1. M

    VLOOKUP then return date between two dates

    Hi all, I need to do a VLOOKUP combined with a way to get a value association between two dates. On the left hand side is the range where authorization IDs and effective/expiration dates are. On the right hand side is where a lot of data will be with names, service dates, and a column to find...
  2. M

    VBA Code

    Hello, I'm looking for some code that will rank by name. Meaning anytime a name changes it will start over counting. Please see below. Name Rank Frank 1 Frank 2 Frank 3 Frank 4 Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Mark 5 Mark 6 Mike 1 Mike 2...
  3. P

    INDEX/MATCH Issues

    <tbody> Name Type Clean Data DOGS CATS FRANK -DOG DOG FRANK JEFF JEFF -CAT CAT AMY KELLY KELLY -CAT CAT AMY -DOG DOG </tbody> I'm trying to grasp index, match to work on a spread sheet. All of the other questions I find are not helping all that much...
  4. D

    Index and Match ??? Help needed

    Good day everyone. I could use some guidance. I have table that is used for people to pick dates they want to volunteer their time for. I need to translate the date from <tbody> Date 1 Date 2 Date 3 Date 4 Date 5 Date 6 Bob x x x...
  5. E

    Excel and word

    all the links stopped working to day 14/2/19 when i click on a hyperlink i get the message. cannot load the data to open. I have a file with 400-500 link to facebook pages. only about ten of them follow the link. big help i have tried every thing. thank you Frank Rowley
  6. D

    Return the value of a header row if cell contains data

    Hi all I have a list of names in a column A and a list of categories Cols B-F Each person can be tagged to several categories with the value of either 0 1 2 3 or 4 I am after a way to create a separate summary sheet that will tell me the person’s name in one cell (which I can do with...
  7. G

    SUMIFS +vlookup and Month/Quarter to date

    Hi, I have 2 tables in 2 sheets. Sheet1 <tbody> name Margin MTD Target MTD Margin QTD Target QTD James Mark Frank Jim Russell Conrad Denis </tbody> Sheet2 <tbody> Year Quarter Month Day Name Margin Target 2018 Q2 May 01-05-2018 James 10 20...
  8. G

    SUMIFS +vlookup and Month/Quarter to date

    Hi, I have 2 tables in 2 sheets. Sheet1 <tbody> name Margin MTD Target MTD Margin QTD Target QTD James Mark Frank Jim Russell Conrad Denis </tbody> Sheet2 <tbody> Year Quarter Month Day Name Margin Target 2018 Q2 May 01-05-2018 James 10 20...
  9. H

    how to make formula sign

    Frank here. I have a formula = then a symbol which is not a dollar or an S but looks like it. How can I make my keyboard make such a sign and what does it do and mean? Anyone help? thanks
  10. K

    Extracting Data

    Hello, I'm trying to find a formula to use to pull out anything before the first semi colon. 2:01:00 AM 6:01:00 AM 10:01:00 AM <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody> So my result for the above would be 2 6 10 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Frank
  11. F

    Spending an hour+ a day copying and pasting

    Hello, I have a the below table with x's (only mine is 100x300). <tbody> Adam John Fred Frank Apples x x x Pears x Bananas x x x Grapes x x Oranges x </tbody> I spend an hour+ each day copying and pasting into the below format by copying sheet...
  12. W

    concatinating similair columns

    Hi, I am using Excel 2003 on Windows 7. I have data like the below table, where there is a name in each of Columns B,C,D,E,F and I have concatenated columns B,C,D,E,F into column A. I included this data into a pivot table and what I am getting is 2 rows of data in the pivot table. 1 for...
  13. C

    Return row based on most current date when multiple instances exist in the column.

    Hello all, First, my apologies if this question already exists. I have looked, but haven't found my particular problem discussed. Current raw data: JOE RED 10 MAY 2001 JOE BLUE 10 JUN 2001 JOE GREEN 10 JUL 2001 FRANK RED 10 JUN 2001 FRANK GREEN...
  14. P

    Extract Data from a Pivotable

    Dear All, Having tried to do this with GETPIVOTDATA I now believe that that function only extracts totals and subtotals. I'm trying to extract the heirarchical data and I wonder if this is possible (I suppose I could go back to the original data, but I want to know if I can extract it from the...
  15. B

    Insert 7 rows between each row of data

    I can get Excel to insert 1 row between each row to my spreadsheet but I cannot figure out how to make it do multiple rows. john may june frank loose bank crazy I need 7 rows insterted between each row. I have over 1,000 lines..... Thanks.

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