NoName21Test 132TEst243 in the above sheet, we required that if we add any name B2:B, it will add next serial number in A Second is AB1S.NoName2TT100&&Test 13TT101&&TEst24TT103&& same query with adding some text before and after help pls
  5. C

    Top 10 most common TEXT

    Hi all i want to be able to find the 10 top most common cells. I can find the top most common with this =INDEX($D$3:$D$35,MODE(IF($D$3:$D$35<>"",MATCH($D$3:$D$35,$D$3:$D$35,0)))) Second most common with this...
  6. M

    Formula to calculate certain dates that will populate rows as separate lines

    Hi everyone. I am hoping someone can explain a solution for me in layman's terms please! I am not great with complex formulas. In my original sheet I have the following data as an example: This can be interpreted as Test Employee needs to attend 123 Example Street every Tuesday and Thursday...
  7. L

    Identify cells containing single characters amongst a string

    Hi there. I need a way to identify cells in a column that contain single characters amongst the contents. To be clear, I'm looking for alphanumeric characters that appear as a lone character surrounded by spaces, within a string of text. Sample hits look like this: S Main St Santa Monica...
  8. S

    Separate out comma delimited text string via formula

    I have a text string that I need to separate out via formula. I know how to do it via the built in Delimiter, but I have to do this via formula. VBA is an option too .... The sub-strings are delimited by a comma and a space, e.g. ", " The individual sub-strings can range from 2 characters to 3...
  9. X

    Urgent Help with Solver

    Q: you intend to bring the year-end saving balances to at least $45k at year 10, $80k at year 25 and $150K at year 20. Work out three combinations of saving, interest and return rates, one for each goal that you can realistically apply. Anyone pls help !! I am submitting this for assignment...
  10. B

    substitute formula I need help with

    Hi all, I have a two columns of text which I need to make sure both match as the data comes from different sources. Both columns of text have characters in the text that can throw off the match formula as being an error, example below: The name match says no to one of them because there is a -...
  11. V

    Formula Advice on checking if 2 column ranges contains the same values so it would return a word

    hi all, I was wondering if i could get your advice as I cannot seem to find the answer on google or on this forum. I have 2 column's ranges which contains the same values and I want the result to be a word and if the values are different in the range it would be a different word. Result if...
  12. D

    Charachter Detection in the text and counting them

    Hello Everyone. In the following table I gave some example texts. For the "Correction Work" tasks, I need to find the number of the works which is written the same tasks without "Correction Work" So for your better understanding I wrote manually what result should formula give us in the column...
  13. D

    Ideas on how to track inventory expiration dates

    NOTE* Please skip until the next line highlighted in bold if you're not interested in seeing how my setup functions. Thank you! Hello everybody, I am currently managing a minor inventory consisting of 101 unique goods. Currently my excel sheet looks like this: To briefly explain the sheet...
  14. D

    Excel conditional formatting does not work!

    Please help, Super simply: I have stock on column G and minimum stock on column F. I want to highlight my stock if it is below the minimum stock through conditional formatting: As you can see, I have made the correct conditional formatting that if my value is equal to or less than F2...
  15. V

    Required result with some criteria

    HI All, We have the following sheets:- Sheet1 ABCDE1S.No.DateNameTeAmount2131-08-2020Randyid4550403201-09-2020Romakod65426764301-09-2020Arthurpos4525555402-09-2020Randypol85269136502-09-2020rozicld42259787602-09-2020Arthurld641736 Result Sheet ABC1Time...
  16. L

    Formatting a cell based on multiple parameters

    Hello, I am looking to have a cell essentially put a in checkmark and green fill if a few conditions are met. It's a bit complicated so I will explain as best I can; The cell I want the formula in is U:9 The same sheet has 'important cells' B:9, I:9 and T:9 I have a list on a separate sheet...
  17. B

    Expiry Date IFTHEN?

    Hi! I am trying to figure out a formula for the following (hopefully I explain it correctly) I currently have a sheet where the date of training is entered, and the expiry date is then auto-filled based on the first of the next month of the following year (some have 2 year anniversary dates)...
  18. V

    between two condition any one condition match then get the value

    hi all, we have the following two sheets one is second is...
  19. S

    Excel time issue

    Hey guys, I have a issue I have been trying to figure out all day. We have a KPI for a late early arrivals and our KPI if the departure is after 8 minutes of planned time or 12 minutes earlier, it qualifies as "on time". If its more than 12 minutes early it qualifies as "early" and if it is...
  20. V

    Formula Advice on how to Average a column

    Hi Peers, I have tried google and cannot find a solution to be able to average a column based on the below. This is the formula in the cell which is how the below value in the column/cell is presented: =IFERROR(NETWORKDAYS.INTL(C3,D3)-1&" days "&TEXT(D3-C3,"h"" hrs ""m"" mins """),"") Any...

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