fractional display

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    Formula to use fraction to set levels

    Hi I want to make a point-based level system I'll have the data in a table displayed like this: 10 points 30 points 60 points and so on... but in the scoreboard will be displayed like this: level 1: 10/10 points level 2: 20/20 points (10 points from level 1 + 20 points of level 2) level 3...
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    Fraction Display

    I'm having some rounding issues with fractions. Here is what excel is calculating: -5/16 + 5/7 = 2/5 I'm looking for the answer 45/112 Also, for the value 24.666667 excel is showing 24 2/3. I would like this to show 74/3.
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    Formating fractions in Excel

    Hi, I know how to use the fraction format, but it displays the fraction as, for example,11 3/4, where the fraction (3/4) is displayed as the same font size as the integer, 11. What I want is for the fraction, 3/4, to be smaller font than the integer, 11, AND that the 3 be above the 4 not on the...

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