1. J

    Excel VBA to get Outlook email attachment from alternative pst file

    I have been struggling to find code that will operate from within Excel VBA to; 1) Initiate Outlook (found) 2) Look at the inbox not of the default inbox but of a secondary one from another pst 3) Save all attachments from that inbox into a desktop folder...
  2. L

    How do I insert date calendars

    Hello, I am putting together an Invoice template for myself and I would like to add a drop down box with a calendar so that I can add dates easily. How do I do this? I have excel 2019. I tried looking it up but the things i found were for older versions of excel. Thank you very much for your help
  3. B

    lookup logic to interrogate specific exceptions

    Hello, See the below data example. Purpose: Output a 'Y' or 'N' based on a look-up. If the data is found in the columns in the look-up, a 'Y' is output, else 'N'. This is probably a IF/THEN type logic, but your assistance is greatly appreciated! Logic/Rules: 1) If the look-up matches...
  4. S

    If Not Intersect multiple cells

    I have a workbook that is incredibly locked down, and I'm trying to find a way to accomplish something. My current code is... 'Cost Override Values for Conditional Formatting If Sheet4.Range("AT1") = True Then 'Sheet4 - AT1 Tracks whether or not the workbook and all worksheets are...
  5. Y

    Return true if all values are found in an array

    How can i return as true when all my values are all found in an array?
  6. J

    VBA - Extract data by matching value - error

    Can anyone assist me with figuring out why excel is not pulling over the rows that match the search criteria? The message box is showing no values found even though there are matching values. Is it because the value is set to "0"? Dim lastrow As Long Dim c As Long Dim s As Variant Dim ans As...
  7. lamensterms

    Lookup value in multiple columns, and return a STRING of highest priority column

    Hey guys, I'm trying to search a value in multiple columns, and return a STRING if this value is found. The STRING depends on which column the value is found in. I have 2 work sheets: Sheet 1 = 'Items' Sheet 2 = 'Location On sheet 'Items', I have a list of values in Columns A. Some of these...
  8. pcorpz

    vlookup, if no exact match found, do fuzzy lookup? formula or macro

    I have two tables, sales order and purchase order. The only way I know how to do a vlookup is to create a helper column to use with my lookup (username&date&qty&itemno). 90% finds a match, but for the 10% either, the username or date (it could be 1 day after or 1 month) or qty is different...
  9. W

    Clear content below search dynamically

    Hi is it possible to make clearcontent dynamic such that it clears the content below a certain word search? Thing is i get alot of data sent my way every month and i've made a makro which transfers all that data unto another workbook which then do the calculation etc. problem is though at...
  10. darrenmccoy

    VLOOKUP Help: if value is found, or if value is not found

    Hi Experts, Could you please help me complete this formula? I am looking up a value in one sheet, and if it is found then display it, if it is not found, then lookup in the second sheet, if it is found display it, and then so on and so forth. The example I have so far is...
  11. R

    Cycling through find results in a loop

    I'm trying to set something up so a user can make their criteria selection via data validation lists. In my example, their choice is Car, Red, UK (vehicle, colour, country). Clicking this searches through rows in column A, D and E, it then returns the corresponding row's B value into J3 and the...
  12. L

    COUNTIF statement

    Hello, Looking to do a COUNTIF statement I believe. We are looking to find a particular salesperson in this instance Caitlin which is located in column B and then looking for STATE in column E if this is TRUE then total the values found in column H against all the lines found. The formula...
  13. M

    Cut row to new sheet if text is found within multiple columns

    Hi all, I currently use conditional formatting for this task - but I am finding myself needing to do this more often so wished to set up a VBA rather than use a long winded work around. In the past I have successfully created VBA's by mixing and matching various codes. Sadly - I am unable to...
  14. H

    VBA Help: FileExists with status on Col J

    Hi I need a smiliar vbs but with Sub, not function which able to update the status on Col J when i activate the macro. It will left a remarks Directory & Link Ok File was not found in folder The best if can differentiate which one is Folder, which is link :) <tbody> H I J FOLDER Path...
  15. wadergirl

    Lookup value in another "random" workbook

    So, I'm not even sure if this is possible. I would like a formula (or maybe could do a macro if needed), but what I'm trying to do is basically this: In cell B1: 1. Take a value from cell A1 in Workbook A. 2. Search for that value on ANY tab in ANY workbook in file path "P:\shared\2019" which...
  16. K

    Index match & countif

    Hi, Do you know how I would combine INDEX MATCH with COUNTIF I need to find a match for D5 in range I4:I86, once that match is found, I need it to then COUNTIF on that exact row vertically for any "H". Any ideas? Many Thanks
  17. M

    Trouble Repeating VBA Code

    Hello, I'm new to VBA coding. I found a very useful code that allows me to produce a checkmark when I double click on the task I've just completed. However, for some reason, I can't repeat the action. See code below: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  18. C

    Extract text to left of certain character - limited to certain number of characters

    I need to extract the number to the left of the "/" Data Example - B4: Innsbruck, University Hospital, (ads, peds), CIC 271, G. Gastl, D. Nachbaur (79 (82) 41/38) Desired result = 41 The number could be 1 to 3 characters, but any method of getting closer would help. I found an example on the...
  19. J

    Search for exact string and return lookup value

    Hello, This has been racking my brain and my original formulas are pulling in the wrong values. Here is what I'd like to do... I have two Excel Tables; Table 1 where all my data exists. I would like to have a formula to determine if CATEGORY = A then I want to check if any LOOKUP words (...
  20. M

    return the row number when a match is found

    Hi all I am trying to find a value from column C in Columns AC:AE inclusive and if found return the row number of the initial value for example: If the value of C2 [DOG] is found in F7 then 2 is returned to A2 Column C will contain unique values Hope this makes sense - even if the example is...

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