1. D

    How to go about

    I'm lost on how to go about taking the follow data from a excel spreadsheet and creating the listing on the bottom. My data looks like this (sheet1) Company Product# A 10 A 11 A 12 A...
  2. M

    Match function returns error when no match found

    Hello everyone, Here is what I am trying to do : My userform called selectTr has a listbox in which the user choses one value. I want to check whether I have this value in the third column of my sheet or not and act accordingly so here is my code : Dim found As Integer...
  3. D

    extract a string of numbers after a find function

    0110027182304679320100060011190301210100245200 i have this number and use the function =find(3201,B7,1) i get the right response "17" i would like to pull the next 6 numbers after the 3201 is found. "000600" and insert it to K7 hope this make sense... ty dean
  4. B

    IF a cell contains a certain word then return the value from another cell

    I have a spreadsheet with columns A to K and a large number of rows. In column K there are a number of words one of which is the word "Correct". I have set up another spreadsheet to act as an import sheet to record the answers if the word "correct" is found in a cell in Column K. If the word...
  5. N

    For loop works until it has to work too much then program stops responding.

    The bellow macro was created to pull the notes from cells meeting specific criteria. That in mind, the code works perfectly and does exactly what is needed. the issue at hand is that the range the loop is running through can be anywhere from 1 to 10000. the loop can handle search for and pull...
  6. W

    VBA Loop

    Hi All, I have managed to do some code that will find a specific value in a column and loop through until it finds all instances of that value then copy it / them to a specific TAB, but it is really limiting, as I want the user to be able to use unique identifiers in column K (I can post the...
  7. H

    Import data and Attach Hyperlink

    Hi - I'm currently running code that opens workbook2 copies data and then closes workbook2. Is there a way to insert a hyperlink for workbook2 into column "B" of the row the data is being pasted? Here's the code I'm using to import. Dim ws1 As WorksheetSet ws1 = Sheet1 sPath =...
  8. Z

    Copying a range of cells from one sheet to another not working

    Hi! I'm trying to copy a range of cells to a second sheet and then delete the row from the first sheet. It seems like it should be pretty simple but the code is throwing an unknown error and highlighting the line "Sheets("Sheet1").Range(cell1, cell2).Copy" Any ideas why this would be happening...
  9. J

    Vba for search with user input form with specific column, if found copy next 2 columns to current region

    I need a help to for a macro which search ITEM NAME for Master sheet and if found I want to Data sheet next to Item name (ie Item Code and HSN) Sample file link attached
  10. B

    Running clock

    Hi I am looking for a macro/VBA code which will put a running clock into a cell showing the current time but I want it to run when the workbook is opened, I have looked and nothing I have found so far works for me I am fairly new to excel
  11. C

    If MATCH function where number not found

    If I have a sequence of numbers running vertically in column A, e.g 1901 1902 1903...up to 1952 If I have a number in cell G3 that is not found in my list, eg 1953, I want the function to then give me the number provided in G4 instead I know i'll want an IF function but cant figure it out...
  12. V

    Search through Row and Column, inserting shape where match is found

    Hello All, thank you for your help I am looking for a VBA/Macro that will sort through each cell in column "E" (dates) and compare it to each cell in a row 1 "H1:BE1". When a matching date is found I would like the code to insert a shape or value into the respective cell. My code is below...
  13. C

    Error "we found a problem with some content..."

    Hi I get an error after closing and reopening the excel book. "We found a problem with some content in "XXXXX.XLSX". do you want us tor try to recover as much as we can? if you trust the source of the workbook. click yes." I tried solutions found online but no avail. I have a fairly simple...
  14. K

    Need help creating a VBA macro

    Hi there I hope that someone out there will be able to help me with what I think might be a bit of a complex macro (at least more comples than I am capable off :)) I will try to break down the requirements in a numbers of steps, please feel free to ask any questions for further details. Step...
  15. G

    Splitting 2 Columns into 4 columns each

    Hello, I am looking to take two columns of data (A – Name, B –Number) that are around 130 rows each and split them into four even columnseach. (Ex: A,B A,B A,B A,B).I’ve looked around and found some VBA scripts that can split a single columninto many columns, but am unsure about how to do...
  16. C

    Using Column in SumIf Found by Match

    I have used the MATCH function to return the column number in which data is found that I want to use in a SUMIF function. What is the next step?
  17. B

    Run-time error '6': Overflow

    Hi All, please help me find a solution on this error. When I enter emp ID on the combobox and if I enter more than the usual number of digits, I get the error. Error is found on this line: theValue = Application.VLookup(CLng(ComboBox1), rng, 11, False) Please assist. Here's the code: Private...
  18. J

    empty the Cell content if multiple match is found |VBA|EXCEL|

    I have a Excel Where I want to empty the Cell content if multiple match is found like "SUP","AL" with in the Range Image Link : My Code But not Working : Dim c As Range For Each c In Range("A7:AE7") If c.Value = "SUP" OR "AL" Then...
  19. V

    Find a number sequence in cell range and return all information from cell if found

    I am try to cross reference 2 sheets -- 1 tab will have a Column of Account numbers (data) -- the other tab (TRECS) may have the account number within a sequence of other information (description) -- if account number is found I want it to bring all the info from cell it was found in...
  20. B

    VBLookup on Combobox1 - ERROR

    Hi, In need of your help. Cant seem to move forward on this problem. I have a combobox with a list of emp ID's, when I choose one from the list, it should populate an info to the textbox(workstream) but to no avail. Alwas goes to the error "not found". Please see attached Private Sub...

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