1. R

    Conversion of column list to comma delimited string

    Is there a macro I can use that would convert this... <tbody> USA Germany Chile France Turkey Indonesia </tbody> to this.... USA,Germany,Chile,France,Turkey,Indonesia The column will have always data in Column A and rows could vary in terms of data input.
  2. J

    Convert Data in Sub-Total Format to Pivot Friendly

    A program I use outputs data in a non-pivot friendly format. It has already grouped the data with different levels. I am trying to convert this data into data that is pivot table friendly. I currently have data like this where Location is always filled out and will have at least one (but...
  3. Welsh Mark3

    Creating an order

    I'm looking to create a formula that 'rank' an occurrence in the file, I guess similar to the count function but rather than the number of times it appears, I want where it appears in that range of occurrences. <tbody> Column A Desired Result <tbody> Belgium </tbody> 1 <tbody>...
  4. D

    Count Visible rows, no matter if are blank ot not blank in a table

    Sa I have a Table (eg: A1:B50) Imaging my Column A:B'cells are most of the time empty If I filter by Column(A, to show blanks and = to France, I count 15 rows If I filter by France I only count 10 But any formula to get 15 ?? I do not care about France, I would like to Count How many rows I...
  5. S

    Keeping Appended Data In Sync After Data Connection Refresh

    I have a table with two columns in Excel: <tbody> A B 1 United Kingdom London 2 United States of America Washington DC 3 France Paris 4 Spain Madrid 5 Japan Tokyo </tbody> Column A is populated by an external data connection from a CSV file. Column B is data that I then manually...
  6. G

    Multiply if

    Hi all, I have tried to check for solutions but in vain. Hopefully someone can help :) I have a 2 different sheet ("sheetA", "sheetB"). SheetA <tbody> ITALY 100 FRANCE 200 UK 300 ITALY 20 FRANCE 30 UK 60 </tbody> SheetB <tbody> IRELAND 2 UK 5 ITALY 4 FRANCE 8 NORWAY 3...
  7. A

    Remove duplicates and match two columns

    Hi ppl, I need to convert the Table 1 to Table 2 as shown below. Is it possible? Table 1: <tbody> Country Product France A France B France C Germany B Germany C USA A USA A </tbody> Table 2: <tbody> Country Product France A, B, C Germany B, C USA A, A...
  8. M


    Hi I have 500 rows of data, in column B is a Task and column C has a location or is empty The information held in column C is located in column B. Ideally I would like to check each cell in column C and compare to all cells in Column B, if their is a match I would like Column D to hold a value...
  9. B

    Return count of unique records in one field, based on sum of another field

    To illustrate the question I have created some dummy data below: <tbody> Country Product Sales Volume France Shoes 10 France Shoes 20 France Shoes 30 France Boots 5 France Boots 5 France Hat 10 France Hat 5 </tbody> I want to create a measure that will return the number of...
  10. A

    Copy rows from one sheet to another based on a list

    Hi I am trying to create a macro which would copy the entire row of data from one sheet based on the a list of values in another sheet, additionally it should remove any rows which might have the value of not required. The sheet 1 will have the below values :- <tbody> abb bcd...
  11. D

    Count number of unique countries per company

    Hi, I have a table of unique emails with corresponding company and country. I want to have a column which counts the number of unique countries a company is active in. Column D is where I want the count to be in. Can someone help me with a formula for this? <tbody> Email Company Country...
  12. G

    Showing sub items for only certain items in a Power BI table

    Hi all, I have data for countries and I want to group the European ones and to show a subtotal. So my table rows would be something like. Europe UK France Germany Italy US Japan China I easily created a Europe group through right clicking in the field list. However, when I put...
  13. P

    Copy subtotal cell to rows below

    Hi, I have some data which looks like below: <tbody> Name Country Code Germany Germany DE John Germany Nancy Germany Fred Germany Brian Germany France Danny France FR John France Nancy France Fred France Derrick France </tbody> I want to try and find a way of...

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