1. H


    Hi All, I'm looking to do a countifs formula with one of the criteria being a cell length of 9. I've done some research and found the following: Can you help with how I can combine this with my countifs: Many thanks :)
  2. O

    interior color of selected cells

    When I select any number of adjacent cells (could be in a row or a column), anywhere on my spreadsheet, I would like to then press a form control button that will fill the interior color with color the 16738047. I have tinkered with several codes I've found online, but so far they only color...
  3. A

    Goal Seek shows correct answer but won't stop iterations

    I am running goal seek on two different workbooks. WB1 has an interest rate that modifies the value of the other workbook via basic multiplication. I am goal seeking the sum of the products. When I step through the goal seek iterations, it lands precisely on the sum I want. But goal seek...
  4. D

    VBA Do While loops

    Hello, Im looking for VBA to input a formula into a cell based on the cell value next to it. If the Cell value next to it is blank it shall stop. I have the below which loops and stops when a blank cell is found, but I need it to perform an action. Sub DoWhile_Loop() Dim BlankFound As...
  5. G

    How to look for a value across two tables and return result of which table the result was found in

    Long time reader, first time caller, I want to look for a value in two tables(columns in sperate worksheets) and have the result come back of which table the value was found in. I have tried with If and Vlookup, and can return the result of the first table search, but does not work when...
  6. M

    Counting and updating dupes in an array

    Hello Excel VBA Masters, I'm hoping someone can help me with my current challenge. I hope to cycle through a one dimension array and when a duplicate piece of data is found the first instance of a duplicate has "dupe_1" appended to the data. If a second duplicate is found it will have "dupe_2"...
  7. S

    CountIf occurrence happens more then once

    Maybe it's the time of the day, but could someone explain to me where I'm failing in the syntax? If Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Sheets("BiWeeklyCalendar").Range("D5:D14"), Sheets("BiWeeklyCalendar").Range("D5"), ">" & 1) Then MsgBox ("found") End If In the cell, I got a...
  8. L

    If Cell Value Doesn't Exist

    Hi, I want to check the value that is in cell C and if it isn't found in C14:C62 then return "1". Does anyone know the formula? Thanks
  9. J

    Error handling if VBA reference not found?

    Hi, I have an Excel macro that requires a reference (DLL) and if the DLL isn't found I get "Compile Error, can't find project or library" Is there a way I can handle this error by checking if the DLL exists then msgbox / exit sub Thanks for any help
  10. I

    Vba code for multiple search in single column and return value with heading - two sheets

    Dear Sir, I have two sheets, COMPONENTS: Content table with different headings of Components Name, under each heading there are many items mentioned. BOQ: I have Three column A,B and C. I have "Descriptions" in Column A, Column B is "RESULT" and C column is "ITEM FOUND" Now what I am...
  11. B

    Find matching number for the result

    Hello All, I encountered a situation that I need your help with a formula to get the result as shown “result” range row J1:X1. The calculation based on weekly updated table on the left. If found a MATCH number from the “numberID” row J2:X2 in the Category row “A, B, L1A, L2UA, and T” , then...
  12. sharky12345

    Find row with multiple matches

    I need to find a way of identify the row number where specific values are found in multiple columns. The search criteria is on a Userform and is as follows; Textbox1 - search column A Textbox2 - search column B Textbox3 - search column E TextBox4 - search column F Once the row is found I need...
  13. S

    Excel form Vlookup result ...text box display blank.

    Hi, I am trying to pull out some records using vlookup and them in the corresponding text boxes. The vookup predefined function is working properly at it correctly displays the msgbox which says records not found in purchase records but when the matching record is found the textbox displays...
  14. N

    Use vlookup of index match to retrieve values in multiple sheets

    I need to make a macro, that looks for a value from data sheet, in all the sheets in the workbook, and if it's is found, it will add that value found with the next, and after all the values are found, a summary sheet will be made with the value that was searched for and the accumulated value.
  15. pcorpz

    IFNA and index match, is it possible to nest another index match?

    Currently I have this array formula in my SO table: I also have a similar formula in my PO table. {=IFNA(INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[SO Date]]&[@[User Name]]&[@[Item No.]]&[@[SO Qty]],PO[Posting Date]&PO[User Name]&PO[Item No.]&PO[Quantity],0)),"Not Found")} What I'm hoping to accomplish is for...
  16. H

    IF column comparison + 1 more criteria

    Hi, I am performing two IF criteria: 1) Compare Column B to Column A for a matched cell value 2) Column C contains any value I want "NO" to be no cell match and any value found I have the below so far: Many thanks
  17. DataBlake

    [vba] Checking if sheet exists inside array

    Hello, I have this sub from jmacleary found on this post but i thought i would be best to start a new post as the problem has shifted So the sub will grab sheets from an array and put the first column of each sheet into one sheet titled "Unknown" My problem is that the sheets are now generated...
  18. most

    Workbook is Nothing

    My code looks through all workbooks to find the complete name of the workbook. I want to add a check if the workbook is not found. I thougt this would work, but it doesn't. If AWorkbook Is Nothing Then MsgBox "A not found!" Any pointers? Public AWorkbook As Workbook Public BWorkbook As...
  19. K

    Ignoring a blank cell using an index match - GoogleSheets

    Hi, I am using an index match formula that needs to ignore blanks. Originally I was using the following formula: =iferror(index('secret'!$E:$E,match($B12,'secret'!$L:$L,0)),"") My data has multiple repeats within the L column but sometimes the corresponding E value is blank and despite the...
  20. I

    Basic duplicate needed please

    Hi, I am looking for a basic duplicate code so when i leave a specific cell the code would run. So my new code should work like this. Worksheet is called DATABASE Cell where i would type the customers name is always A6 Once i leave cell A6 the code should check for a duplicate in only the...

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