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    Counting cells with colours

    Hello. I need help counting cells that contain colours using a formula. I have data that looks like this: How can I count green cells in both columns B and C and display the total in cell B7? (so it should be 1). How can I count the green or orange cells in column B and put the total in A7...
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    Advanced counting? or do I need VBA for this?

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 week1 week2 week3 week4 week5 sum "ok" weeks longest coherent period with OK coherent status with "OK" backwards as of week 5 2 Becky ok ok failed ok failed 3 2 0 3 Sam failed failed ok ok ok 3 3 3 4 John failed...
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    Dynamic Named Range Based upon Column A

    Maybe this is a simple thing and I am over complicating it. I think that I have it solved but I just wanted to check to make sure, so any input you have is greatly appreciated!! I need to create several dynamic named ranges, each for a different column. They are single column ranges, 1...
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    Excel UDF to return formula count

    The examples I've checks, including from Excel MVPs have used Subs rather than Functions. I can get a Sub to work and I can get a Function to debug.print the right result, but when I call the function from a sheet I get the full UsedRange count, rather than the function count - see code below...

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