1. R

    EXCEL: Find name and return multiple values

    Hello all, I am a newbie with excel, so I'm hoping someone can help out. in the workbook I'm working on, I have multiple tabs with data spread out. Tab 1 contains a list of resources and the dates they will end support. Unfortunately, some list the full name, and others list just the first...
  2. S

    SUMIF Formula Question-

    I am using the SUMIF formula to pull the sum of each location by month from corresponding sheets, See the photo below for my comparison sheet I am creating. We will use the first location "Ann Arbor Education Center" as an example. You will see the current formula I am using above, this is the...
  3. C

    SUMIFS formula? Maybe?

    This will likely be long winded, I apologize now. (some data removed and names changed for NDA reasons) Basically I'm trying to sum these by the number in the middle, using the Plus/minus and Steak/Pastry/Apples. In the full dataset, the numbers in the middle repeat and are shared by pastry and...
  4. E

    Excel formula to return value based on certain criteria

    Hello, I am using excel 2016 and trying to create ta formula that will return a certain value based on multiple criteria. I have set out the logic below but everything I try doesn’t work :mad: if(and(a1=“Green”,a2<>”-“),”Good”,”Bad” if(and(a1=“Amber”,a2<>”-“),”Good”,”Bad” if(and(a1=“Red”,a2...
  5. D

    Copy a value x from one workbook and paste it as yes/no if it is x in another workbook

    Using VBA macro, Is there a way to copy the value in a cell from one workbook that has, ex, value is "X" in cell A2 workbook1 sheet 1 and paste that value into another workbook, but the pasted value is a Yes/No in cell A2 in workbook2 sheet1 if that cell is the value X? Example shown below...
  6. sllafleur

    I need an exception formula

    This is what I am trying to do. I have 4 core sheets that I input information into and it automatically calculates in the "monthly" and "quarterly" sheets. Right now, I place a tally mark in everyday the volunteer firefighter went to a call. Somedays they have one and some days they have five. I...
  7. J

    Cumulative formula - can't figure it out!

    Hi all Unfortunately I can't get my XL2BB to run so apologies in advance for the screenshot. I'm trying to calculate reducing balance depreciation in column M. I have split it out by month in columns O onwards, and I'm happy with how that works. Ideally, I'd like to be able to calculate for...
  8. T

    =IF Help

    Hi, Can someone tell me why my If statement is not working...
  9. F

    Formula with variable references depending on cell value

    Hello! I have an issue writing a formula that I hope has an easy response. I have a dataset with people who have multiple rows of data relating to them. If a certain number of rows meet criteria (eg, are within a certain time period of each other), I would like Value Y on that row to be blank...
  10. S

    Is there a Excel formula range to automatically move month on month?

    I am currently trying to use a formula range to automatically move along a column every month based on values up until the current month. When a new month begins the formula should extend its range to the next new month and extend the sum. Each month ranges up to 4 years worth. the error seems...
  11. E

    COUNTIF formula

    Good morning, I've been given a task at work and am having a little bit of trouble with copying a countif formula. The formula starts off as =COUNTIF($D$2:$D$885,"31/03/2017") When I copy the formula I want the date associated with the formula to increase by one day each time. So the next...
  12. T

    formula for Subtraction for filtered list

    hello kings i want a formula to Subtraction two numbers so when i change my filtered list the forumla can do that automatically Exemple 261544 - 205150 =
  13. Z

    Please help calculate if date falls within a range in Excel?

    <style><!--table {mso-displayed-decimal-separator:"\."; mso-displayed-thousand-separator:"\,";}@page {margin:.75in .7in .75in .7in; mso-header-margin:.3in; mso-footer-margin:.3in;}td {padding-top:1px; padding-right:1px; padding-left:1px; mso-ignore:padding; color:black; font-size:10.0pt...
  14. E

    If Column A has duplicates then add the value in column D for the duplicates

    I have a large inventory file I am working with. The data looks like this: <tbody> NSN Part number Condition QTY DESC 1005001950897 11662739 NS 7 MOTOR 1005001950897 11662739 NS 2 MOTOR 1005002676740 368506201 NS 4 HOUSING 1005005013201 5013201 NS 1 SPRING </tbody> Basically...
  15. M

    Row/Index Function

    =IF(ROWS($A$28:A28)>COUNTIF(Utilisation!C62:C68,"Paid Breaks"),"",INDEX(Utilisation!A62:A68,SMALL(IF(Utilisation!C62:C68="Paid Breaks",ROW(Utilisation!C62:C68)-ROW(Utilisation!C62)+2),ROWS($A$28:A28)))) Is there any way to amend this formula so that it searches all of column "C" for the word...
  16. L

    Need help with Index/Match Formula that omits values already populated

    I run a report that has a list of numbers, and only need the numbers below the 0's returned in a column or sheet. Here's what the final product should be: <tbody> Report: Forumla Result: 0 0 0 8005 8005 5364 7163 3667 0 1971 0 5364 4912 4398 0 3667...
  17. D

    SumIF's vs array formula..

    Array forumla = =SUM(IF('Order Sheet'!$C$7:$C$19358>=Summary!B3,IF('Order Sheet'!$C$7:$C$19358<=Summary!C3,'Order Sheet'!$F$7:$F$19358))) SUMIFs = =SUMIFS('Order Sheet'!F7:F19358,'Order Sheet'!C7:C19358, ">=B3",'Order Sheet'!C7:C19358, ">=C3") I have two formula's one array, one a sumif. B3 &...
  18. Z

    Order/Step in a list of actions

    I've got a dataset with the following columns: UniqueID | Date | Action [Ex: U123 | 12/1/16 | purchased widget] I need a formula to put in each row that will tell me what step it is for that unique id. I the example above, if "purchase widget" was the 5th thing U123 did, the formula would...
  19. P

    Offset and averageif question.

    Good afternoon, Hope someone can assist - I have the following formula which works perfectly to average the last 5 results of data in column D. Column D is a productivity rate and just a regular number =AVERAGE(OFFSET(Stats!D3,COUNTA(Stats!D3:D100)-5,0,5.1)) However, column C has one of 4...
  20. J

    Can I reference a sheet name in a formula

    Hi, I'm not overly sure how to explain this. I am creating a spreadsheet which has multiple sheets which has a summary sheet at the front which gathers data from all the different tabs. What is becoming a pain is having to rename the formulas to point to a particular tab, so, my question is...

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