1. S

    feet and inches and fractions

    Hi folks, I have been struggling with converting decimal feet inches and fractions and I am at a stand still. I have managed to convert to metres, and inches, but I am struggling to get to feet, inches and fractions. I am having 3 issues. 1) it is displayed something complex like 4' 3 51/71" (I...
  2. S

    Convert and display feet, inches and fractions in excel

    Hi folks I understand there are several forums on this or similar but I am having a nightmare with it. I have values displayed in decimal feet which I have converted to metres with no issues, but I now have to display this in inches and fractions as well as feet, inches and fractions. I have...
  3. E

    Illegal Characters in Drop downs

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know how to use illegal characters in a Drop down? I have looked it up, but everything I have read went over my head. I have a a drop down that is dependent on a drop down. In the first drop down I have a few fractions that need to be options. Thanks for the help.
  4. R

    Converting fractions to decimals

    I have data which looks like this - 9/4 JF 6/4 F 5/2 F 2/1 F etc etc Using this formula I can convert these to - 9/4 6/4 5/2 2/1 ' =IFERROR(LEFT(T136,FIND("/",T136)+1),T136) But what I'm really looking for is - 2.25 1.5 2.5 2 I'm happy to use an extra column to achieve my goal but if it can...
  5. T

    How to clock fractions of seconds in Excel

    I'm in Excel 2013 (on Windows 7 and Windows 10). I use the following Macro by tapping Ctrl+Shift+T to get H:mm:ss in any cell that is formatted in that same way. Sub Time_Stamp() ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T ActiveCell.Value = Time() Selection.NumberFormat = "h:mm:ss" End Sub This has...
  6. F

    Separating Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction formatted Cell into two Separate Cells

    I have a cell (A1) with a decimal value of 0.34375 in an adjacent cell (B1) which is equal to (A1) but is formatted as a fraction function with two digits to give a fraction of 11/32. Is there any way I can convert the fraction into two different cells (C1) and (D1) one for the numerator (C1)...
  7. F

    Conditional Format Fractions

    How can I get conditional formatting to highlight cells with fractions. Is the only way to get this to separate each number them into different cells? 1/1, 2/2, 13/13 = green 1/2, 5/7, 10/25 = yellow 0/1, 0/8, 0/15 = red
  8. M

    Formula: Identify & sum multiple date ranges that include given date

    Hi there, Not sure if the title of this question explains it very well... I have members of staff who work 'fractions' (which are actually decimals, but never mind, HR). I need to identify which fraction they work on a particular date. Some work multiple fractions simultaneously. I need a...
  9. D

    Original Fractions in Spreadsheet Don't Convert to Fractions

    Hi guys, I'm having this weird issue in my spreadsheet. I have columns populated with fractions but in excel they are not yet selected as fractions (They are "general"). When I select them and change the data type to fraction, it says its a fraction but there is no change. When I individually...
  10. J

    Adding Numerators from fractions

    I am adding numerators from fractions and currently using this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(LEFT(0&I35:I38,FIND("/",0&I35:I38)-1))) <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 25/20 20/20 19/20 19/20 </tbody> 83 I want my formula to cap out at the denominator however, for example on my first cell IF...
  11. C

    Changing Fractions to Decimals

    Hello, I have been trying to change fractions to decimals in one click without adding a colum. Just automatically change the values. Is this has to be with VBA? I have an exported file from solidworks and it shows the values as 3/16" , 3/8" , 40 1/2", 55 1/2" First I look for the " to delete...
  12. D

    Fractions in Text

    Hello everyone, I hope the title is not too confusing, but I couldn't think of what else to put. I am trying to string together several cells to create a machine nut description. I have a spreadsheet with several columns (thread diameter, pitch, locking/non-locking, etc). I need a cell with a...
  13. N


    Help I have an excel cell, where the format is fractions (Right click ->number -) fraction) Excel automatically rounds 4/110 to 2/55. how do I stop it If you have answered you save my day :)
  14. M

    How do I make excel show fractions as decimals? Formatting column as Number does not work.

    I have a macro for importing data from an XML file and converting it to CSV (after some manipulation, amputation etc.). One field represents the odds of something happening. This means the field contains mostly integers and some fractions. I want all fractions to display (and save in .csv) as...
  15. B

    Returning sum as part of a fraction

    This may not be possible. I have a spreadsheet that has three rows and three columns each row will be assigned a 1, 2 or 3 for a possible total of 9. In the end they need to be added. What I want is a formula that will return this as a fraction. Like this: 7/9 Can anyone help please?? Thanks!
  16. B

    Working with Inches/fractions

    Hi, I have this program that reads a number of cells which have some measurements in inches with the following cell format # ??/?? so i get te following results (all numbers rounded to 1/16): 58 58 1/4 3 1/16 etc 13 3/8 when the macro reads the cell it reads it as decimal. 58 58.25 3.0625...

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