freeze panes

  1. T

    Get Worksheet Bleed Only When Using Freeze Panes

    Hi all. I'm having a real problem with a workbook which I use to maintain product and spare parts data as well as provide tools to extract and present it. I have buttons that navigate to a specified sheet using VBA and hide all others to keep the backend stuff accessible only to me. Yes, it...
  2. E

    Stop Scrolling a select row

    I've searched this topic and all I can find is how to freeze panes which I already have in use but I need a solution if one is out there to selecting a specific row to stop scrolling at the top of the sheet right under my top 7 frozen rows. I have rows 1-7 frozen at the top of the sheet and...
  3. D

    Freeze panes for titles below row 1

    Hello everybody, Is there a way to freeze the title panes below? It seems to be that I can only freeze top and right side panes. I want to freeze these 5 panes here, so once I scroll down below A13-E13 they keep up with me.
  4. SanjayGMusafir

    VBA Code to Ctrl+Home in Freeze Panes ignoring Hidden Cells

    In most of my Excel sheets, I use Freeze Panes. And to keep my work visibly tidy, I hide rows. Now, I have VBA to reach First Cell after Frozen Pane. And also, VBA for ignoring Hidden Rows. But when I combine both to reach First Visible Cell - It takes a lot of time. I strongly believe that...
  5. L

    VBA code to Freeze/Unfreeze Panes based on a Cell Value

    Hi, I have a sheet where it would be handy to have/not have frozen panes depending on how you're filling it out. Other people without excel experience will also be using this sheet, though. I have a cell (x) with data validation that has two options: Freeze Panes/Unfreeze Panes. I'd like to...
  6. Z

    Freeze Multiple Row

    Hi I am trying to freeze multiple rows in excel. I select the rows and columns I want to freeze then go to Freeze Panes-> Freeze Panes but it just freezes the first row. How can I freeze multiple rows.
  7. T

    How can I protect my control buttons

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:DocumentProperties> <o:Version>14.00</o:Version> </o:DocumentProperties> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Hello I have three general-purpose questions for you Excel/VBA experts. On all my sheets...
  8. R

    Can't freeze panes in excel 2013 win 10

    Hello, I have problem with freezing/unfreezing panes in a specific workbook in excel 2013, windows 10. The workbook and worksheets are protected and contain VBA code. I can freeze and unfreeze panes in excel 2010 windows 7, after unprotecting the workbook. In 2013 button to freeze panes in...
  9. jan001

    "Freeze Panes" is grayed out.

    A co-worker is working with an old spreadsheet - SaveAs indicates it was created, or at least last saved, in Excel 97-2003. Freeze Panes is grayed out and nothing I've tried so far has un-grayed it. I did a SaveAs in 2010 (which is what we all have on our computers at work) to the format for...
  10. T

    Excel Multiple Row Freeezin at Different Area

    Hi, I have a question about the Freeze feature; Is it possible to use it to make multiple frozen rows but not using them adjacent to each other. I mean I don't want to select two row and make them one frozen row. I made some researches about it, but I'm not sure whether I used the right...
  11. J

    Freezing columns

    Hi, I have pivot charts from column A through AA up to row 150. Then I have pivot slicers from the right of columns AB and after up to row 40. How do I freeze the panes so I can scroll down 11 pivot charts to have the slicers to the right w/out moving?
  12. C

    Macro for Freeze Panes with a filter

    I often work with multiple windows of the same workbook. what's really annoying is each time you open the workbook the freeze panes disappear. I have set a macro to put the freeze panes on at the click of a button, but it doesn't work properly if the there is a filter on as it freezes the hidden...
  13. G

    Freeze Panes

    Is there a way to freeze column A, but not for scrolling left and right, but up and down? Like I want columns C and on to scroll up and down, and column A just stay put and not scroll up and down with the rest of the page.
  14. E

    How to overlay ActiveX / OLEObject so Freeze Panes doesn't split it

    Hi guys. I hope there's an answer to this one. I have a worksheet which demands panes to be frozen across both axes (select cell H11 then freeze panes). I also have a whole panel of ActiveX controls in the top-left corner (created at runtime with VBA, every time the document is generated). I...
  15. B

    ActiveWindow.FreezePanes behavior

    Hey all I was hoping someone could elaborate on the behavior of the FreezePanes property -- specifically, what might cause it to fail or produce undesired results. I have a worksheet, I use the Application.Goto method to select a range at which to freeze (rFreezePoint), then set FreezePanes...
  16. 2

    Freezing different panes based on location in worksheet?

    So basically what I want to do is have the header show for the table I am looking at with multiple tables stacked on a worksheet (A1:C50, A52:H200, A202:E500 for example). Each table has a different header rows. I only want the headers rows for the given table to freeze while I am at that table...
  17. A

    Freeze Panes Glitch / Issue

    Using Excel Office 365, I'm trying to freeze the top 4 rows on one tab. I select cell A5, go to View Tab, Window Grouping, Freeze Panes Pull Down, Freeze Panes. The result is that the top 4 rows indeed freeze, however, they are duplicated on the scrolling window below, and if I click in a...
  18. D

    Freeze Panes - Greyed Out

    I have a strange excel behavior I have only seen after switching to Excel 2013 - AKA worst excel "upgrade" ever, but I digress. I download and work with several data extraction tools such as cognos and others and I notice when opening some files "Freeze Panes" is grayed out. No amount of...
  19. U

    Is there a way to hide rows above the header automaticly?

    Rows 9 and 10 must be viable all the time so I set the freeze pain there but I need more rows to be visible when scrolling down. I would like to find a way to hide row 1 first when the user starts scrolling down. Then hide rows 2 through 8. When rows 1 through 8 are hidden we can hide the rows...
  20. F

    Freezing a row with a catch...

    Hi All- I am looking to freeze row 18 in an excel sheet, however in doing so this really limits the amount of rows below row 18 that can be viewed and scrolled through. I would like to know if there is any way that you could freeze row 18 and when you scroll down on the worksheet, you can...

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